So keep visiting our website for latest Asian drama list. I would not compare the presentation of the character of So Dam with that of Shin Hye in Doctors, here it has yet to be revealed and I guess it will be gradually more important. TV. Jin Joo reminds Jung-ha that she is a ten-year veteran and warns Jung-ha to stay in her lane. 03 novembre 2020. I loved the first episode and I loved the second more. Nonton Record of Youth Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia. Having watched the next episode, I have to say that I adore the chemistry between Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam. I must say, I did not much enjoy the first week as much as I had hoped. Record of Youth (2020) Episode 13 Dec. 22, 2020. And Hye-Joon needs that. Series Record of Youth always updated at KissAsian. Ae-sook shares that she has to go home early today to celebrate her older son’s new job, and on the surface, the two women have a normal conversation about the son’s new job and prestigious school connections. As a dedicated Hye-joon fan, Jung-ha disagrees and emphasizes how hard he works for his achievements. . At a fashion show, he meets An Jeong-ha. Everything to see even if only the thought that for two years that wonderful actor will be in the navy saddens me. Sharer; Tweet; WhatsApp; S1 Eps1 S1 Eps2 S1 Eps3 S1 Eps4 S1 Eps5 S1 Eps6 S1 Eps7 S1 Eps8 S1 Eps9 S1 Eps10 S1 Eps11 S1 Eps12 S1 Eps13 S1 Eps14 S1 Eps15 S1 Eps16. Jung-ha apologizes, and Jin Joo mortifies her in front of the two models, calling her sinister. (function(d, s, id) { When Jung-ha finishes the make-up, Hye-joon starts to head off, but Hae-hyo asks him to wait until he’s done. Weekly Idol. Jin-woo knows exactly what Hye-joon is up to and begs him not to do this, but Hye-joon has already started running. Jung-ha hesitates to overstep her role, but Yi-young cheerfully says that she doesn’t like to be kept waiting and trusts Jung-ha’s skills. He assures the generous owner that he’s talking in general terms — not about the owner — and reluctantly agrees to reconsider the offer. I totally understand parental pressure is awful either way but it was just too cruelly done. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. DramaCool will be the fastest one to upload Episode with Eng Sub for … 9.5. Watch all you want. Park So-dam. Instead of yelling critiques into the mic, he shares his approval when Hye-joon gets close. The barbeque restaurant owner stops by the locker room to offer Hye-joon a manager position. The editing technique of foreshadowing has been used in many episodes of this series. The driver, WON HAE-NA (Jo Yoo-jung) reverses and rolls down the window to greet her oppas. DramaCool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! Ultimately in life, inconsiderate people with bad tempers are the winners.”. I think I like this show, but it veered from my expectations. Enjoyed this premiere, tentatively hopeful for this show! Her character so far is blandly written but this is the writer's fault. Phew. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page The top tier cast and production is apparent in this strong first episode, as we learn about our aspiring actor and the relentless doubts he faces in pursuit of his dreams. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, Title : Record of Youth; Original Title : 청춘기록; Genre : Drama, Family, Melodrama, Romance, Youth; Cast : Byun Woo Suk, Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam; Year : 2020; Duration : 60 min; Type : Drama; Episode : 16; Country : South Korea; Director : Ahn Gil Ho; Rating : 15+ - Teens 15 or older; Score : 8.2; Sinopsis Record of Youth. But in their minds, they’re squabbling about bragging rights, who’s better connected, and the laundry. Nonton Record of Youth Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia. Creators: An Gil-ho, Ha Myeong-hee. Hye-joon returns to the office to finish his contract termination with Tae-soo, who agrees to a written contract termination agreement but says that he can’t pay the outstanding labor costs. // Load the SDK asynchronously She explains that she wants the happy feeling associated with love, but she doesn’t want to be in love. appId : '127538621120543', Also, the chemistry with Bo Gum was immediately explosive, both good acting with their eyes. Watch Record of Youth (2020) Episode 1 English Subbed on Myasiantv, Youth Record follows the lives of young people in the world of modeling. So please share And Bookmark our site for new updates. Record of Youth – Drama ini mengikuti kehidupan tiga orang di industri mode saat ini. She reminds Kyung-joon that they waited for him to make his own choices and demands that they respect Hye-joon’s time and decisions. Weekly Idol. If we see from their perspective - one son is running after an unrealistic dream and other one has a stable job. 1. She thanks him and starts cleansing his face with a cotton pad. Please enter your username or email address. Gramps sighs that everyone in the neighborhood knows that he lives in deference to his family. 10. Connect with Facebook Watch Record of Youth Ep 1 Eng Sub (2020) Korean Drama. Right now it feels like PBG's one man show. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Loving the OST so far btw, I haven't fallen for a pilot episode as much as I have for RoY since Hospital Playlist.. Not even IOTNBO didn't hook me in this early. Which is a pity when you have such a hot topic name in your cast, post-Parasite PSD success. Noticing his friend’s dampened mood, Hae-hyo asks if something is up, and Hye-joon responds, “I keep getting attacked by reality.”