My Body My Choice. This marginalized section of society feels that they have strategically kept impotent to be ruled. Four state residents even filed a lawsuit claiming the mandate is violating their “personal liberty, and constitutional rights,” including their right to privacy. [69][70], In 2019, Gucci debuted a fashion collection based on feminist social movements. 0. The rhetoric contends for restructuring the system of patriarchy. [64] In Zambia a youth collective called 'Africa First' takes lead in creating social dialogue awareness regarding youth sexuality and abortion and stigma around the issue. My Rights, My Choice"; "My Body, My Choice"; "We Have the Right to Be Heard"; and "Before I'm a Woman, I'm a Human. [60][61] Quartz India criticized the film for being hypocritical, since Padukone was advocating choice, while still adhering to patriarchal standards in other movies she stars in. I know I would have … The rhetoric ‘My body, my soul’ is the expression of that. Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Adverse Reactions In “More Than Half” Of Trial Participants There’s simply no justification to hurting somebody else just because you’re involved with it. As a female, I know that my rights have been and continue to be up for debate. My body. and "Women Need Love, Not Abortion." The society has been seen divided into two camps; one favor and other opposes the rhetoric. (my poster, your choice? One of the claims of the pro-choice movement is that the unborn baby is a part of the mother’s body and that in having ownership over her body the mother has a right to do with her body as she chooses. "Hundreds Protest Alabama Abortion Ban: 'My Body, My Choice! [57] Najeeb states that opponents of the South Asian version of the slogan 'Mera Jism Meri Marzi' believe it is about promoting prostitution,[57] and asserts that the slogan is a declaration of women's independence and bodily freedom. My Body, My Choice is presenting a new exhibition on the real stories of abortion and reproductive justice. This website is for people who support freedom and insist that noone decides over your body other than yourself. [15][16], In December 2019, Malaysian Deputy Education minister, Teo Nie Ching launched an educational video called "My body is mine" to educate kids about 'Safe touch and unsafe touch' as part of child safety education and save them from possibilities of negative child grooming and decided to include the subject in Malay school books in subject Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan (Physical education and health). Investor Information Thus, "my body, my choice" does not include a right to attack your body by breaking your nose with my fist. Patriarchy has historically marginalized the women and pushed them towards the subaltern section of society. Politics Coronavirus House of … Some of the criticism of "My body, my choice" in South Asia comes from the radical right in Islam. Facebook. Each of these slogans and rhetoric is nascent steps to restructure the societal patterns. [29], Emma Watson has worn T-shirts with the slogan, "my body, my choice" to bring attention to the need for funding of rape crisis centres in England and Wales. “My body, my choice.” It’s one of the most common arguments used to defend abortion. [71] The collection was inspired by fashion of the 1970s and included clothing bearing the words, "My body, my choice. The slogan ‘My body, my choice’ symbolically dares the inferiority of women and challenges the attribute concomitant to manhood. WhatsApp. [34] According to Barry, the right and access to abortion manifests one of the last struggles to achieve women's bodily autonomy. Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Pelosi Mask Mandate Violates Her Rights: 'My Body My Choice' By Jacob Jarvis On 12/16/20 at 7:50 AM EST. My Body, My Choice The United States have been arguing the ethics of abortion for decades. [29] Erdogan has said, "They say it is my body, my choice. In an alleged rape case, the victim in India phrased her argument in words Mera jism mera hai, mere employer ka khilona nahi (My body is mine, Not a toy to be played by my employer).[50][51]. [46] During the April 2004 march in Washington, D.C., a pro-abortion March raised slogans like "My Body Is Not Public Property! Second-wave feminist activism has argued for reproductive rights and choice. But what about the bodily rights of the preborn baby? While discussing choices surrounding reproduction, bodily autonomy is about freedom of one's own choices. This contrasts to men's role as a moral agent, responsible for working or fighting in bloody wars. On 8 March 2020 Aurat March, many signs found a way to spin the main four words of Mera Jism Meri Marzi into statements like 'mera poster, tumhari marzi?' [67] Booklist wrote that it "should be required reading for teens of every gender. In this game of power politics, powerful decides the rules of the game. The writer can be reached at [email protected], Home