Interpretation - National Park Service Intern. It rained the entire time she was here, but luckily she didn’t seem to mind, and the rain didn’t deter her from thinking that Alaska is nothing short of beautiful and mind-blowing. This included some pretty epic crevasses! It was awesome, we got to see a lot in those 6 hours, plus it saves a lot of time (and gas) since it’s about a seven-hour drive from where I live to get down to the Kenai Peninsula. Is this your company? All next week we’ll be learning how things run over at the visitor center. It took 3 hours, a lot of patience, two bites with no snags, and one we had to release before we finally snagged a sockeye in the mouth. Days 36-39: It was a very normal work week. An Student Conservation Association intern, a Park Ranger, and a Greening Youth Foundation Intern . I saw more wildlife than I have in my entire life just in those two days. Day 19: Today we had seasonal orientation all day, extremely boring stuff. I hate flying, and it was my first time in something other than a commercial jet plane. The Youth Ranger Internship Program provides education and career preparation to youth in rural East Hawai‘i. I crave snow-topped mountains, dreary wastes, and the cruel Northern sea with its far horizons at the edge of the world where infinite space begins. Now to fix them! Skip to Job Postings. Crampons really help. Details. Most of the visitors were also on special tour groups, and don’t usually have time to go to a program anyway (or don’t speak English). For 22 December 2020: To keep visitors safe ALL camping in NSW national parks now requires a booking. Days 26-27: I spent last Thursday preparing to give my first guided walk through the boreal forest. I got some fantastic wildlife pictures while I was there, and my mom and brother saw their only grizzly bears. Day 16: Instead of working at the visitor center today, the park paid for me to take a CPR/First-aid training course in case I need to perform either on a visitor. We provide college students a realistic view of what a career with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department really entails. These positions offer a chance to discover and learn about resource and visitor protection in Glacier's recommended winderness. Leave it as it is. Youth Ranger Internship Program. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a nationally recognized leader in conservation, outdoor recreation and wildlife management. WILDERNESS RANGER INTERNSHIP . Day 15: Today was a normal day at work. California . Spotlight on park rangers Check out these interviews with several of our park rangers from across Queensland and gain an insight to their … These positions offer a chance to discover and learn about resource and visitor protection in Glacier's recommended winderness. Her main goal is to visit all 419 U.S. National Parks in her lifetime. I still haven’t adjusted to the time change. It was a very cute little town with a lot of stuff to see and do. National park internships are the kind of internships where the world will really be at your fingertips (and probably under your fingernails and inside your sturdy hiking boots, too). A park ranger is charged with protecting nature from people and people from nature. The old copper mill is currently unstable, so there’s a lot of construction going on to maintain the foundation and visitors aren’t allowed in. NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service employs a range of staff including park rangers, scientists and administration staff. But not really. Millions of people visit our national parks annually, but many don’t know what a park ranger’s job is like or what our responsibilities are. Becoming a Park Ranger with the National Park Service in Arkansas Individuals interested in serving as park rangers in one of Arkansas’ seven national parks or historical sites can apply for positions through the U.S. National Park Service. I’m surprised I stayed awake. I’m really not looking forward to leaving Alaska in two and a half weeks. Day 20: Yesterday was my first-day giving ranger programs. But I had a lot of fun despite my sore muscles and a little sunburn! I haven’t decided what I’m going to discuss yet, but I plan on doing a lot of research today in order to figure it out. Getting there is quite the adventure. She grew up in Florida and has visited all 50 states. Visit National Parks Virtually During the Government Shutdown, Visit Delaware: America’s Best Kept Secret. I got to fly over the mountains that I see every day when I wake up and get a much closer look. Password Show. Overall, an amazing trip. I kept a detailed journal since it was such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Sadly I’m not adjusted to the time change yet, as it’s currently 6:34 am (10:34 am in my native Florida), but I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon. I’ve been six or seven times now, and I’d never seen it so beautiful. What you can do is to keep it for your children, your children’s children, and for all who come after you, as one of the great sights which every American if he can travel at all should see. I also saw a golden eagle soaring along the mountains, arctic ground