Setting up Synology Admin. Synology Admin. Use a valid email and password to gain access to the Synology RMA System. Enter your encryption key and click Continue. Basically Synology hardcoded a modified login binary within the firmware that accepts an obfuscated password for root, which depends on the current date. Select the User icon. (Admin + a free choosen name user). admin. Enter your user name and password, and click . You’ll be asked to create a Username and Password which will be used to access and manage your DS220+. is empty. Presenting one of the most powerful Internet access management solutions available on routers. Step 8: If you want to change the admin or some user password from the Settings of Synology DSM. Then click on the Control panel icon. Host your own FREE Password Manager with your Synology NAS. When that’s done, a new box appear with the link you’ll use to access your NAS remotely from a web browser, as well as the ID you’ll use when remotely accessing your NAS from a mobile device using Synology’s mobile apps. See if you have that option set and try unsetting it. The admin account used in the initial setup is disabled on purpose and a new user is created and added to the admin group. Chapter 2: Get Started with Synology DiskStation Manager . 4 . Synology Router Manager; Managing Internet access. Enter your IDrive Username and Password and click Login on the IDrive Account Settings Note: If you had set a private encryption key for your account, on clicking login, it will redirect to the Encryption Key page. Safe Access helps you keep your kids safe online, enforce corporate Internet policies, and understand the usage behavior of each user in your network. Look at the Synology and confirm you're using SMB, and maybe NFS file services. Synology has always recommended disabling the default 'admin' account and creating another, unique account during setup. Just login with the second user and disable the admin, by editing the options for the user account. The next step involves creating Admin Controls. When the admin itself also is activated, it does show the tiny rosette too. (by the way, this isn't the only thing Synology folks hardcoded in the firmware). Choose the server you want to manage. Note: If your Synology device is behind proxy server, then you will not be able to log in. Click . What was the "lame fix" that Synology advised? Once you have configured your NAS and wish to connect to it again, simply use the IP of the NAS in your web browser with port 80 on the end (example: or use the Synology … The extra admin user with my own choosen name do have a tiny extra < rosette >, so you can see that user do have admin rights. Login. Server name: Give a unique name (Ex: Server1, Server_Office) The default password for . Double click on the admin user. 3 . Enter the new strong password two times and then click on the Submit to change the root or default password of the Synology NAS. Connect. or double-click the selected server to go to DSM's login screen. Thanks to GPL, Synology was forced to publish the original source code for the firmware. The Synology has a block feature if you smash in the wrong password 10 times within 5 minutes (maybe it's 10 in 10 minutes).