The graduation fee must be transferred by the student until the date of the final exam. register The student acknowledges that the IUBH and third parties, which are specially commissioned by IUBH, have the right to use his/her work for this purpose. After these months, the student may request in writing that the contract is extended, subject to a charge. due to lack of funds in the account, changes to the bank), the IUBH is entitled to charge any applicable fees to the student’s invoice and claim them. Für die Zulassung zu einem nicht-akademischen MBA Fernlehrgang, benötigen Sie nur einen mittleren Bildungsabschluss und 3 Jahre Berufserfahrung. Ziel des Kurses ist das Erkennen und Erklären von kulturellen, soziologischen, wirtschaftlichen, historischen und politischen Einflussfaktoren auf strategische Entscheidungen in einem globalen Umfeld. The IUBH’s virtual campus is password protected. In order to enable IUBH to verify his/her examination by plagiarism software, the student is obliged to provide an electronic copy of his/her examination. Contract duration Right of revocation 3. Additional fees may apply. 6. Consent to submit academic achievements via online-tools 3.3. In exceptional cases the leave of absence during the first six months after the study start is possible. Study scripts and their parts are protected by copyright. Furthermore, the course will have to be taken again, which is subject to charges. 9. 4.6. IUBH University of Applied Sciences. Liability of the IUBH But merely not falling in the list of Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) does not make the college non-rewarding. The content of the offered courses and the respective time period correspond to the module handbook and curriculum, which is made available to students digitally in the online system Care. *Part-time model, including scholarship. Verification by plagiarism software Business Administration (MBA) Programs Worldwide, This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Start your online application easily using the Apply Now button. Booking additional services MBA. The actual document must be submitted as an electronic copy and in a readable format (e.g. To extend the contract duration (subject to a charge) according to this section, course fees have to be paid in return for the further use of the equipment and offers from the IUBH. If the student does not take the examinations or even attempt them for the first time within the 24 months after the allocation of the CARE courses, all assessments taken up until then are void and have to be taken again within 12 months. The contract has a defined duration, which is stated on page 1. The contract may be terminated with one month’ notice to the end of the full month with regard to the start of the study. The fee shall be payable exclusively in Euro, regardless of whether or not the students place of residence is located within the Euro currency area. Changes to the course plan Learn about the MBA International Business - Smart Entry program at IUBH Internationale Hochschule GmbH using the Program Finder tool. The Orientation Programme is especially designed for students who want to study a course of their choice – without having to sign up for a full degree. The declaration must be addressed to Failing essential examinations The contract starts on the date stated on page 1, but on the earliest with the receipt of the access data to the Campus Management System and ends after the duration stated on page 1, without any notice of termination. With 'Attendee' status, IUBH Online gives you the opportunity to have exclusive early access to study programmes that are not yet publicly available. Der Master of Business Administration (MBA) gilt als höchste akademische Managementqualifikation auf dem globalen Bildungsmarkt. The huge corporate demand for globally-oriented executives and IUBH’s excellent reputation in academia and industry gives IUBH graduates huge leverage for a successful career. The IUBH has the right to modify study plans, if it is reasonable for students and corresponds to the educational objective of the study programme. The fees, which have been paid until the requested change to another model of study was submitted, will be taken fully into account. a letter sent by post or email) of his/her decision to revoke this contract. 1.2. IUBH Scholarship Initiative for Applicants* : IUBH Scholarship Initiative for Applicants*. Programme designation and degree Get info about GMAT scores, scholarships, and MBA tuition • Master of Business Administration (MBA-60/90) • Master General Management (GM-120) Bezüge zu anderen Modulen im Programm: • Corporate Finance and Investment. Die IUBH ist eine akkreditierte und staatlich anerkannte Fernhochschule. No, it does not. 18 months post-study work visa, EU Blue Card*. If a six months’ leave of absence is granted to the student, the monthly rates stated on page 1 of this contract must be paid beyond the agreed duration of the contract until the total amount of the monthly fees stated on page 1 are paid in full. 2.7. IÉSEG is triple-accredited and one of the best business schools in France. The study contract cannot be terminated during a granted leave of absence. If the student continues his/her studies and does not use his/her right of revocation, this month is taken into account for the regular study duration and charges apply. The campus’ entry details will be given to the student at the beginning of his/her study programme and (s)he must assure that (s)he does not give these details to others. If you have been affected by Covid-19, contact us. Leave of absence 2.9. : (0094) 114 545055 | (0094) 114 545056 With respect to these exceptions, the liability is limited to the compensation for predictable damages. Booking this content is subject to additional costs. 