squirrels begging for food, and a hoary marmot watching me climb up into its habitat, judging to see if I was a threat. National Park Service. Seeing it up close was a totally different experience. That’s okay though. Forgot password? Once you’re there you have to park your car and walk across a footbridge because only locals can bring their cars to the other side and drive in town. New Interpretive Park Ranger Intern jobs added daily. Riley Hays is a nature-loving nomad, constantly on the move with a mission to learn, explore, and experience as much as she can. After that, I gave a guided walk, worked the front desk, and did some other small projects. Days 44-47: Tuesday, I went to the Gulkana airport to work with the dispatcher there. But neither one of us cared, it was such a neat experience, and definitely one of my favorite days spent in Alaska so far. California’s immense State park system, which boasts some 280 parks across the state, includes some of the most diverse and well\\-maintained natural, cultural, and recreational resources in the country\\. Interns on the east side of the park also present programs using the park's new Dusty Star Observatory and 20 inch telescope. The audience I had was very enthusiastic about what it’s like to live in Alaska! National Park Ranger Salary . Before we went and enjoyed the music, we traveled down to Homer to have a look around. Other highlights were crossing the Arctic Circle and seeing four bears! We are, however, still recruiting for astronomy volunteers. Job . and yet, here I am, sitting at a gate in Minneapolis, feeling numb. Intern Salaries posted anonymously by National Park Service employees. Once you’ve confirmed your subscription, you’ll receive access to the resource library and national parks visitors guide! I am also completing an internship at [park name] for which I am working on researching and assisting in the development of several educational and interpretive projects, including an archaeology program for student groups and a Junior Ranger activity booklet pertaining to [part of the park]. New Summer National Park Ranger jobs added daily. On my way: Leaving was quite possibly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but nonetheless, here I am sitting on an airplane, nervous as can be. We did some sea kayaking and took a wildlife cruise through Resurrection Bay and Fox Island from Seward, AK into Kenai Fjords National Park. NPS Photo. You’ll get training in public interpretation and Department of … You can also find out about internships and paid positions on the CCRLC's Work With Us page. Our next stop was the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center just outside of Whittier, AK. Park Ranger, Interpretation Division (Former Employee) - Assateague Island National Seashore, Berlin, MD - April 8, 2015 Providing environmental, educational, and operational information to visitors. The best part of the day was seeing a family of grizzly bears. All in all, even though it was a lot of time spent in the car, it was a blast, and I’m glad I did it. Roving is when I drive around and make informal contact with visitors, asking if they have any questions and what their plans are to help orient them. Looking for a great paid job opportunity at National Park Service in Enumclaw, WA? I wish I could’ve spent more time there. It was absolutely incredible. Pretty funny, actually! We’ve heard that a lot of sockeye salmon are about to start their run, and we’d love to see them rushing into Valdez. Upon leaving the trail, we saw a mother moose and her one-year-old calf walking along the trail in front of us. My three are focused on a creature of my choosing, a guided walk on the boreal forest trail, and a talk where we stand at the bluff outside the visitor center while I talk about any relevant subject with a beautiful view behind me (most days). Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. The National Park Service preserves the natural and cultural resources and values of the National Park System for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations. Thanks for subscribing! Not only did I have to do them back to back, and for 21 people in each group, but I had to turn a 45-minute long walk into a 30-minute one. I caught five, but two got away so I ended up with three. The sky was 100% clear the entire drive and once we got into town, and it was sunny and warm. SCA internships are posted as they become available, so keep checking back to find the SCA position that is the best fit for you. Hopefully today I feel better about them, I definitely left out some things that I wanted to include, and quite possibly rushed through the information a bit. Attending and collecting information from Congressional hearings Here, it was actually a three-day event where the sun would set for about 4.5 hours each night, but there was never actually darkness. A friend and I have made it our goal to summit Gunsight before we leave Alaska in August. Below you will find those journal entries, describing my summer internship. No travel plans this weekend since there’s supposed to be a lot of snow (this is the longest spring on record! The mosquitoes are getting pretty bad though. I