. TV. Their fun conversation is interrupted by Jin Joo, who accuses Jung-ha for habitually stealing her clients. They are trying to be realistic but it would have been better if they were less cruel. Jung-ha bashfully invites him to take a seat and prepares to do his make-up. Yi-young approves of Jung-ha’s detailed client care — from sanitizing her hands to complimenting Yi-young’s beauty. He looks confused and asks why she isn’t calling him to her seat. Mom KIM YI-YOUNG (Shin Ae-ra) asks Hye-hyo why he’s not coming to her salon and complains that she doesn’t like his hair. So keep visiting our website for latest Asian drama list. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. My mind can go to the gutter pretty quickly and I’m just teasing, but yeah—loved how you described him. I’ve been anticipating this one for months. Why would I say that? Ongoing. Then, she asks if she should prepare salad for dinner, since Hae-hyo has a fashion show tomorrow, and Hae-hyo begs his mom to let him be. They ask each other about the movie audition and both confirm that they haven’t heard back. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 They were all talking but none of it felt like real people to me. If that was 100% fact, I'd be swearing off Kdrama forever, because I'm really only in it for those exact kinds of friendships.. but as it stands now, I just consider it (rightfully so) bad writing if/when good friendships are ruined for any stupid reasons. what can be Bogummies´ task in the army? It might not be fair but it is quite true to life. One of the cultural things that stands out to me is the fact she already has a house and mortgage. Here for Park So Dam! Hye-joon expresses awe that Hae-hyo’s younger sister has grown up so fast, and he says that only time is fair. He asks Dad if he also thinks of him as a burden and says that he needs to know if his family is judging him just like the rest of the world. Dad enters the conversation to come to Kyung-joon’s defense, and Mom rushes Hye-joon to his room to avoid further confrontation with Dad. This writer does a lot of details well. Jang-man notes that carpentry isn’t a desirable trade to pass down, given Young-nam’s injury and hardship with working to pay off his father’s debts. But in my opinion, many (local/imported) PPLs (such as Subway) are excellently understood so that audiences from outside Korea will know what is their true meanings to any real brands/products/places. I hope this show is it. Like is it going to last? ذكريات الشباب الحلقة 1 الكوري مترجمة أونلاين ح1 Record of Youth مشاهدة الدراما HD Record of Youth Dikisahkan, Sa Hye-Joon (diperankan oleh Park Bo-Gum) cerdas dan tampan. i tried watching for Park Bo Gum but I cant contnue because of Park So Dam. He wonders what he should do to clear his mind and silently turns to Jin-woo with a mischievous look. I really like the main leads and the show so far. I expect a crescendo. I answered out loud. Yi-young then asks Ae-sook to handwash some laundry, but Ae-sook mentions that she already changed into her nicer outfit to leave for the day. Record of Youth Episode 1-16 END + Batch. Tập 1 Record of Youth (Ký Sự Thanh Xuân), Sa Hye Joon (Park Bo Gum) xuất hiện với vai trò là bảo vệ của ngôi sao Park Do Ha (Kim Gun Woo). Hae-hyo receives a call from his mom, who brought something for him, and he asks Jung-ha if she can finish his make-up while Jin Joo is tending to other matters. Gramps comes to Hye-joon’s defense and says that his grandson is different, but Dad disagrees. The protagonists was presented and incredibly are already completely in empathy with HYE JOON. More Details. Vì không thể cản bạn gái của hắn ta tìm đến gây sự, Sa Hye Joon liền bị nam diễn viên đánh không nương tay. I watched the second episode and I found it more interesting. Jung-ha responds that he doesn’t need a mask because of his good skin, and Hye-joon smiles slightly in satisfaction. When Hae-hyo mentions that he shares secrets with Hye-joon that his mother doesn’t know, Yi-young interjects and insists on knowing these secrets. The banter and quick wit are strong suits of writer Ha Myung-hee, and I enjoyed how the banter established a sense of familiarity and ease in the friendship. Jung-ha instinctively answers truthfully, and Hae-hyo follows up by asking if Jin Joo has a bad personality. Another admirer, Jung-ha takes a break editing her video to watch old runway videos of Hye-joon. Quantico Season 3. Record of Youth (2020) Episode 15 Oct. 25, 2020. But I will not judge this yet, it normally takes me 4 episodes to decide whether to drop or not. She pries about the secrets that she doesn’t know and finally lets it go when he calls her a stalker. Record of Youth (Korean: 청춘기록; Hanja: 青春紀錄; RR: Cheongchun-girok) is a South Korean television series starring Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam, Byeon Woo-seok and Kwon Soo-hyun. Salon colleague Choi Soo-bin follows Jung-ha into the break room and tells Jung-ha that the designer has an inferiority complex because Jung-ha is so good. Hae-na parks her car and tells Jin-woo to get out. Chef Moon 2020. For the grandpa, we don’t know how bad a father he was but i still don’t condone the disrespect to him esp by the grandson. Hye-joon says that food isn’t everything in life, and looking to Jin-woo, Hae-hyo playfully adds that food is everything for some people. A peek at Park Bo-gum’s family and support system in new stills for tvN’s Record of Youth, Fandom to romance for Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam in Record of Youth, Park Bo-gum faces reality in new teaser for Record of Youth, Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam in first Youth Records teaser, Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam courted for new tvN drama Youth Records, bebeswtz❣️Xiao Zhan is the sunshine in human form ☀️.