4. Additional fees may apply. Bad Honnef The total costs for the chosen study programme are stated on page 1 of the study contract. 4.5. For Bachelor study programmes only. 2.6. As MBA programs waive the GMAT, business schools are debating the future of standardized testing, Regardless of their future role, analytics-minded MBA students will need to get their head around SQL, Python and R, The reduced availability of internships that seed full-time roles is a concern, while overseas students are having a tougher time securing work in America amid an immigration crackdown. Otherwise the student can’t start his/her studies. Regular termination of contract 7. IUBH shows you personal success stories of our students and how our study programmes can sustainably improve your life, too. Tracker status anytime in your account. Other duties The application for a leave of absence of six months can be carried out with two weeks’ notice before the intended start of the leave of absence and must be in text form. Modifications or amendments to this contract must be made in text form. IUBH grants the student a free trial month within the distance learning, if the student decides not to continue his/her studies within the revocation period. 2.2. The IUBH is also liable for damages resulting from harm to life, body or health arising out of a breach of obligations due to the intentional or negligent breach of obligations on the part of the university’s legal representatives or auxiliary persons. Please Apply now Apply now Apply now Master degree programmes MBA Master Programmes MBA … Small study groups ensure you receive excellent support at the IUBH and have a “direct line” to the lecturers. Our worldwide business partners, patrons and sponsors open up optimal opportunities for your career. 1.3. Tuition fees The use of online payment systems shall be necessary. Application Tracker. Tel. if you'd like to upload a A change of the study programme within the distance learning is possible after a written request is submitted with one month’ notice to the end of the full month with regard to the start of the study and requires the consent of IUBH. The student is obliged to send the documents via mail to IUBH within three months after the in section 2.1. defined start of the contract. Modifications or amendments to this provision must also be made in text form. Jurisdiction and final provision Studying in Munich - New European College? Do you still have questions? In this case the student will be exmatriculated. International Business Big Data Management Finance & Accounting IT Management International Marketing Engineering Project Management IUBH Student advisory. The student also agrees that his/her data may be forwarded to the authorities in cases regulated by law. The student will be notified of the effects on his/her studies and the corresponding contract. In particular, do the regular tuition fees apply. The leave of absence can take place at the beginning of the second semester at the earliest, that is six months after the study start. MBA-Studiengänge fokussieren zum einen auf Management und versuchen, ein möglichst breites Wissen im Management-Bereich zu. Beyond this, the liability for damages arising out of a breach of obligations due to negligence or slight negligence or due to an act committed with negligence or slight negligence on the part of its legal representatives or auxiliary persons is excluded, except for damages arising out of a breach of fundamental obligations whose compliance is necessary to achieve the goals of the contract or which arise out of the justified reliance upon the relationship set forth herein. Additional conditions regarding this are decided upon in a supplementary agreement, which must be concluded separately. JWW posted on a discussion Online MBA - any review for IUBH? Within their study programmes, registered students can book additional courses and modules as well as complementary services as of their study programme. Here is what you need to become part of our university. The same applies, if other documents next to the proof of the university entrance qualification, which are necessary for the enrolment, aren't submitted. We pride ourselves in offering our students well-organised study programmes with first-class curricula. During the revocation period, a change to another model of study is possible at any time and without adherence to the period after the submission of the request. IUBH gives you an opportunity to apply for one of our many scholarships, however our scholarships are only available to Non-EU students at this time. The IUBH Internationale Hochschule (hereafter: IUBH) is committed to implementing the distance learning programme, which is stated on page 1, in line with the valid study and examination regulations. Germany, Offers MBA programs in English in Barcelona and Madrid, Do your MBA in Paris! admission@iubh… The IUBH reserves the right to withdraw from the distance learning contract by declaration in text form no later than four weeks before the start of the study programme or to postpone the start of the study programme if the minimum number of 50 students for the study programme selected on the cover sheet has not been reached by this time. Providing necessary technical equipment is not included in the course fees. Should one or more provisions of this contract be or become invalid, the remaining provisions remain unaffected.