gave my guided walk for the first time in a week, and my supervisor came on it to audit me. Friday night we celebrated at the McCarthy bar, The Golden Saloon, with some bluegrass music and a full crowd of people. Day 17-18: Since I’m sure which field I’d like to go into, my supervisor is nice enough to try and expose me to every division of the park that she can. Went to Valdez once again this weekend! The deadline for this job has passed and it is not visible on the eePRO Jobs page. We offer jobs with various tenures within the Agency. People who have never experienced a glacier or haven’t seen many think that they’re all pretty much the same. Another epiphany: Today, I realized that not only am I going to miss Alaska, but when it comes down to it, I won’t want to leave. Learn more about the Park Ranger Wilderness Information Center position now! Basically summed up my week’s worth of training earlier this summer, except everyone had to attend, not just the interpretation staff. But it was well worth it. Find your next job near you & 1-Click Apply! After work on Friday, I headed to Anchorage for the weekend to do some shopping, hike Flattop Mountain, check out Earthquake Park, and accompany a friend while he gets his bike and his car repaired. Day 41: Today, I was lucky enough to go on an NPS employee rafting trip down the Gulkana and Copper Rivers. Haleakalā National Park is accepting internship … A sow and her four cubs, who are pretty famous in the area since it’s almost unheard of for a sow to successfully care for four cubs for so long. Sign in . The next adventure was the ferry ride. Today's top 331 Interpretive Park Ranger Intern jobs in United States. Email or phone. Park Interpreters are the public face of Glacier National Park. I got to track a flight and answer phones when passengers and pilots called to check in. I applied for the position and was initially rejected. This week, I’m working with the maintenance crew and the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) and helping construct an amphitheater for the park. Finished up the binders for training, cleaned up the visitor center, organized the table displays of skulls, scat, and claws, organized the uniform closet, helped sort through boxes of brochures, carried boxes up the elevator, broke down boxes, and filed all my paperwork. We’ve been learning a lot about the history of Alaska, the park I work for, the other Alaska parks, plants, invasives, boreal forests/taiga, wildlife, cultural and natural resources, and more. We are committed to promoting a workforce where the viewpoints and talents of every employee are … These programs are given in a diversity of park locations including campgrounds, trails, visitor centers, historic boats, and historic park hotels. Stanislaus National Forest SUMMER 2015 . Jobs; Salaries; Messages; Profile; Post a Job; Sign In ; Posted Anytime Posted Anytime Within 30 Days Within 10 Days Within 5 Days Within 1 Day Any Distance Any Distance Within 5 Miles Within 10 Miles Within 25 Miles … There’s a duty-stationed internship at the park museum facility, located on the University of New Mexico campus in Albuquerque. Next weekend, after Memorial Day, we’ll be traveling to McCarthy and Kennecott, as well as the Chitina ranger station, so long as Kennecott isn’t still buried under snow. So, we did some shopping, met up with some friends, and ate dinner before driving back home. I’m so excited!! We met up with some friends on the Klutina River in town and fished there. 19th Ammendment Haleakala Intern Jacob Hakim and Park Ranger Jamie Mansfield. However, we didn’t go home empty-handed the next night! It made us all cry a bit and cough for a few hours, it’s so strong. Of those, 25 wanted to hear about caribou. A grizzly sow and two cubs were seen walking along the trail we lead visitors down every single day. Tourism to the Olympic Peninsula is so successful in large part due to park rangers, who ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors. Everglades National Park offers a wide variety of internship opportunities. Yesterday was my first rove day. New Park Ranger Internship jobs added daily. It was a lot different from the first time I drove the route since I did it in the beginning of May and it was absolutely covered in snow. It was pretty neat to see that from a perspective other than a nervous flyer. Am I really doing this by myself? $225/week plus housing . By far one of my favorite things I’ve done in Alaska so far, the 4-mile round trip trail leads you to a glacier that you can then walk on if you wish. Professional Opportunity . She liked it, however, she said I could improve if I made it more of a story rather than including so many facts and figures, which makes a lot of sense. Days 34-35: I could really get used to only working two days a week! Then, on Friday I gave my regular caribou and Alaska life presentations before heading to McCarthy to celebrate the solstice. We went to Valdez in order to catch some salmon. Either way, I’m looking forward to the trip. Website: Interpretation - National Park Service Intern. December 9, 2018. Day 25: I talked to 27 people today. It is an epic mountain, and this is not my last attempt. Nothing