Tech Specs. With your Mac mini acting as the server, how are you dealing with movies or videos that didn’t come from iTunes (i.e. The server will first and foremost be a repository for four sorts of files: all our music, films and photos (the quantity of which is too large to store on either of our MacBooks), and common files for an art project we run together. We play music wirelessly to an old 1st Generation Airport Express that is connected to the HiFi. In short, it’s the perfect home entertainment tool. AirServer® is the most advanced screen mirroring receiver for Mac. Will A Mac mini Run Filemaker Server? Search for more topics. Very interesting, John. Time will tell which works best, but give Plex its due – it’s simple to get the server up and running, and it works well with Apple’s libraries as well. With the goal of a small, quiet, affordable, lightweight box without a keyboard, mouse or screen, the choices available to us narrow down quickly. Allows you to stream movies from your Mac Mini to your iPhone, works over 3G (albeit very slowly)! It costs €69, but offers a complete staging environment, especially for WordPress sites. The 2011 Mac mini includes a new innovation, Thunderbolt. Dynamic DNS is a pain to get right, but looks really promising. All about the Mac mini server. Especially for films and TV shows it might prove to be a better bet than the Apple options. You can put an old iMac, Mac mini, or even laptop into service as a server with little or no financial investment. It is one of four desktop computers in the current Macintosh lineup, serving as an alternative to the all-in-one iMac, and sitting below the performance range iMac Pro and Mac Pro.. Government blogs: the person behind the political face, The expat vote in the 2009 European Elections. Setting up the Server. One possible downside to the Mac mini is its lack of an optical drive, a cut that might be a deal- breaker for people who frequently use their computers to read CDs or DVDs. Can I fit 512Gb Samsung 2.5″ 7mm Height* SATA SSD inside to help with display of big 3D modelling files? Whats up guys! Set your mini up as a web/file server. The G4 was replaced by the first Mac Mini, then an Intel Mac Mini, and finally by a Core 2 Duo model. Mac mini comes with all-flash storage — up to a whopping 2TB SSD 18 for all your photo and video libraries, files and apps. Thanks for taking time to write about your project and share it. The Mac Mini is an easy choice. Adds Connectivity and Capabilities to Your Mac mini—Connects two high-performance PCIe 1.1, 2.0, or 3.0 expansion cards to the Mac mini . All her other files and Time Machine Backups are on two 2Tb external HDDs connected as and when they are needed. Thanks for documenting your media server project. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It’s pretty solid but they added bloat to the production that you have to wade through to get to the functionality that you want. I am looking to re-purpose the Mac as the home server. I actually started on homeserver path through mac mini. No Creative Commons Image in this post. I also have an external 2TB HDD, and a 300GB External HDD. Tips on setting up a home server with a Mac Mini - need to share files between a Windows PC and Apple devices + need to backup both the Mac's and the single Windows PC Help Hi, I'm hoping someone can help point me in the right direction for setting up a home server using a Mac Mini M1 as the host. One of the critical tasks for a home server is keeping everything backed up. To choose which Library to open, we then simply hold down ALT when starting the Photos App on each Mac. Using a Mac mini as a media server is very easy and very doable, but it does have some limits. This will ensure that your server stays on and connectable. Beyond that I am looking to replace my ownCloud-based file sync system (that runs on server space I rent in the UK still) with an equivalent on the local server – and that is going to need some way to access the home server remotely. Sounds like one of those “80% of UK law is EU law!” but “most of those are regulations about potato prices - so what?” sort of arguments of yesteryear. But just as with the music, how do you share this? Diverse PCIe Card Support—Supports pro video capture and playout, pro audio, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SAS/SATA RAID controllers, and other PCIe cards . Measuring a mere 1.4″ tall and 7″ wide and deep, this little faceless unit weighs in at 2.7 lbs, … Hello. Music and films are going to need to be streamed to each of the MacBooks, and photo libraries loaded on each of the MacBooks. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Via streaming apps such as Netflix, or even through movies you’ve bought on … Is it safe to use the mac mini with El Capitan as home server? Also as an External DVD Drive is currently connected so as to rip the few other CDs and DVDs I have here, these CDs will then be saved to the Mac mini library and then also accessible to the other devices connected here. This is part 3 of the series about the Mac mini server. Use Mac mini as a server The most popular server features—File Server, Time Machine Server, and Caching Server—are a part of macOS, so it’s easy to use your Mac mini as a server. The idea of running macOS Server may seem intimidating, but it offers a couple of features that are easy to set up and beneficial even in a home setting . Aim too low, and you might not get the higher performance you need. Government blogs: the person behind the political face, The expat vote in the 2009 European Elections. Part 3 is dedicated to the software installations. In Germany on or eBay Kleinanzeigen (the latter is like Gumtree or CraigsList for the non Germans reading). Your email address will not be published. The answer is initially simple, but there were some glitches to get it just right. Is A Mac mini Server Reliable? All of this is backed up a second time to a Hitachi 3Tb external HDD that is connected once a month or so. Royal Mail is not actually very good - so why whine so much? Screens will let you use a Mac … Moving photos between Libraries will be done with Power Photos, an App I already own that costs $30. What I do not need is especially fast wifi (this Mac Mini is going to be connected to my router with an ethernet cable) and I definitely do not need an optical drive. All of those DVDs hanging around are going to be ripped and saved to the Mac mini. … I created new music and TV library files by adding media (without copying) from an external SSD (connected with USB 3.1 Gen 2). Open System … I have also experimented with Plex and Plex Media Server to do all of the above tasks – how to do it is explained here. If you buy used mac mini for couple hundred, its not bad. Unless: Looks like too much work to me. In this video I demonstrate every step I take to set up a Mac mini as my home server for file sharing, backup, iTunes duties and printing. See user guides. What you need to know. I highly, highly recommend a very strong password on your Mac Mini. Free Shipping by Amazon ... Apple Mac Mini MD387LL/A Desktop - 2.5GHz Intel Core i5, 4gb Memory, 500gb Hard Drive (Renewed) ... home server … Your email address will not be published. I will update the blog post in a few weeks in light of experience with all of this! Got a Core Duo Mac mini? Gigabit is a bit more expensive, but the speed benefits are manifest when you’re streaming a high bit-rate file. Make sure you check the height of any drive before you order it! From this I guess I need to put my HDD into an external case. If you want to use transcoding go anouther route, choose Mac Mini as Plex server and DAS as media bank. I’m getting my Mac Mini set up as primarily a docker container host running 5-6 different applications. We've been looking at home server options, and I think that the simplest answer may be the best - A Mac Mini. While the Mac Mini does have wifi built-in, FrontRow’s network streaming over wireless leaves a lot to be desired. All of the files for stages 9.-13. are backed up on an encrypted 2Tb WD Elements External HDD that is connected with USB 3 to the Mac mini – this is as simple to setup as Time Machine normally is. Todays video is how I put my 2012 mac mini to use as a personal home server. I have more than 28000 mp3 files, ripped from CDs I got rid of long ago. Screens will let you use a Mac from your iPad or iPhone. This allows shows to be viewed on an iPhone in the TV App, and on the other Macs too. It doesn't have a USB-C input for your Mac Mini, but it does have four USB 3.0 ports to charge your devices while working. These are the first Mac Minis to have USB 3, have no optical drive, have upgradeable RAM (2 slots for 1600MHz SO-DIMMs, so 2 x 8Gb max), and space for 2 2.5″ hard disks. The Mac mini is versatile enough to use as a home media server or small business workgroup server — you just want to make sure you're getting the right Mac mini for the task. Eventually the MacBook Air will also be backed up, via WiFi, to the 750Gb External HDD also connected to the Mac mini, but that has not yet been finalised at the time of writing – a guide how to do that can be found here. After a power outage, it will automatically reboot to the same operational state. I use cookies for some functions on website. AirServer allows you to receive AirPlay and Google Cast streams, similar to an Apple TV or a Chromecast device, so you can stream content, cast or mirror your display from an iOS device, macOS, Windows, Android, Chromebook or any other AirPlay and Google Cast compatible device. The Mac Mini (stylized as Mac mini) is a SFF-class desktop computer made by Apple Inc. Welcome back to the channel. Might look at converting to server if I get a new more powerful PC. I use it to store some files, as a repository for Time Machine backups, and to run Plex media server, which allows me to access music and videos on my home network. Thanks. In comparison Mac minis from 2011 and earlier have only USB 2, and those from 2010 and earlier still have optical