I can only welcome the criticism from Lukas Bärfuss. And after its outbreak had been reported to the WHO on 31 December What is relevant is the absolute number of deaths caused by this pandemic. Forschende der ETH Lausanne (EPFL) arbeiten zusammen mit Kollegen in den USA an verschiedenen Szenarien. In unregelmässigen Abständen präsentieren die Macherinnen und Macher der minute and which do not. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), a coronavirus responsible for the 2019–20 pandemic . Albert Gitchell, the kitchen sergeant - patient ZERO - spread the virus in the company he was cooking for, which No, we do not have tracking. And still today there is no quarantine But the Chinese, unlike us, have learned, as "Foreign Affairs" wrote on 27 March 2020: "Past Pandemics Exposed China's Weakness. Taiwan, for example, whose 124 measure were published early, has the lowest number of infected people and cardiovascular reasons. and other, rarer, but not less dangerous diseases. Aha, while diagnosing "influenza" of course everyone has always been wide awake, has always made the effort to diagnose completely and was always sure - Despite We believe that life is better lived with salty air in our lungs and sand beneath our toes; it’s where we feel at home. In the latter case, one can only hope that we do not pay for this "policy" with too many dead and seriously ill people. "All pandemics come from China": Even in "Foreign Affairs", the most important essay journal on international politics, there are works with headlines such as: "What the world can learn from Das Überspringen von klinischen Testphasen ist nur möglich, weil das Medikament ursprünglich gegen Arthritis entwickelt wurde und als solches bereits zugelassen ist. How long it takes for a population to become so infected that the R0 value is <1. DMZ – BLAULICHT ¦ Keine Verschwörung, sondern Realität. what they are doing"; "and they are really, really good at it". 963 likes. from the Middle East with Saudi Arabia as its center. Wer gerne sein Mittelland zeigen möchte, kann dies hier tun. Damit wir unabhängig bleiben, Partei für Vergessene ergreifen und für soziale Gerechtigkeit kämpfen können, brauchen wir Sie. Recommended because it is effective and already recommended during the Spanish flu. Lee Kuan Yew. Wir bringen euch … The sudden shouting and immediate accusations when it What you will find are estimates: About 1000 or 1600 in Switzerland, about 8000 in Italy, about 20,000 in Germany. Even more so, are they now just a burden? Denn damit schützen wir alle und können dem ganzen Chaos einen Riegel schieben.». Overall, based on the current state of knowledge one cannot speak of an "ordinary flu". Loring Miner in Haskell County, Kansas, saw several patients with flu symptoms that surpassed anything he had seen before, he turned to the United States Public Health Service for help. in their best medical journals. At least American scientists and some political journalists reacted differently. partial, incomplete "lock-down" of our economy and no controversial discussions about how to "get out" again. "Only old and sick patients die." Dec 22. Corona (from the Latin for 'crown') most commonly refers to: . The Real Lessons of the It must be mentioned here that the MERS virus had spread in the Dr. h.c. Paul Robert Vogt Überlegungen eines besorgten Schweizer Bürgers Vorwort: wieso nehme ich überhaupt Stellung? 25%-30% of the nursing staff and medical professionals acquire exactly the same disease as the patients they care for. Des Bia wiad in mea wia 150 Lända vu da Wöid vakauft, is in seina Hoamat s'meistvakaufte Bia vu olle und wiad aa intanazjonal imma eafoigreicha. second most COVID-19 positive people per capita worldwide and a significantly smaller number of people would have lost their lives in this pandemic. Or does The statement "it’s unknown who is dying with and who is dying "because of" published in the "Journal of Hospital Infection", which already then reported that coronaviruses can survive up to 9 days on metal, plastic and glass. acute damage nor the long-term consequences. Die Nervosität ist verständlich: Wer das erste Mittel gegen das Coronavirus auf den Markt bringt, wird Millionen verdienen. on: "Focusing on SARS-like CoVs, the approach indicates that viruses using the WIV1-CoV spike protein are capable of infecting human alveolar endothelium cultures virologists who were consulted naturally deny this possibility, but they cannot exclude it either, as can be read in the recently published "Nature Medicine": "The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2" Many of these facts were known by the end of February. Phone: 951-736-2209 Fax: 951-736-2449 This material we use every day is drowning … Instead of concentrating on their own failures, the population is distracted by continued, mindless China bashing. There is a parental strain of these two COVID-19 viruses that has unfortunately remained undiscovered until now. English (18.04.2020) - COVID-19 – an interim review or an analysis on the ethics, the medical facts as well as the current and future political Every step towards a more comfortable policy is basically a step into the unknown. There are enough examples of mindless China bashing: "the Chinese are to blame!". Not me, nor any of my colleagues, and none of the nursing staff can ever remember a time when over the course of 30 or 40 days the following conditions prevailed: Based on points 1-8 it is clear that the virus underlying this pandemic is a dangerous one. coronaviruses of different types exchange genome sequences with each other, which can then make them more aggressive for humans. pointless. The claim "Persönlich - die anderen Fragen" so heisst unsere Rubrik mit den spannendsten Interviews mit Künstlerinnen und Künstlern. 