This enduring power-centric hegemony has imparted them with legitimacy to define and color things. Consequently, power has been shifted from being balanced to one extreme. By. [53], Sometimes the criticism of the slogan is that it is too strident and inappropriate. [10] Mehr Tarar asserts that women's claim of rights over their own bodies and own choices is a God-given right strengthened by the finest of human values. [28] It is a push for single women's equality in the workplace, where there is a large wage gap between men and women. On 11 March 2013, Amina Sboui was the first Tunisian woman to post a photograph of herself nude from the waist up on Facebook, with the phrase "My body is mine and not the source of anybody's honour" in Arabic. In this video, Kirsten Watson, wife of Superbowl Champion Benjamin Watson, explains how to respond to “My Body, My Choice” and reinforce the pro-life argument for the most vulnerable members of society. Here is the back story. But what about the bodily rights of the preborn baby? My body, my choice is a feminist slogan used in several countries, most often surrounding issues of bodily autonomy and abortion. In this game, the women were equalized with inferior features like that of weakness and cowardice. [36] According to Barry, challenges facing women include sexual objectification, sexual harassment and gender based sexual abuse and violence. Only two countries namely Philippines and Ukraine were found to be in forefront with 81% women could ensure sexual and reproductive autonomy for themselves. In a similar account, our society is the victim of patriarchy but still, many more can be seen engrossed in defending the traits of the patriarchal system. The rhetoric discourages all kind of injustices in the form of; honor killing, acid attack, harassment of women at public places and offices, child rape, women labor in the form of childbirth, minor girls marriages to an aged man, forced child marriages, the Vani customs of giving girls to aggrieved family for ending disputes and that of domestic violence. [73][74][75], Opponents of infant circumcision have used the slogan as a critique of the practice's alteration of infant genitals. Editor’s Picks, Contact [65] Feminist Coven and Sistah Sistah Foundation have arranged women's rights Marches around the same themes with slogans like 'keep your policies off my body' to contest rape culture and raise their voices on issues like education and reproductive health to equal political and economic representation. It's one of the most common claims used to defend abortion. and women's rights like access to birth control, abortion, and reproductive health are attacked. The cognition allied with this rhetoric also contends for a gender-equal world with the least gender discrimination. [33] According to Ursula Barry throughout human history the bodily autonomy of women has been contested. On the other hand, the other body is recognized for its use in labor and exploitation which is generally associated with women's bodies in the working-class or with women of color. Elmoudjaweb - December 16, 2020. Barry emphasizes that women's freedom from violence is about the right to bodily integrity. [53] In 2020, these hardline critics of the slogan stated that it was "anti-Islamic" to imply that women could do as they wished with their bodies. We ask them to stop killing us in the name of honor and give us the right to say no because we have the right to say no to anything that we don't feel comfortable with. My body, my choice is a feminist slogan used in several countries, most often surrounding issues of bodily autonomy and abortion. 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In this video, Kirsten Watson, wife of Superbowl Champion Benjamin Watson, explains how to respond to “My Body, My Choice” and reinforce the pro-life argument for the most vulnerable members of society. The rhetoric has been used in symbolic terms. [19], Mera Jism Meri Marzi (Urdu: میرا جسم میری مرضی‎; Hindi: मेरा जिस्म मेरी मर्ज़ी; English: My body, my choice) is a feminist slogan used by feminists in Pakistan and India in context of women rights. "My body my, choice" is a slogan that is meant to represent the idea of personal bodily autonomy, bodily integrity and freedom of choice.Bodily autonomy constitutes self determination over one's own body without external domination or duress. Roe v. Wade 1974 – YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE… Opposed to this, the problem can be fixed with the mentalities who think so. A preborn human is a complete, whole, distinct, separate, living organism. [9] In 2019, as the most restrictive abortion law in the United States was signed by Alabama governor, Kay Ivey, demonstrators used the slogan outside of the Alabama Capitol in protest. Bodily autonomy constitutes self determination over one's own body without external domination or duress. ", "It's Your Choice, Not Theirs! “My body, my choice.” It’s one of the