", "Is it currently a priority to improve [insert business goal]? For example: 21. Are you planning on seeing any on your upcoming vacation?". We use cookies to ensure that we provide you with the best experience on our website. Did you ever try an employee referral program or social recruiting strategy? All of the functions below can have more than one possible ending, especially if you include different levels of formality. Did you already mention a customer who saw success with your product? To get your prospects to the next phase of the process, you need to have a strong closing. Your email closing line is a great way to prompt prospects to share more information about their needs, challenges, and priorities. Manage all your contacts, deals, emails, files, and more in one place. The last line of your email should make just as much of an impression as the first, and you should be giving an equal amount of attention to your email closing line as you are the subject line. Your email closing line can be a great way to introduce your products or services to a prospect without seeming overly pushy. 17 Terrible Email Closing Lines 1) “Is [product] something you’d be interested in?” The answer might seem obvious to you, but the buyer needs more information before they can definitively say whether your product could be a good fit. In most B2B emails, CTAs form the email closing line. Ending your emails with a statement, fact, or just some food for thought can make prospects think about your message for the rest of their day. The closing of your business email. "How did you maintain hiring quality as you scaled? Are you interested in learning more about our product? Beneath your letter closing, include your signature. ", 24. ", "I love ramen as well. Want to build rapport? "I saw your tweet about hiking the Appalachian Trail -- that’s impressive. This initiative can put some pressure on the prospect to commit and prevent them from disappearing. If you write powerful sales email closing lines, the recency effect will amplify its impact. Copper is a trademark of Copper CRM, Inc., registered in the U.S. and in other countries. Plus, your email should end with a clear, specific, and relatively simple next step. It’s easy to chalk this up to common sense, but there’s actually some fairly solid evidence behind email response rates and closing line clarity. If you continue without changing your settings, you are agreeing to receive all cookies on the Copper website. ", 18. No one wants to write emails prospects will forget in five minutes. Getting people to slow down enough to actually absorb your emails is challenging. Including a simple, specific call-to-action at the end of your email will drive the sales process forward. If you’re making an offer to run a report, don’t then turn around and try to sell them a high-priced package. A little bit of personalization goes a long way. See all integrations. Free and premium plans, Customer service software. "Did the ebook you downloaded change the way you think about prefab methods? As a writer, you may revel in finding new ways to get your point across—to avoid communicating formulaically. After all, they are the very last thing the reader of your email will see. Who are your favorite artists? In sales, an effective closing phrase can make the difference between success and failure. "Congratulations on being chosen to speak at INBOUND! "Are you ready to discuss pricing, or would you like me to hop on the phone with your legal team? You don’t always need to end your emails with a question in order to get a reply. "Looking forward to walking you through our POS tool. One solution that works for many people is to begin building a “toolbox” of useful phrases. An unprofessional email closing has the opposite effect. Ask about a commonality or something about the prospect you found during research. By extending an offer that clearly benefits your prospect, you’re able to establish yourself as someone just looking to help. No credit card required. ", 3. Written by Aja Frost Email closings are important, especially for business emails. 10 best letter closings for ending of a formal business letter. Stay up to date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news. ", 17. ", 12. Can you give me good alternatives for all occasions, from the formal to the semi-formal to the completely casual or hilarious? "I saw your tweet about skiing last weekend. Here are some email closing lines that can help establish commonality: These kinds of closing lines require a bit of research on your prospect before reaching out. A simple offer that includes an introduction, a free report, or an analysis of the prospect's business acts as a “free sample” of what you’re capable of. Take a look at these hypothetical CTAs: 23. Aaron Ross, author of Predictable Revenue, swears by these closing lines: 25. Sound good?". While an interesting subject line can improve your open rates and help get your message in front of more people, the action ends there. In that case, consider using a semi-professional closing remark. I look forward to meeting you next Tuesday. Closing email phrases can be easily typed with help of Type Pilot. Should I write up my results? If you’ve got a worrying statistic up your sleeve, put it in your last line to give it maximum impact. I happen to know a couple great ones -- would you like an intro? ", 4. While you’re not encouraging a dialogue with your prospect, you’re giving them information that makes it clear why your product or service is important to them. A closing line The last line of your email should not only share gratitude with the recipient for reading your message but also include a call-to-action or statement that will either motivate the recipient to respond or shows you anticipate a response. Who are your favorite artists? ", 2. In case of you a personal email, we recommend semi- professional statements or remark because there is a scope of being lenient. ", 27. "Email me by [date] to confirm [next step]. That’s why closings need to focus on a clear and specific action you want your readers to take. Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot. An important client or your boss, for example, will probably require something from the “formal” category. The email closing line you select will depend on what outcome you’re trying to achieve. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. Just type a “key” and Type Pilot will substitute it with an appropriate phrase. ", 16. I have a couple more ideas for how we could help. Ending with an interesting question is also valuable for learning more about prospects. ", "Two years later, that company was acquired for $30 million. Use your final line to deliver a bonus tidbit about their results, like so: 19. So, if your letter is actually a hard copy, leaving some space under the end of the letter will be enough for your signature to fit. ", "I've also a fan of [type of music]. See below for examples of both. Closing Remark: As discussed above, use a professional email closing, unless you are sending an email to a close friend or colleague. "After analyzing your site, I’ve found a couple places to improve design accessibility. What was the application process like? Check out these sample ones: 6. While you might have a product or solution you want to push, you want to absorb as much information as possible to ensure you’re giving your prospects the right offer. "What does your most productive day look like without a solution in place?". Yet a few stand out, especially in how they close … Proper email closings is a key part of any successful message. "According to this Deloitte report, smartphone shoppers are 14% more likely than non-smartphone shoppers to convert in store. "Is it currently a priority to improve customer wait times? Closings built around the word Respectfully typically show deference to your recipient, so use this close only when deference is appropriate." They’ll want to reach out to see what you can do to help. Leave too much flexibility for prospects in making the decision, and they’ll delay it, providing time for doubt to set in and the effectiveness of your pitch to wear off. aligns with where the individual is in the sales process. @ajavuu. But som… So, let me show you how I got through my confusion. ", 8. Your opening line can be anywhere from 20 percent to 30 percent of the entire message. Just what you want: another email! You probably already have 2 or 3 sentences you reuse again and again. The body of your email might well be perfect, but it can all go awry if you use the wrong sign-off. Opening and Closing an Email / Letter, Apologising Phrases, Giving Information, Complaining in … "By the way, the art program they designed with our help ended up winning two national awards. Closing a business email by showing appreciation is a nice way to end an email. To make a stronger impact, pay close attention to where your prospect is in the sales funnel and what information they might need at that stage. Make sure to include your contact information in your letter. "Two years later, that company was acquired for $30 million.". How long have you been into backpacking? Typically, you should use formal closing statements when dealing with new clients or recently converted clients. Free and premium plans, Content management system software. "I’ll send you a calendar invite/reminder about finalizing that paperwork on [date]. (Jeff Butterfield, Written Communication . ", 13. However, the personalized approach makes your prospect the center of attention––proving that you’re paying attention and increasing the chances that you’ll get a reply. A product specialist will contact you soon. The topic of how to sign-off an email is one that has perplexed and concerned many a Netizen. "Did you know most senior managers have never undergone leadership training? When you identify commonalities, you make yourself more familiar and it can be easier to strike up a conversation. Closing Off with a Signature First and foremost, one of the most common ways you close out a letter formally is by leaving your signature. For example, a closing line might look like this: "I did some research, and I noticed your company’s Glassdoor reviews are fairly low. We spend a lot of time focused on writing the perfect email subject line. Here are some ideas: 11. You can credit this phenomenon for the bizarre purchases you make after forgetting your shopping list at home -- rather than remembering the most essential items (milk, cheese, bread), you usually remember whichever items you’d written down last (like teriyaki sauce and ice cream.). Do you have any tips for a beginner?". Read on for ideas for closing strong (and check out these terrible email closing lines so you know how not to end a message). The closing line should be placed on the same line as the date and followed by the signature and printed name of the sender. Closing line “Thanks, and please let me know if you have any questions.” Explanation. This is particularly useful if you’re trying to stay top-of-mind to prospective customers who may still be considering your product or solution. We're committed to your privacy. By signing up, I agree to Copper’s privacy policy & terms of service. It’s just a word or a short phrase, followed by your signature, and yet finding the right tone to close your email