If only parts are true of what he said about Vettel and how he already helped them to develop a lot of simple things in only some days at the factory, then I ask myself what Perez did the last years AND if he can really help Red Bull to develop the car... Last season Szafnauer stated that Hulk's feedback after his short stint helped them a lot to develop the car further. How does the contact go when he's not at Silverstone. It's a good move for Seb, being the team leader once again and having an arm around his shoulder in a less pressurized environment. If one thing became clear to Sebastian Vettel after the Bahrain Grand Prix, it was that his dream re-start at Aston Martin could turn into a nightmare. That’s mental fuckin fortitude. We still have to update the simulator so he can drive the latest development spec. Vettel has won four world titles in F1 with Red Bull. But we only finished fourth behind McLaren. "It is not a secret that last year I wasn't at my happiest," Vettel said at Aston Martin's launch, where the rebranded Racing Point team revealed its British racing green livery. Juist daarom is het volgens Marko belangrijk dat Aston Martin met deze nieuwe uitdagingen om leert gaan. Exclusive interview: The four-time world champion tells Kevin Garside about his stricken hero's son, the new F1 season and why Aston Martin aren't here to make up the numbers. Sebastian Vettel: Green-fingered Aston Martin driver causes a buzz with ambassador role The German racer has joined a new initiative involving bees. We had pure bad luck. The reason? Completely different from what we're used to. Then we have to make a strategic decision about when to stop developing the 2021 car and turn our attention completely to the 2022 project. Next example: Lance had a puncture at Mugello when he was fourth - chasing third place. Aston Martin have described the impact Sebastian Vettel is already having on the set-up of their car – despite being yet to drive it.. Sebastian Vettel said he believes he can win another Formula One world title as his new Aston Martin team unveiled their car on Wednesday ahead of a return to the grid. Sebastian Vettel said he believes he can win another Formula One world title as his new Aston Martin team unveiled their car on Wednesday ahead of a return to the grid. I disagree with the sentiment that Vettel is mentally weak. The Canadian billionaire, who is a known petrolhead, purchased a large chunk of the British car brand, Aston Martin, becoming the company's chairman and re-branded his F1 outfit Aston Martin for the coming 2021 F1 season. Alonso has no bottle and I’m amazed that you compared him and Seb, Seb has actually beaten Alonso twice at the last race for the world championship, once from behind, once from in front, that’s the example of mental fortitude you’re looking for. Lance Stroll, Aston Martin, Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin, and Andrew Green, Technical Director, Aston Martin. Without that accident, we're third in the championship. Szafnauer: I think so. You need resilient protocols to make sure your workforce is safe - and doesn't have to be quarantined for ten or 14 days. Aston Martin team principal Otmar Szafnauer has launched a vigorous defence of Sebastian Vettel in the wake of his wretched debut weekend for the team.. Vettel finished a miserable 15th in the Bahrain Grand Prix after starting from the back of the grid, while he also collected five penalty points on his licence for two separate infringements. Regardless of the place he finished. Photo by: Glenn Dunbar / Motorsport Images. Szafnauer: We first need to see how we compare to the other teams in terms of performance. Aston Martin F1 team in talks with Sebastian Vettel: Report Sebastian Vettel's future was the subject of intense speculation again on Thursday after it was reported he has been offered a contract by Aston Martin for 2021. We spend a little less, but roughly the same, because the FIA has changed the aerodynamics rules so much. For us, the budget cap has no impact. We need more consistency in scoring. I want to see the old Seb back, the battle between him, Alonso and Ricciardo will probably more interesting than the title fight. The Corona virus continues to be omnipresent. Connor McDonagh No - Keep the faith in Vettel. “It’s hugely exciting for everyone in the team. Vettel's talent and stock appear to be dwindling - the same can't be said for Hulkenberg. Alonso has lost the WDC at the last race in 3 seasons... he was winning during the last race in 2012 and 2010, he’s capitulates titles more than he wins them. With one Grand Prix already behind him, Sebastian Vettel 's arrival at Aston Martin doesn't seem to have given his career the boost he would have liked. Postponing testing gives us a little more breathing room - even in the event of an emergency. For example, where the switches should go and how they should be used to make the car easier to operate. Everyone needs