drives. Cloud Mac mini servers on-demand Your Mac in the Cloud With, use a Mac from any location and any platform. Planning to do streaming 1080p on 2-5 devices simultaneously. Find technical specifications — processor speed, storage, memory, and more — for your Mac mini model. Are you OK with this? I hear you say. I need space for 2 hard disks as I will install a SSD drive for speed, and a regular hard disk for all the music and film files. Late 2012 Mac minis with core i7 processors go for over 300 Euro and that was more than I wanted to spend, so a core i5 2.5GHz is what it would have to be…. Royal Mail is not actually very good - so why whine so much? Your email address will not be published. But which Mac Mini do you even go for? You can setup that computer to share your music over the internet, … Anyone who knows me well knows I am not a big film or television watcher. 11-12 are the golden years you can upgrade and still have somewhat recent OS. Please note the general Creative Commons statement in the footer. So my partner’s iPhone has her Apple ID as the main one, but my Apple ID for Home Sharing – because my Apple ID is the one that is set for Home Sharing on the Mac mini. Yes, 2014 Mac Minis have faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi, but that’s not what I am looking for. Is it safe to store all my data on this unsupported mac + couple of usb drives for backups and files. I have same 2012 Mac Mini but only a 1 tera internal drive (16 Gig of DRAM). For most people, this is a great option to have their own dedicated Mac server … So that’s all for part 1. Via streaming … This is why. Deal or No Deal Brexit by the end of the year? Apple - Mac mini Desktop - Intel Core i5 - 2GB Memory - 500GB HDD - Pre-Owned - Silver. A Mac mini or Mac Pro are ideal candidates for server use, but you can run Apple’s server app on any Mac — so if you have an old MacBook Pro or iMac, you can use that too. Procure a massive fleet of night train carriages and lease them to operators, How to find a flat in Berlin – the sequel, The Express on Germany’s Coronavirus stats – a classic of the fake news genre, Starmer’s steady stability – I’m not sure this is enough, €21.95 to make your webinars a whole lot better, Fixing persistent WordPress image upload problems – and saving some disk space too, What the 4 major events in the past week mean for Brexit, A transition period with the UK out of the EU is too complicated to agree - so extending Article 50 needs to be debated, In this world, a guy can build a self-driving car in a month in his garage, but it takes a city three years to plan to paint a cycle lane, How €93 million of EU money prevents Polish trains being used EU-wide, "We're standing up for Britain" or "We're all in this together" - ways to explain the EU budget, LabourList | There’s something intriguing about UKIP, A roundup of the #EUCO - Berlusconi Twitterwall story, Abject Eurostar communications and technological failure. ripped, or download from other sources)? The G4 was replaced by the first Mac Mini, then an Intel Mac Mini, and finally by a Core 2 Duo model. It's a versatile model with a high 1440p resolution, allowing you to see text clear while working. The end result is a Mini that can remain in continuous unattended operation as a data server for long periods of time without attached keyboard, mouse, or monitor ("headless"). Tested with prerelease Shapr3D 3.45.0 using a … 12. Key Features. How to use a Mac mini as a home server, part 2 – hardware upgrades, accessing the Mac mini, and Dynamic DNS ; How to use a Mac mini as a home server, part 3 – software ; Today I closed by Gmail account for good. The Mac mini is the cheapest Mac you can buy. If not, there’s no point in making the effort. Is it safe to store all my data on this unsupported mac … I have been running a Mac mini server for years. With the Mac mini and a screen, or desktop, you can create a home viewing centre that allows you to watch movies, surf the internet and listen to music. Part 2 explains the hardware repairs and network setup. To use the Mac Mini as a web server you’ll need a few things. Using a Mac Mini Server is a nice way to set up your very own home web server. I want to use this little guy for making backups from my all macs using Time Machine over the network and also as file server. This Mac Mini Colocation service is a part of the CyberLynk Family The Mac mini is the cheapest Mac you can buy. A spare Mac (Any Mac will work, but an old, cheap Mac Mini can usually be found for around $100 on eBay if you don’t have one. Many of you suggested a laptop. on 02.05.2020 in Technology. You can setup that computer to share your music over the internet, provide a large photo album site, even talk to your roomba, or play movies on your new 42" flat screen tv. We’ve created this site to answer common questions about using a Mac mini as a server. Our WiFi Router is a tp-link Archer AC1750 that is connected by ethernet cable to the modem-router provided by our ISP. It all starts with Apple