often requires a surprising amount of thought and finesse. This blog post is a few years old but still timely: Liz Danzico makes us think about our Email Closing Lines. "I noticed on your website that you just opened another location, which means you’re probably looking for sous chefs. While it takes more time to tailor each closing line to the specific prospect you’re connecting with, a more detailed and targeted message can increase conversions and help you significantly improve email replies. Write closing typical closing lines like “See you then” for the kinds of emails below. The email closing line you select will depend on what outcome you’re trying to achieve. If a closing line can be so meaningful, so important, why are emailers squandering the opportunity, putting no thought in the closing? Author and email etiquette expert Judith Kallos suggests that you use common sense when writing email closings. The first Business Letters of the closing line should be capitalized and a comma is to be put immediately after it marking the end of the main part of the letter. If you’re trying to set up a live training or call, offer the date and time rather than leaving it open. "Some food for thought: Half of all local businesses don’t comply with the new regulations.". 30 Email Opening Lines that Work When you look at it from that perspective, it’s easy to see that it can be just as important as your subject line! Want me to send it your way? Email Closing Statements As mentioned above, a professional closing statement or email closing sentence must be used unless the mail you are writing is going to your friend or a relative. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, '017d47c0-47f2-42d7-a2e3-3a2d39582899', {}); Originally published Apr 18, 2018 3:31:00 PM, updated September 15 2020, 27 Powerful Email Closing Lines That'll Intrigue Your Recipients & Prompt Responses, purposely insert invalid clauses in business contracts, 10 Sales Email Templates With 60% or Higher Open Rates, Here Are 5 Follow Up Email Examples (to Fix Your Follow Up Process), Write Better Sales Emails with These Copywriting Hacks from Calendly's Senior Content Marketer, "I've got a great checklist on [insert topic]. Closing lines: Why do we need a closing line in a business letter or email? On the other hand, someone ready to make a purchase probably doesn’t need a checklist PDF. To help you find the right words when you need them here are 20 great expressions for closing an email. Curiously, these emails tend to fall into a typical pattern (maybe they all went to the same email school or use the same Mailchimp template). Closing line “Thanks, and please let me know if you have any questions.” Explanation The line says to the employer, “I am interested in the position and ready to fire back an email or hop on the phone to answer any questions you might have.” The sentence is better than, “Thanks, and I hope to hear from you.” It shows you’re engaged and won’t sit back waiting for a response. A call-to-action is probably the most obvious way to end an email. You can use the same sentences in several places, but try to add variety if you can. Aside from serving as a closing, this kind of closing also leaves the recipient feeling good. Need to get past the gatekeeper of a business? ", 5. Finding some common ground can help you establish an initial connection with your prospects. A closing line, word or phrase tells the reader that the email has concluded without him having to guess whether something got cut off in the process. A good prospecting email might be only four or five lines long. For example: I look forward to your reply. The recency effect might not be too helpful at the grocery store, but it definitely works in your favor when emailing prospects. To kickstart an initial exchange or engage a prospect that’s gone silent, extend an offer he won’t be able to refuse. The operative words? Making a connection early on can also put your prospect at ease. Regardless of the email closing line you choose, make it personal. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, '8b01120c-e721-4bc2-bdb6-484c287042cd', {}); A well-chosen question can turn a one-way exchange into a dialogue -- and talking with your prospect is always better than talking at them. For more information, check out our privacy policy. I look forward to seeing you. A toolbox is a simple idea – you just start keeping a list of common and useful expressions – perhaps on your desktop or in a notebook next to your keyboard? ", 10. Marketing automation software. As you read through them ask yourself two simple questions: 1. ", "Food for thought: Half of [insert type of business] don't comply with new regulations. Formal email closing lines Generally, for professional email communication, you should use formal sales email closing lines. A professional email closing leaves the reader with a good impression of you and of your business. Here are a couple of email closing lines that involve extending a simple offer to your prospects: Pointing out a minor problem and offering a solution can help you add value to your messages. After all, the subject line often determines whether or not a prospect opens the message in the first place. Your email closing line sets the tone for how you end your message. To help you find the right words when you need them here are 20 great expressions for closing an email. Remember to listen. ", 20. Letter Closings – How to End an Email (Examples) The closing of a business email doesn’t need to be lengthy, and it doesn’t need to be overthought. Have you tried Yamadaya on the Westside? ", 26. Have you tried [insert restaurant name]? If this is an email letter, simply