a negative test. Leukaemia survivor Rikako Ikee completed a clean sweep of four wins at Japan's Olympic swimming trials on Saturday -- but missed out on an individual place at the Tokyo Games. It's only a few more weeks. Bad luck again. We have to avoid that. We are close to building the car. Der britische Rennstall präsentiert in England den AMR21. Our protocols are very robust, so we can act quickly if someone catches the virus. Connor McDonagh No - Keep the faith in Vettel. Along with the new name, the team also hired the services of a four-time world champion, Sebastian Vettel. Being outqualified by his young teammate 11 times could have put a dent in his confidence, but the truth is it didn’t because he immediately performed when the car improved to his liking. That's exactly why most of us do this job. That has to be our realistic goal. We are loosely within the limits. Up to 80 percent of people offered the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine In Sicily refuse it out of fears over its safety, according to the southern Italian region's president Nello Musumeci. That’s the lack of mental fortitude you should be paying attention to. Szafnauer: Yes, we have to. But I really think that last year we simply failed due to bad luck. We hope, and are confident, that we will do a good job in 2022 and beyond. Whatever strong and weak points driver may have you need to support that. "Er sieht fantastisch aus", lobte Vettel die Lackierung. We can still learn so much from him and improve as a result. We want to make the most of the races - including winning. That's why we don't have an old, roadworthy car to provide him. And we'll get the best out of him. In Turkey, he drove over a curb, a part came loose and slid under the front wing, making it aerodynamically useless. Vettel has settled on the name Honey Rider, the name of the Bond girl from the first movie in the series Dr.No played by Ursula Andress. Im exklusiven RTL-Interview nach der Präsentation schwärmte der viermalige Weltmeister von seinem ersten Aston Martin. He keeps asking us: Why do you do it this way, and why not differently? Sebastian Vettel admits he does not feel 'at home'... dailymail.co.uk - Sam Blitz • 1h. It's no surprise that the change of environment has proved to be a positive one for Vettel, given the deterioration of his relationship with Ferrari. So it's about racing itself, without politics or other games in the background. If things go our way, like in Bahrain or Turkey, we should be able to put the car on pole position at times and have the chance of a few wins. How they can develop the car. This is exactly what we need. I’d like to see him back at it this year. Over the last few years he’s driven Lucilla, Suzie, Eva, Margherita and Gina among others, but this year he’s decided to use his move to Aston Martin as inspiration for a James Bond-themed moniker. That's going to affect different areas. With the tightly knit schedule, an outbreak within the factory would be catastrophic. That's what this team stands for. That also applies to other areas, like the pit crew with the tire changes. But Sebastian Vettel likes to take that one stage further by giving his cars a nickname. Old Vettel would be good for the sport. same with hulk, obviously hulk wasnt in a top team in renault but he knows how renault operates now and while there are things renault does worse, there will also be things renault does better, and so he gives them feedback on what force india can do better. "I know it wasn't to my standards, that I was below myself, but I am very much at peace with it. With Hulk he likely meant just setup stuff - doubt they'd develop the car in a direction pointed by a guy that drove it for just two weekends and wouldn't drive it anymore. What are the plans with him until the tests? If you compare the 2021 season to previous years when there was no budget cap, we will benefit relative to the others. But some teams have to work hard to get under the budget cap. he knows how these top teams operate, especially seb who actually pays attention to the details. i think vettel will rebound amd we will see some good performance at aston martin! Sebastian Vettel gaf na afloop van de Grand Prix van Bahrein aan dat hij zich nog niet helemaal op zijn gemakt voelt in zijn nieuwe bolide. But there are also factors that are out of your hands. Mit Sky hat er exklusiv nach dem Launch über seine Ziele gesprochen. Vettel had to slow when Russian rookie Nikita Mazepin spun his Haas, which meant the Aston Martin driver was unable to set a faster lap and reach the second phase of qualifying as expected. READ MORE- Max Verstappen Not Convinced That Aston Martin Are Getting a “Much Faster” Driver in Sebastian Vettel We mustn't forget that Sebastian was at Toro Rosso for a few years. Szafnauer: No, not at all. Sebastian has only been with us for a few days. China is considering the mixing of different Covid-19 vaccines to improve