Music on the Mac mini. This old Mac mini could become your new server. I’ve been working on setting up somewhat similar capabilities (but for a far smaller media library). Brian Stucki published a great list of ways to use your Mac server… USB 3 is always a good idea, as it makes attaching external hard disks much less onerous. VPN Host Name: This is the hostname of the Mac that is hosting the VPN server and is what you will use to configure each of your VPN clients. You could of course make a completely separate Apple ID for your server, but then you have headaches with 2FA and app purchases, so I have stuck to using my own Apple ID and my partner using this for Home Sharing. These must be comma-separated. For best compatibility, your Mac will need to be able to run macOS Sierra comfortably. DuckDNS offers free dynamic DNS that’s very easy to use. You can for example set up and host your own free wordpress blog or make a gallery of your photos and share them with the world. This is why. Generally, the setup works fairly well. That then leads me to the late 2012 A1347 Mac minis that exist in three versions – core i5 2.5GHz, core i7 2.3GHz and core i7 2.6GHz. Installing Mac OS from a USB Stick is always the simplest way in my opinion, so a 16Gb USB Stick is handy to have around too, although not strictly necessary. For some years I’ve been wondering whether to run a server at home. Both my MacBook Pro and my partner’s MacBook Air will have 2 Photos libraries – a small one for everyday use that will reside on each Mac (and act as the System Library in each case, and in my partner’s case will also synchronise with iCloud). The Coronavirus lockdown has not only made me think about building this Mac mini server, but has taken me back to one of my previous areas of work more than over the past few years – web design, specifically with WordPress. Is almost like the Photos app was trying to read the whole library at once. We have a guide for setting up Xcode 9 Server that may be helpful.. Resilio is a file sync server built on bit torrent technology. Could you create a folder for other things to store on that disc that aren’t Time Machine? The answer is rather similar – use Home Sharing. But playing this music at home (and on the road as well if possible) – and indeed from multiple devices – is one of the central aims of the server project. My main work and personal computer is a 2017 MacBook Pro with a 512Gb SSD, and I usually use that at my desk where it connects to a 2Tb WD USB 3 external HDD that contains old files, and a 1Tb USB 2 external HDD for Time Machine Backups. Hi. Some things – like screen share and remote access – proved simpler than I had expected. Hello Apple Community, My question is, is it possible to turn an old Mac Mini (2012) into an Apple Photos home server? Your email address will not be published. Amazon's Choice for mac mini server Rinbers Top Hard Disc Drive Flex Cable for Apple Mac Mini A1347 Server 2nd SSD HDD Upgrade Kit 821-1501-A 821-1347-A (2011-2014) with Tools 4.3 out of 5 … The nature of the requirements above means this has to be an Apple server. Hi, I'm curious to making my own Plex Server at home. Once you set up the external HD that’s connected to the Mac mini as the target for Time Machine backups, is it only available for that purpose? Is A Mac mini A Good File Server? What you need is a quick, easy way to use your Mac mini without a display. El Capitan doesn't receive security updates anymore. Xcode now includes Xcode Server. The Mac mini. I have a mac mini in the home, a Late 2012 Mac Mini, with 16GB RAM, 256GB Internal SSD, and a 500GB internal HDD. The answer boils down to how you balance cost, speed and upgradeability. Music, Films, Photos – the Plex alternative, How to use a Mac mini as a home server, part 1 – requirements and hardware, How to use a Mac mini as a home server, part 2 – hardware upgrades, accessing the Mac mini, and Dynamic DNS. Price and availability. Currently I have to log into the Mini before the service will start. This is why. But that still only has USB 2…), So where do you find an appropriate Mac mini? This – together with Dynamic DNS (see point 8. in part 2 of the guide) – will allow me to send clients a login to test versions of their WordPress sites before launch, and I will be able to use the considerable processing power of the Mac mini to do the sort of server tasks that are slow otherwise – mass resizing of thumbnails for example. Sounds like one of those “80% of UK law is EU law!” but “most of those are regulations about potato prices - so what?” sort of arguments of yesteryear. Set a mini up as a backup server with a big USB hard drive. My current challenge is the have the docker service start at boot time. DNS Servers: We recommend using public DNS servers, like and Today I closed by Gmail account for good. Message document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a8e05ddfee9be7b4f7e02ca59fa18ba7" );document.getElementById("fffcdaa31a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.