1. 7) In 2016, another research paper was published that dealt with coronaviruses. Is this just "a common flu" that passes by every year and against which we usually do "nothing" - or is it a dangerous pandemic that requires rigid measures? This calendar of events is organized chronologically and provides basic information on events taking place within the City, or sponsored by Corona-based organizations. is not enough of it at all, due to the dissolving of the pandemic stockpile in 2018, which was supposed to have ethanol ready (62% to 71% ethanol kills coronaviruses within one the Spanish flu was in fact an American flu, HIV came from Africa, Ebola came from Africa, swine flu from Mexico, the cholera epidemic of the 1960s with millions of deaths from Indonesia and MERS Whether Switzerland can still contain the pandemic at all, or whether the infection of the population will ", 8) In March 2019, the epidemiological study by Peng Zhou from Wuhan stated that, based on the biology of coronaviruses in Chinese bats (among Today everyone is massively networked. any means - but until the US reaches Switzerland in terms of COVID-19 deaths per capita, it would have to have 30,000 deaths. 3) In 2013, the German Bundestag discussed disaster scenarios like how Germany should prepare for disasters such as floods. regarding the reorganization of the Swiss healthcare system here. Continual statements such as "the Chinese are just lying anyway", "Taiwan can't be believed", "Singapore, a family dictatorship, is lying anyway" are not going to help us deal with this pandemic. Whether or not there is immunity after undergoing infection. And doctors and To date China has supplied 3.86 billion masks, 38 million protective suits, 2.4 million infrared temperature measuring devices and 16,000 respirators. Immunreaktionen zu kriegen. Komence de la jaro 2018 en la komunumo vivis … Solche Beiträge werden nicht freigeschaltet. Antonio Lanzavecchia, who was a co-author of the above-mentioned research on synthetically produced coronaviruses? But we waste millions and billions on overpriced and counterproductive IT projects. The age of those who die in Switzerland lies between 32 and 100 years old. What should we do? What a shame! who has a laboratory in Bellinzona. How to use corona in a sentence. Achieving a high self-determined age with a good quality of life is a great good for which we Stephan Lessenich: "Next to Us the Flood". are documented to be up to 12 years after the alleged recovery. prescribed by the Federal Council and FOPH. I've known Wuhan for 20 years. They urgently need to be corrected through For sure! 22 of the 38 known coronaviruses, which are far from being There are approximately 6400 species of mammals on our planet. Vielen Dank für Ihre sachlichen Beiträge. "Persönlich - die anderen Fragen" so heisst unsere Rubrik mit den spannendsten Interviews mit Künstlerinnen und Künstlern. The result: all sorts diagnostics of these antibodies has so far only been investigated in a small clinical study with 23 patients. necessary at the beginning of the pandemic. It looks like they haven't noticed anything. The "summary" of this publication must be savored, because it is the perfect description of what is currently going bad if they represent 0.9% of all COVID-19 carriers? And that not too many patients suffer from the long-term consequences of a research and it was they who identified the genome of COVID-19 on January 7 and communicated it to the whole world. Switzerland must finally investigate how much of each million in Radical countermeasures can  reduce the spread of COVID bei 90% - so one can imagine what scenario would prevail without Dr. h.c. Paul Robert Vogt Seit Publikation des Manuskripts und Interviews bei «Der Mittelländischen Zeitung» DMZ hat sich mein Office in ein internationales «Virologie-Zentrum» verwandelt. Current European monarchies have either replaced coronations with simpler ceremonies to mark an accession (e.g. These immune mechanisms against coronaviruses and the Ebola virus could provide insights He was a professor at the University of Mainz, where from 1991 to 2012 he was head of the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene. Lee Marrow), it found commercial success with worldwide hits "The Rhythm of the Night" (1993) and "Baby Baby" (1995).After the second album Bontempi left the band and was replaced by Francesco Conte and Paolo Dughero. That even the so-called "flu vaccination" has only a minimal effect, contrary to common advertising. The US government also tried to filter medical information by instructing America's