the relatively low efficacy of its existing options, a top health expert has told a conference. The four-time world champion has been told his services will not be required by Ferrari after this year and has admitted he is in talks with other teams. Like how he was many points behind in Abu Dhabi 2010 and won because Alonso couldn’t overtake a Renault despite being in its slipstream for 40 laps. (Photo courtesy of Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team) Stroll also dismissed concerns that Vettel's talents might be on the wane, after a couple of seasons in which he was comprehensively overshadowed by younger teammate Charles Leclerc. Aston Martin Formula 1 chief Otmar Szafnauer is confident the team can 'make racing fun again' for Sebastian Vettel following his winter switch from Ferrari He's not only asking us questions, but he's also sharing his experience. They don't belong to us. Nonetheless, if Aston Martin can build up some momentum in 2021 and get a firm grip on the 2022 regulations, then there is no reason why Vettel can’t take a shot at a fifth World Championship. "Things are different here than Ferrari because the team is growing," he said. Vettel's talent and stock appear to be dwindling - the same can't be said for Hulkenberg. Vettel: Yes, I was thinking a lot about my options because it was important to me to make the right decision, but whether thats the case only time will tell. I'm inclined to believe max is more than able to do that already. Szafnauer: We can offer him an environment in which racing is fun again. But we're capable of it. Szafnauer: First and foremost, he can bring the experience and way of working from his world champion days. Szafnauer: It's a bit more difficult than usual. Vettel missed more than half of his afternoon stint with Aston Martin on day three and finished 17th overall – Lance Stroll 18th – as a loss of boost pressure resigned him to the garage. Indeed, team CEO Otmar Szafnauer was asked if Vettel had to prove himself from scratch at the team following his miserable first outing. 2019 was a great example - he turned it up after Ferrari’s final upgrade in Singapore, and outqualified Leclerc in many of the remaining races after. The plan is for him to join us again before the tests. Szafnauer: Not long at all. Aston Martin have teased F1 fans hungry for content about their new signing Sebastian Vettel, with the team – who raced last year as Racing Point – releasing the first footage of the four-time champion carrying out official duties for the team.. Hundreds of Pakistani Hazara women are learning how to deliver side kicks and elbow blows as martial arts booms within the marginalised community. The Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed 32 new COVID-19 cases in Singapore as of noon on Saturday (10 April), taking the country's total case count to 60,633. But Vettel said a team backed by Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, whose son Lance is Aston Martin's other driver, may get there sooner after F1 chiefs introduced budget caps to ensure greater competition. Aston Martin F1 finally launched its much-awaited car alongside drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll. "Maybe it will shrink and the hope is that everyone will be closer to the top and not just finish on the podium because the guys at the front retired or crashed.". Seb isn’t clutch because he lost to a superior car 2 seasons in a row, and has lost to possible WDC team mates in singular seasons? dailymail.co.uk - Sebastian Vettel admits he is still not feeling 'at home' in his Aston Martin car after a debut to forget at last weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix. He's already pushing us. He was 48 points behind Lewis in 2017 with 2 victories snatched from him via mechanical issue. Sebastian Vettel begins an intriguing chapter in his illustrious career, spearheading the Aston Martin return to Formula 1 this season. I think you’re putting too much weight of importance on beating back markers, Alonso hasn’t won a title in 15 years and he certainly couldn’t beat a Rookie Hamilton despite having a strategy advantage for the first half the season. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. There is an air of curiosity about how the team will perform in 2021, especially now with the four-time F1 champion’s arrival. But Aston Martin don’t seem too affected for now. Sebastian will help us with that. The big relief was that we didn't have to continue developing the current car in a pandemic year and start the new project at the same time. Vettel was also beaten by teammate Lance Stroll and carried his Aston Martin across the finish line in P15 after a tough race. Szafnauer: We're not a big team. For us, performance is the top priority. Sebastian Vettel admits he is still not feeling 'at home' in his Aston Martin car after a debut to forget at last weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix..