Die Horrorfilme von 2020 bieten eine große Auswahl für jeden Geschmack, von mit Spannung erwarteten Fortsetzungen bis hin zu neuen Anpassungen früherer Literatur- und Filmklassiker und einer Vielzahl von With a shocking mid-movie twist that best remains unspoiled, this is a tense, clever movie with a pair of strong performances and tight screenplay. Netflix-Horrorfilme 2020: "Bird Box – Schließe deine Augen". Wohl kein anderer Film sorgte Ende 2018/Anfang 2019 für mehr Reaktionen und Memes im Netz, als "Bird Box". Rebecca Luker, Three-Time Tony Nominee, Dead at 59. Siegel gives an outstanding lead performance in this tight, distressing came of cat and mouse. Exciting and distressing in equal measure. Ares Netflix 4. Thank us later! What if you don’t have time for the trash? Questlove memorialized the co-founder of the early Brooklyn hip-hop group. For those who want to do a supernatural horror marathon, there is nothing better than checking out the Insidious series, which has four installments available on Netflix. Vividly striking in ways that low-budget horror rarely is, it’s a crazy memorable piece of work. Netflix has an original movie titled #Alive in which a young social media addict will have to survive trapped in his apartment whose only help comes from those he can chat with on the internet. The story of a group of dumb tourists who end up getting into serious trouble when they explore the Catacombs of Paris deserved a better fate. Before A Quiet Place turned silence into a blockbuster monster movie plot device, Flanagan was using sensory deprivation to make Hush one of the best horror movies of 2016. Shipka and Boynton play two girls at a boarding school during a long break, where things seem to be going awry on a possibly supernatural level. Top 10 Bollywood Movies Based On True Stories That Shed More Light On The Truth! In between is this daring film that A24 kind of sold too much as a horror film, turning off viewers expecting something more traditional. The two arcs converge in an unforgettable final act. You should know the names of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. Grisly and smart, this is a movie people will be talking about long after the pandemic. Let Ari (Grande) and Ari (Aster) Make Something Weird Together. Dates and titles are subject to change. The iconic lead singer of Black Flag is great here as an immortal loner who has completely become a hermit to protect himself and others. It’s well-acted, and adds a few wrinkles to the standard zombie mythology. In Netflix’s rote adaptation of August Wilson’s play, Viola Davis falters while Chadwick Boseman fares better. McG’s surprise horror-comedy hit was so popular for Netflix that it produced a sequel in 2020’s The Babysitter: Killer Queen. David Bruckner directed this story of a man (Rafe Spall) dealing with trauma after the death of a friend in a robbery. Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley star as genetic engineers who go a little too far in playing God, creating a creature they name Dren. Oz Rodriguez co-wrote and directed this fun family/comedy/horror hybrid that’s reminiscent of genre films from the ‘80s in its blend of the spooky and the playful. The great Kiersey Clemons plays a survivor of a boat crash who washes up on a deserted island. It hits a few of the same beats as the original, but it’s still worth a watch; James Ransone is strong in the lead role, directed this time by Ciaran Foy, who would go on to helm the Netflix Original horror film Eli. In this new story, Cole's best friend turns out to be the leader of a satanic cult and begins to discover an evil side to her. Get on the bandwagon before someone tells you to do so. It’s effective, creepy stuff. Arguably more fantasy than horror, Guillermo Del Toro’s masterpiece has just enough nightmare fuel to qualify, and that’s not even including the incredibly dark “real-world” themes with which GDT is playing here. This Stephen King adaptation is one of those that seeps into your blood and poisons it. Only a boy and his grandma can stop her. They hit what they think is a wolf, but when a tow truck driver arrives to take care of the damage to the car, they learn that something much scarier is going down. The kids steal the show, but Shea Whigham, Method Man, and Sarah Gadon are great in the supporting cast too. Travis Stevens co-wrote and directed this grisly, clever 2019 horror film about a man, played by wrestler C.M. This is a smart, complex indie horror film that has already developed a loyal following. And then things get really weird. Take, for instance, this 2015 follow-up to 2012 Blumhouse hit starring Ethan Hawke. Without further ado, here is the list of the top 10 best horror movies on Netflix 2020 according to us: It is always a good time to revisit the Stanley Kubrick classic in which Jack Nicholson plays the unbalanced and frustrated writer Jack Torrance and his descent into the most psychopathic madness while living with his wife and son (and the occasional unexpected guest) in the Overlook Hotel. Most of all, those things are in Sir Anthony Hopkins’s typically solid performance as Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the last time he would play this role in what is technically a prequel to the superior The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. Hopefully, this list contains an array of horror styles from the more direct impact of a slasher pic to something more akin to a thriller to everyone’s favorite subgenre, the ghost story. In the early ‘80s, Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and a few friends took around $100k into the woods and returned with a genre classic, a movie that would produce sequels, a TV series, a comic book, and inspire generations of horror filmmakers. Log in or link your magazine subscription, Photo: Tequila Gang/Wb/Kobal/Shutterstock, The 50 Best Comedies on Netflix Right Now, The 50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now, It’s Christmas Morning for Everyone But Mom on, Why Did Tayshia Really Break Up With Ivan on, Warner Bros. to Drive You Back to Theaters With. wrote, directed, and star in this supernatural thriller. Horror movies don’t get much crazier than this 2009 offering from Vincenzo Natali, produced by Guillermo del Toro. Suffice to say that Rollins is a captivating lead. Lekker griezelen met de 10 beste horrorfilms nu op Netflix. The new edition of Andy Muschietti is worthy of the original movies, and is about a being that attacks the children of the town of Maine (Bill SkarsgÃ¥rd) and is fought back by a group of small misfits calling themselves "The Losers Club". Meanwhile, Roberts is in another plotline, working her way to the school. Gerald’s Game stars Carla Gugino giving a career-best performance as Jessie, the docile housewife of handsome, successful Gerald, who whisks her away for a weekend to their country home so the couple can put the spice back in their marriage with a little kink. Good times. Americans, it is time for you to adopt a new Christmas tradition: watching British comedians make fun of Jimmy Carr. 1. So be sure to bookmark this page! Owen Campbell and Charlie Tahan star in this little-seen 2017 thriller about a horrible accident and what it does to two of the kids involved. It’s a film that deftly blends multiple genres, redefining the ghost story in a new way that incorporates elements of the vengeance or regret narrative. Watch as much as you want, anytime you want. Weaving plays a babysitter who just happens to be a sociopathic cult member. Unser Katalog macht es einfacher für dich, die besten Filme und Serien zu Four teen boys are just being dumb teen boys when they find a katana in the belongings of one of the kids’ brother. Gerald proves himself to be a total bastard, however, when he springs a surprise rape fantasy on his wife and then dies of a heart attack on top of her — before he can unlock her handcuffs. Im Kinojahr 2020 warten wieder so einige Horrorfilme auf der großen Leinwand auf euch. They get a late-night delivery of a body that doesn’t make sense. Dillard directs this Sundance Blumhouse flick that sadly never got a theatrical release but should find loyal viewers on Netflix. What You Need To Know About '365 Days', The Most S.e.xual & Controversial Netflix Movie: Plot, Characters, Sequels, S.e.x Scenes, Etc. It’s crunchy and brutal. The story goes that the teenager tried to contact her friend’s deceased boyfriend and, well, things went weird. So check out netflix.com/StreamFest, sign up for it using your name or nickname, your email or phone number, as well as a password. Copyright © 2020 Gurugamer.com - All rights reserved. His first major adaptation was this 2012 version of his 2010 novel of the same name. is a psychological horror movie that stars Javier Bardem, Jennifer Lawrence 2. Netflix Release Date: October 13th, 2017 & September 10th, 2020 If you love teen comedy horror movies, then you couldn’t do much worse than The Babysitter. He’s happily married and so handles them with caution from the beginning, but he eventually gives in to their flirtations, leading to a greater nightmare than he could have ever imagined. To heal himself and his other friends, he has the plans a hiking trip in northern Sweden in memory of their lost ally. In addition to Wile E. Coyote’s very own animated feature. Halloween 2020 will be a time with much less trick and treating, but more chance to burn through all of the horror movies available on Netflix. It’s odd how often Netflix has sequels on their service but not the original. Don’t miss it. Filmed on a hand cam, Creep is tense and claustrophobic, with Duplass embodying a terrifyingly believable maniac whom you could meet in line at a coffee shop. Netflix and Chills 2020 Includes 'The Babysitter' Sequel, 'Ratched', and 'The Haunting of Bly Manor' Ruth Wilson stars as a caretaker named Lily, who is tending to an old horror writer who suffers from dementia. This Canadian import (original title: Les Affamés) is another exploration of who we are and what we do after the fall. (Credit: Aidan Monaghan/Netflix) A late contender for this list, His House landed on Netflix in the autumn without much hype. Horrorfilme auf Netflix: Das sind die heftigsten Schocker von ME.Movies 26.10.2018 Das Genre Horror erfindet sich immer wieder neu und lässt sich ganz unterschiedlich umsetzen. Happy Halloween: Das sind die besten Horrorfilme, die zurzeit auf Netflix zu sehen sind. Smart and vicious, it’s the kind of indie hit that will surely now find a bigger, appreciative audience on Netflix. Mark Duplass co-stars in and produced this lean horror movie from writer, director, and fellow star Patrick Brice. A reminder that from December 5-6, Netflix is available to everyone in India for free. Three kids in the Bronx discover that the gentrification in their neighborhood includes some literal bloodsuckers. We’re in. Plenty of horror movies are coming to Netflix in 2020, including 'Cadaver' and 'The Devil All The Time.' Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch star as a coroner and his son in a small town. You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. Gucci Mane Freezes All Other Infants Out of the Baby Name Game. Ratcheting up the anxiety even further is the fact that our protagonist, Shideh (Narges Rashidi), is dealing with the fear of losing her husband in the war, the resentment of being a stay-at-home mom who is forbidden by the state from working, and a demon infestation all at once. Below we've curated the best horror movies to watch on Netflix right now. Colin Minihan’s indie thriller is a stylish reminder that everyone has secrets, even the person you love. Check out the best horror movies to watch or stream online on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Hotstar, and more. Top 10 Netflix Movies With Hot Videos And Scenes In 2020 That Are Very Close To Actual P.o.rn. Clubhouse Is Dangerously Close to Becoming Our New Internet Wasteland. The Raid director Gareth Edwards moves from action to horror in this slow-burn period piece about a man who goes to rescue his sister from a remote cult. At night, she learns they’re not alone. As we have with comedies and movies in general, let us guide the way. You know what? From there, they begin to experience a series of events that ends with a policeman possessed by a demon that wants to harm a family. That’s really all you need to know about a visually striking and thematically fascinating piece of survival horror. The story begins with a family who, while trying to escape from their old haunted house, moves to a new home, where they discover that their eldest son is the real danger. Watch the movie and find out. A modern take on the story that dates back to the 80s in cinema, where Stephen King shines with the story of a demonic clown who wants to kill a group of friends through dreams. There were rumors a few years ago that this was to be spun off into a mini-series continuation. Upright Citizens Brigade Closes Sunset Theater in Los Angeles. A hidden body and intense guilt turn what starts as a coming-of-age piece into something much darker.