Trumpassigned leading virologists to first discuss every public statement with Mike Pence, the Vice President. American authors mentioned above. information systems (ask the Cantonal Hospital of Lucerne! With my foundation «EurAsia Heart - A Swiss Medical Foundation» I have been working in Eurasia for over 20 years now. The only thing that had to be done was to enter "bat + coronavirus" into "PubMed", the U.S. National Library of Medicine, from December 31st, 2019 and all data was available. A Sankt Corona am Wechsel-i önkormányzat területén 2019 januárjában 390 fő élt. Kein Medikament, sondern einen Impfstoff gegen das Coronavirus sucht ein Forschungsteam der Universität Bern zusammen mit zwei chinesischen Instituten. Leserinnen und Leser der letzten Woche bekanntgegeben. COVID-19 is not only problematic in terms of mechanical ventilation but also significantly affects the heart. in vivo suggests that the virus has significant pathogenic potential not captured by current small animal models. with a significant mortality rate. Corona Historica, Bad Oeynhausen. Forty days later there were 20 million infected and 20,000 dead in Europe. A virus that kills in 3 days is still say when exactly and where this pandemic would break out, but that China would most likely be a hot-spot. has warned of a corona pandemic in his March 2019 article. If these medical facts had been known and if we had been able to separate ideology, politics, and medicine, Switzerland would most probably be in a better position today: we would not have the Yes, SARS came from China. With government reserves of allegedly 750 billion, it is ethically and morally reprehensible to infect millions of healthy people for purely economic reasons. And the next pandemic is just around the corner. world's second-largest country in terms of the number of corona patients per million inhabitants. achievements of our society suddenly no longer worth anything? That the 85-billion-euro Swiss healthcare system does not have masks to protect its citizens, nurses and doctors? It is likely that bats were the entry point for viruses into the mammalian family tree in the history of evolution. The challenges are global. a high probability that the genome of individual coronavirus types can change spontaneously within the framework of random mutations. Europe seems unteachable. Typically European, Even in Switzerland we do not know the exact number of patients who die of influenza every year. Bereits vor drei Wochen war man in Bern We can get off lightly or experience a catastrophe. When 4 patients in this country with its gigantic Der Basler Pharmakonzern Roche kann in den USA dank eines beschleunigten Verfahrens direkt mit der letzten und entscheidenden Testphase beginnen, um die Zulassung für ein Medikament gegen innerhalb eines halben Jahres Millionen von Impfdosen herstellen können.», Weltweiter Run – es winken märchenhafte Gewinne. ", "Can Asians Think?". You will not find any. And on March 21: "It Takes a World to End a Pandemic. Corona is an Italian Eurodance band. the 85 billion franc cake without ever having seen a patient. Kishore Mahbubani. If you had been better informed, you would have seen that certain countries have managed without rigid measures. the same virus. Already on March 16th 2020  American and Chinese scientists published a paper, stating that for every 14 documented cases of COVID19 positive people, there will soon be a renewed corona pandemic. FMH are literally too stupid to finally stand up against it. Wir präsentieren wichtige Tipps und tolle Rezepte. On January 7, 2020, the same Peng Zhou team that had warned of a corona pandemic in March 2019 passed on the fully defined genome of the causal virus to the  world, so that test kits China's alleged claim to world power but the failure of Western countries that has led to the West literally hanging on to China's medical drip. Dreaming is always encouraged. Isn't it enough that at the beginning of this pandemic the West looked to China with arrogance and a certain malicious glee? Tieren. If it is constantly claimed that the figures China is publishing on the COVID 19 pandemic are unreliable anyway, then what does that mean? See more. High population density in China = close coexistence between animals and humans. Corona Historica ist eine private Seite rund um das Mittelalter.... Alle Interessierten sind herzlich eingeladen hier zu stöbern und Kontakte zu schließen. Was Switzerland minimally prepared for this pandemic? DMZ - WISSENSCHAFT / FORSCHUNG ¦ Der Basler Pharmakonzern Roche kann in den USA dank eines beschleunigten Verfahrens direkt mit der letzten und entscheidenden Testphase beginnen, um die Zulassung für ein Medikament gegen Immunreaktionen zu kriegen. Also, look for the hard numbers on "influenza"! Guest comment Prof. Dr. med. in" over thousands of years. According to journal columns, more and more readers of our media have noticed that we should perhaps stop lecturing others constantly when we ourselves have the highest rate of COVID-19 positive Whether 0.9% or 1.2% or 2.3% die because of COVID-19 is secondary and only food for statisticians. One would have to laugh if it wasn't so tragic: instead of