will ever compare to my summer in Alaska, but I will greet my last semester with an open mind, and hope that whatever adventures I have during and after school will be somewhere as close to as amazing and spectacular as Alaska was. Man, I love Alaska. Some friends would like to catch a few, and those grizzly bears may finally be out so we can see some! A recent study released by the National Parks Service shows that tourism to Olympic National Park generated $220 million for the local economy and supported over 2,700 local jobs. On our way to Valdez, it was an absolutely beautiful day. Other than that, same ol’ same ol’, nothing exciting. Phew, I’m tired! We saw three different ranges, the Wrangells (which I see every day from where I live), the Mentastas, and the Nutzotins, which are both a part of the larger Alaska range. Estes Par, CO. Getting there is quite the adventure. Here skies are more clearer and deeper and, for the greater wonders they reveal, a thousand times more eloquent of the eternal mystery than those of softer lands. Once you’re there you have to park your car and walk across a footbridge because only locals can bring their cars to the other side and drive in town. The National Park Service works in collaboration with service corps and other organizations to provide conservation work, and educational and training opportunities. Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve. Interns also assist with large events such as our Logan Pass star parties. This weekend, I got to attend a music festival called Salmonstock that benefits a great cause against mining in Bristol Bay, where a large amount of salmon enter Alaskan rivers and benefit the Alaskan economy immensely. Interns in the Division of Interpretation are responsible for researching, preparing and presenting programs like guided walks and hikes, interpretive talks, boat tours, and illustrated programs on the park's interpretive themes (wildlife, geology, ecology, human history, climate change, etc). Tomorrow, I’m going down to Valdez for the day (weird, I feel like I was JUST there…). Plus, six days from today I’m going to Denali National Park, and I CANNOT WAIT! The best part was Tombstone Territorial Park. I made it: Alaska is beautiful. Days 13-14: Continuing training, this week we visited Kennecott, an old copper mining district, and McCarthy, a town of about 40-50 people five miles from Kennecott. One black bear, and three Grizzlies – a sow and her two cubs – running as quickly as possible away from the car. It’s pretty easy to talk about what you see along a trail and explain it to visitors. This internship was through the Student Conservation Association (SCA), an organization many individuals interested in careers in the outdoors utilize to get started. 130 Benefits. In the past, the Research Learning Center has had interns working on sustainability issues, citizen science, and science communication. Interns staff visitor centers and provide information and informal interpretation to visitors during fixed station and roving assignments. So that was pretty thrilling! I met some very nice people as well, and two more people moved into the community today. By subscribing, you'll receive exclusive content and gain access to my. Download: Internship Program Requirements. Days 28-31: This week was pretty exciting. Norfolk Island National Park. I may be doing that again Tuesday. We drove at least 1,630 miles in order to make it there, and we did it in about 3 days and 6 hours, so it was a pretty incredible feat. Student Internship Program Why Intern with TPWD? I might go to Valdez this weekend if someone else does. Internships are available through: Everglades BioCorps Internship Program. This article contains affiliate links. These programs are given in a diversity of park locations including campgrounds, trails, visitor centers, historic boats, and historic park hotels. I can make myself stay up pretty late no problem, but when it comes to sleeping in it’s a whole new ordeal. For those who have been to national parks, if you went on a ranger-led program, that’s what I’ll be leading this summer when I’m not at the front desk. The SCA paid for my housing, my flights to and from Alaska, and provided a weekly stipend. New Internship Park Ranger jobs added daily. If you aspire to join the ranks of park rangers or work alongside Smokey the Bear, interning abroad in a national park will provide you with invaluable field experience and plant seeds for future work in conservation, preservation, and tourism. Our team has the capacity to take volunteers and involve them in normal ranger work, the best way to do this is to have them contact the park directly via the Senior Ranger After hiking, we ate lunch then got some special treatment. Halfway there: Sitting at the gate in Minneapolis, halfway to Anchorage; feeling pretty numb still, like there’s no way this is real. Attempting to summit Gunsight Mountain proved to be much more difficult than I imagined. Neither of those three things ever occur in Valdez, especially on the same day! Norfolk Island National Park. Seward was a very cute little town, and I would most certainly return. I was interviewed by the lead park ranger over