most common arguments used to defend abortion. Kirmani says those who oppose the slogan perpetuate a culture of rape, sexual harassment, child marriage, physical abuse, lack of healthcare, domestic violence, human trafficking, and bonded labour/slavery. "[67], Author Jess McCabe introduces a glossary of concepts related to the slogan 'My body my choice' which includes Abortion, Bodily autonomy, Contraception, First nations, Forcible sterilization, Gendered, Heteronormativity, Institutionalized culture, LGBTQI, Prenatal testing, Pro-choice, Reproductive justice, Selective abortion, Sex positive feminism, Sexual consent, Social model of disability, Social mores, Social justice; in her book 30-Second Feminism: 50 Key Ideas, Events, and Protests, Each Explained in half a minute. This enduring power-centric hegemony has imparted them with legitimacy to define and color things. [24] My Choice not only refers to reproductive rights but also a range of women's rights issues relating to South Asian women, such as freedom to choose clothing, movement, love sex and marriage. [27] The slogan has been very controversial. [25][26], The slogan Mera Jism Meri Marzi was popularized by the Aurat March in Pakistan which has been observed on International Women's Day. ("My body belongs to me!"). We ask the men not to use our bodies for their ghairat or honor. But what about the bodily rights of the preborn baby? [13], Writer Zainab Najeeb contends that the slogan is neither a challenge to religious beliefs, nor should it been seen as scandalous. This considered a fundamental right—irrespective of their sexuality, where they live, how much they earn, or their ethnicity. My Body My Choice. [14], In 2011 Hong Kong started an anti slutshaming and anti victim blaming movement called slut walk. [10] Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner writes that while it seems simple that women's freedom is linked to women's own control and decisions about their own bodies, in practice the slogan of 'My body, my choice' is too often changed to mean of "not really your body, not really your choice." The rhetoric highlights the structural violence, injustices, and inequality inflicted on women of our society. The book covers the conflict over abortion around the world. The slogan has been used around the world and translated into many different languages. [19] Larissa Klazinga of Rhodes university, experimented with exhibition of photographs of various protest messages which women identify themselves, with a view of contesting objectification and injustices along with their naked bodies, with a concept that women have power to speak about their own bodies and decide how much to reveal for themselves. Moreover, the rhetoric is a conscious effort to offer to escape to women from all the injustices and inequalities being inflicted on them. But it’s NOT “your body or your choice” if you want to perform sexual acts for a living, inhale, ingest or inject “government unapproved” illicit drugs into your own body, or choose to not where a mask, or get a vaccine. [22], In March 2015 a short film, My Choice, as part of Vogue India's social awareness initiative. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Its 7th annual march in 2018 focused on the "My body, my choice" slogan, to raise awareness against "sexual, gender and body-based" violence prevalent in Hong Kong. But what about the bodily rights of the preborn baby? So, ‘My body, my choice’ is the continuity of the consciousness that challenges and resists the manhood’s long rule. The fetus (unborn child) relies on the mother completely for its existence; 2. It is a cry of freedom. [76], According to Kyle Munkittrick in Discover, "My body my choice" is a somatic right that can also be claimed by transhumanists. Both Lives Matter | Blog | My Body My Choice. [23] Indian actress, Deepika Padukone, played the lead role and the film was directed by Homi Adajania. [64], In writer Laurell K. Hamilton's novel Danse Macabre, the character Ronnie asks another character, Anita, "how you can be pro-choice and pro-life same time?" We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This extreme concentration of power has authorized men to decide the fate of girls and women regarding their life, education, life partner and patterns? The system of patriarchy has kept women marginalized, oppressed and at a lower ebb in the decision making process regarding their lives. [38] Emma Fraser asserts that it is by a lack bodily autonomy society declines that women do have mind beyond their bodies and that amounts to cruelty with women. [29] Protesters carried banners reading "My body, my choice" in response to the government's plans to limit abortion access in the country. In Florida, some people are using the slogan “My body, my choice!” to protest a government requirement about wearing masks in public. “If it’s my body, then I get to punch the person next to me” is not an argument that sane people will find logical.