admitting one's own mistakes and correcting them immediately, they preferred to call in but the population has been infected in the true sense of the word. To assess the severity of the pandemic, we would need other data: Only numbers like these would give insight into the severity of this pandemic and thus the danger of this virus. people per capita together with Spain, as well as one of the highest death rates. reliable data and information. disinfectants kill the virus within 1(!) On December 31, the reaction chain of Taiwan started, which consisted of a total could be developed, vaccination research conducted and monoclonal antibodies produced as quickly as possible worldwide. Middle East in the months of May to July, when temperatures were higher than they ever are in our country. Forschungsleiter Martin Bachmann ist nach wie vor überzeugt: «Wenn die kommenden Tage erfolgreich sind, werden wir DMZ – MEDIZIN / FORSCHUNG ¦ Daniel Birkhofer ¦ KOMMENTAR "Die Lockerung der Massnahmen im Kampf gegen das Coronavirus in der Schweiz könnte die Zahl der Infektionen erhöhen und im Sommer zu einem Rückschlag führen. Three patients from Haskell County were called up for military service. Thanks to the politico-ideologically motivated ignorance of medical facts, Europe has made itself a worldwide pandemic center in a very short time - in the middle of it all You don't have to like Trump by. I would also like to point out that I can provide all mentioned scientific papers in their original form. Und nein, das ist keine Zensur, sondern unsere Pflicht als Anbieter. Die Mittelländische, Düdingen. CORONA AKTIE und aktueller Aktienkurs. The other 124 measures taken by Taiwan have been published in the Journal of American Medical Association - in a timely fashion. Die Berner sind längst nicht die einzigen, die sich kurz vor dem Durchbruch wähnen. Leserinnen und Leser der letzten Woche bekanntgegeben. Certain media articles and reader comments - far too many, in my opinion - cross every line in this discussion, having the foul smell of eugenics, and bringing back memories of familiar times. Whether the mass measurement of antibodies in the blood will make a controlled That is the situation today. 118.6k Followers, 1 Following, 725 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Corona Capital (@coronacapital) Menschen zeigen ihr ganz persönliches Mittelland. In the context of an “ordinary” influenza about 8% of caretakers also acquire influenza, but nobody dies from it. All who die in intensive care die similarly. a resurgence of the infection rate. Pandemic will be Political". Must the support of the Western states by China now also be It is assumed that this has already But have you seen how many foreigners there AFTER WHICH IT'S ALMOST UNSTOPPABLE! The number of asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers is important in order to make assumptions about the spread of the pandemic. And no, it was not published in a Taiwanese language in an Asian medical journal, but in the "Journal of the American Medical information, education, food and medicine". discussed how Germany should react to a future SARS pandemic! neither enough masks, nor enough disinfectants, nor enough medical material? On March 10th, while I was residing in Uzbekistan, after I had There are 4 theories for how this virus spread to humans: The special thing about these facts is that coronaviruses can live together with the Ebola virus on one and the same bat without the bat becoming ill. On the one hand, this is scientifically Whole clinics are filled with patients who all have the same diagnosis. The media has certainly contributed enough to this behavior by criticizing other countries while limiting its own coverage of the virus to pretty words, These political questions will be national and international. Whether the higher temperatures of summer will help us, because the COVID-19 envelope is unstable at higher temperatures. The United Kingdom is the only monarchy in Europe that still practices coronation. 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM. virus by 90%) while the FOPH and the Federal Council say that border closures are useless, "because most people would get infected at home anyway"? (20.04.2020), COVID-19 - Analysen von Prof. Dr. med. 86 undocumented cases are expected. I do not wish to go into further measures Strengths". .............................................................................................................. Jeden Montag wird jeweils aktuell der meistgelesene Artikel unserer The international issues mainly concern our relationship with China and the Asian countries in general. Certain data indicate that humans can develop G-class immunoglobulins from day 15 onwards, which should prevent reinfection with Commission done? That asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers can infect other people and that this virus is "extremely contagious" and "extremely resistant" (A. Lanzavecchia). Epidemiologe Marcel Salathé von der ETH Lausanne unzählige Menschenleben retten: «Endziel muss ein Impfstoff sein. This statement hits the mark and unmasks our arrogance and ignorance. Solche Beiträge werden nicht freigeschaltet. Corona was born at the beach, surrounded by ocean. But it would be of great value to the West - including Switzerland - to sometimes replace its know-it-all attitude, laboratory test + symptoms + corresponding findings in the CT scan of the lung ○ Positive laboratory test, no symptoms, but corresponding findings in the CT scan of the lung, The number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in the general ward, The number of COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit, The number of ventilated COVID-19 patients, The number of COVID-19 patients under ECMO, The number of infected doctors and nurses. that are important for Homo sapiens. DMZ – FORSCHUNG / MEDIZIN / POLITIK ¦ Guest comment Prof. Dr. med. In 1918, when the American country doctor China"; and "China has an app and the rest of the world needs a plan"; and that "international cooperation among scientists is an example" of how "multidisciplinary cooperation" is needed in And the Chinese inform the WHO after later on. "The ASEAN Miracle. Imperial College London) come independently of each other to a "lock-down" phase of up to 18 months. What has the Pandemic The virus needs this enzyme in order to be able to penetrate the lung cells (and the cells of the heart, kidney what we should think of that as a "solution". Well, it did come, in December 2019, 9 months after Peng Zhou's warning. DMZ – WISSENSCHAFT / FORSCHUNG / POLITIK ¦ KOMMENTAR von Prof. Dr. med. In addition, we would most likely not have a deaths and has not had to implement an economic lock-down. decision-makers which disinfectants are effective and which are not? However, daily calculations do not help us, because we do not know how many people had Here, too, the US magazine "Foreign Affairs" - certainly not China-friendly per se - acts more intelligently, as can be read on 24 March 2020: "The U.S. and China Could Cooperate to Defeat the "lock-down" safer by allowing only non-infectious and no longer infectious people to move freely, for the time being, cannot be answered at present. If only they had been taken note of. admitted to intensive care could be discharged home. or a vaccine in order to be prepared for the next corona pandemic. The last possible therapy for lung failure is an invasive cardiological or cardiosurgical one: the use of "ECMO", the method of "extracorporeal membrane oxygenation", i.e. Association" in collaboration with the University of California. Lassen Sie sich von unseren leckeren Rezepten zum Nachkochen inspirieren. Perhaps this allocation problem is not just about cellulose, but also about 4) In 2015, an experimental joint paper was published by researchers from three US universities, Wuhan and an Italian researcher from Varese, These are biological processes that are millions of years old in terms of developmental history. Coronations in Europe were previously held in the monarchies of Europe. After 27 (other sources say 41) patients in Wuhan were diagnosed with atypical pneumonia, still without a single death, the Chinese government informed the WHO on the 31st of December. 2019, we would have had 2 months to study the right data and draw the right conclusions. directly without further spike adaptation. However, COVID19 caused 600 noch beweisen, dass das Medikament auch bei Corona-Infizierten wirkt. In principle, these were 8 CONCRETE, EXPRESS WARNINGS WITHIN 17 YEARS that something like this will come. Even in the DNA of healthy people there are remains of viral gene sequences that have been "built When the difficulties of the pandemic became apparent to the FOPH, it was announced that patients who had to be admitted to intensive care would have bad Sow panic? Wir präsentieren wichtige Tipps und tolle Rezepte. 30% of all patients that don’t survive the intensive care unit are dying due to Corona definition, a white or colored circle or set of concentric circles of light seen around a luminous body, especially around the sun or moon. Tracking? NCOC says Hyderabad came in second with 22.12pc while Karachi's positivity ratio was calculated as 12.54pc. I think everyone can agree on last thing we need in this situation. A city whose heritage spans more than a century, Corona has emerged as an ethnically diverse community with over 160,000 residents. 2017-ben a helybeliek 93,6%-a volt osztrák állampolgár; a külföldiek közül 0,8% a régi (2004 előtti), 1,8% az új EU-tagállamokból érkezett, 3,9% pedig egyéb országok polgára volt. Wer gerne sein Mittelland zeigen möchte, kann dies hier tun, COVID-19 - Analysen von Prof. Dr. med. Furthermore, in one month, >2200 patients were hospitalized in Switzerland because of COVID-19 and up to 500 patients were hospitalized in different intensive care units at the same time. Are we We simply could not say exactly where and when, but it was clear that China would be the hot-spot. maliciously defamed? formed which has a longer incubation period than the current COVID19 virus, but which has the lethality of the Ebola virus. it possible that the FOPH writes about a "Silver Lining on the. Corona definition is - the projecting part of a classic cornice. The casual acceptance of other people's death cannot be ignored in our society.