the phone. In additon, housing is often provided free of charge. Day 2: More menial work for me today, yay! I’ve still only seen the two in Denali, nowhere else, and many friends haven’t seen them at all so cross your fingers that they’ll be around! We saw all sorts of wildlife, only missing out on killer whales. A moose calf ran right towards the car I was in. I’ll be happy when they start to disappear later this summer. It’s crazy! It was a beautiful day, and my first time on a float plane! It was most definitely the best salmon I’ve ever had. It was a bit cloudy and still pretty cold, but I had a great time and can’t wait to go back. 27! The end is near, and I’m becoming less and less okay with it every day. I’ve heard such wonderful things about it, so I was very curious to see what all the fuss was about. We went to Valdez to do some fishing, but when we got there we looked around and no one seemed to be catching anything. Subscribe to receive a free guide to all national parks and other exclusive resources! During nightly sky tours and telescope viewing, interns interact with many who are completely new to the night sky. I also got to practice spraying bear spray as part of bear safety training which was pretty exciting! I was worried I’d be bored on the long plane trip, but when you look out the window and there are mountains as far as the eye can see, time begins to fly by. It went pretty well, I had four people listen to my talk about caribou and five listen to my talk about what it’s like to live in Alaska. In my new series Ranger Life, I’ll discuss the day to day lives of park rangers to give you a glimpse into our world. Then, I drove a shuttle down to the river to pick up some friends and the YCC crew from a raft trip they did. And I left my family and friends behind? It was absolutely gorgeous, untouched wilderness. Skip to Job Postings. Location. Yesterday, I helped maintenance paint the buildings. What is over though is the long days of PowerPoint presentations. We both agreed it was the most touristy we’ve been so far in Alaska. SHRUB Intern - Closed (A 5th grade education and restoration program) How to Become a Park Ranger (from Personal Experience) - Riley's Roves, What to Wear in Alaska: A Local's Packing List - Riley's Roves, It Wasn’t Supposed to End This Way: My Farewell to Alaska, Visit National Parks from Home: The 14-Day National Parks Quarantine Challenge, The 10 Best Airbnbs Near Joshua Tree National Park, 15 Best Daypacks for Women Under $160 in 2020. But no matter where they work, they protect and preserve Canada’s national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas for future generations. Additional experience or education may be required. Required fields are marked *. Positions listed here have not yet filled and positions … Looking for a great paid job opportunity at National Park Service in Enumclaw, WA? I’ve done three internships through this company, and feel the experiences were very worthwhile and got me to where I am today. Our team has the capacity to take volunteers and involve them in normal ranger work, the best way to do this is to have them contact the park directly via the Senior Ranger I’m one of the 30% who actually got to see the mountain of Denali itself. Native Plant Nursery Intern - Open! Astronomy Internships For more information, e-mail us. Then tomorrow I’ll drive to Homer to explore and have some lunch before going to Ninilchik for the rest of the weekend for Salmonstock Music Festival! Law enforcement rangers and individuals who have completed a master's degree in a relevant … They’re absolutely incredible. It’s really hard to put it into words. One of my favorite bands, Trampled by Turtles, performed at the festival and it was awesome to see them live. This next portion was perhaps my favorite part of the trip. They were very enthusiastic about Alaska and all it has to offer, which are my favorite kind of visitors. There’s just no way…. Aside from the shiny badge that many national park rangers proudly wear, there are many reasons to consider an internship (and eventual career?) Two visitors actually came to both of my talks and seemed to love them. This Saturday, I’m going to Valdez again, although I think Saturday is the day our two weeks of nice, warm, clear sky is going to disappear to make room for a rainstorm. 533 Reviews. Denali is pristine wilderness and it is exhilarating to experience it first-hand. This morning, I came in and another ranger wasn’t feeling too great so I had to do two extra talks without more than an hour’s notice. Our interns provide guided sky tours of Native American and Greek constellations and use park-owned telescopes to show visitors the wonders of deep space. 538 Salaries. It overlooks a bluff with a gorgeous view and was supposed to be completed five years ago so a lot of people are very, very excited that it’s finally here. This weekend I made an awesome trek all the way to Inuvik, NWT from Alaska. Park rangers are found working for municipal and county parks departments, state park systems and for the National Park Service (NPS). Positions. I also hike the trails on my own to get updated trail conditions and see how visitors are doing on those.