add your typed signature below your sendoff. "I love ramen as well. ", 22. Once you’ve created a sense of urgency, the prospect will naturally be inclined to see how your product can help. Learn how to sell successfully over the phone—and avoid these 9 common mistakes. Enter your information in the form and a product expert will contact you shortly. When you’re trying to educate the prospect on your product’s value, consider ending with, "Did you know [surprising fact about product]?" I look forward to hearing from you. - to make a reference to a future event - to repeat an apology - to offer help 10 Good Closing Lines: If you require any further information, feel free to contact me. Use this opportunity to ask a question that helps create a dialogue with your prospects. Cengage, 2010) - "Business letters that begin with a first name--Dear Jenny--can close with a warmer ending [such as Best wishes or Warm regards ] than Sincerely ." It’s important to keep in mind that not all of these opening lines will be appropriate for every email you send. But email subject lines don’t convince people to convert––the closing line does. "Have you tried any of those strategies? may be the last part of the email but it is one of the most important parts as it gets many people confused- I used to be confused too.. If it doesn’t work for them, you can always suggest something new. Never leave your prospect without a clear idea of what to do next. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. However, you want to be sure that the call-to-action you’re giving aligns with where the individual is in the sales process. Don't let your message peter out at the last minute -- use these powerful email sign offs to end as strong as you started. ", 9. Not only will your message be more memorable, but your prospects will be more motivated to respond. But ending a letter is not an ideal venue for tinkering with language or otherwise reinventing the wheel. To help you write stronger emails that get more replies and conversions, here are some powerful email closing lines to use in different scenarios. The line says to the employer, “I am interested in the position and ready to fire back an email or hop on the phone to answer any questions you might have.” The sentence is … Formal tones convey a sense of professionalism and help maintain your company’s image. As you read through them ask yourself two simple questions: ... Drop me a line if I … That’s where a surprising or thought-provoking statement comes in: Not only will it grab your prospect’s attention in the moment, but it’ll leave your message on her mind the rest of the day. We often hear how writing emails in English can cost just too much time. Focus on building trust, listening to what your prospect is looking for, and ultimately giving them an action that moves them to the next phase of the sales funnel. Your email closing line sets the tone for how you end your message. To find detailed information about how cookies are used on this website click Find out more. For example, downloading a free ebook isn’t a big ask for someone in the awareness stage of the sales cycle, but they’re not likely to sign up for a free trial so early. "Did you know most of your competitors already have a solution like this in place?". "Simple" and "specific." Here are a couple examples: 1. Email Opening and Closing- Same or Different Decide if each pair of sentences below has the same or different meaning (don’t worry about formality yet) Opening Dear Sir or Madam/ To whom it may concern Thank you for your email yesterday/ Thanks for your email yesterday. When you encounter sales objections, your prospect is essentially telling you how to sell to them—be ready with these smart responses to close the deal. Want me to send it your way? When you’re able to chat about your shared interests, it can be easier for prospects to open up to you about goals, challenges, or needs. Not only will your message be more memorable, but your prospects will be more motivated to respond. But, a close colleague or long-time friend? It’s like an Irish exit at a social gathering — it happens sometimes, and everyone understands. You don’t want to push for an action or behavior beyond what your prospect is prepared for. Learn how to generate more leads and revenue right from your inbox. I'm tired of closing my emails with, "Regards", "Cheers", or, "Yours sincerely". ". What you write when you end an email makes a difference. Sometimes a thought-provoking statement can get your prospects to stop what they’re doing and pay attention. Get the latest business tips delivered to your inbox. There’s nothing wrong with reusing some standard phrases if it helps save you time and communicate clearly. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Too much choice can be overwhelming -- so if you want prospects to immediately take action, give them one or two concrete options. "Did you know many lawyers will purposely insert invalid clauses in business contracts? Use the information you already have on a prospect to create more personalized questions. It leaves readers with a memorable thought, prompts them to take action, or gives them a can’t-resist proposition that encourages them to reach out for more. Sometimes, the best route to ending professional correspondence is to keep it simple and go with classic sign-offs that get the job done without being wordy or complex. If you write powerful sales email closing lines, the recency effect will amplify its impact. In this article you will find a list of the most common Business Email Phrases in English. "I’m also a huge fan of pan flute music. With these powerful closing lines, your message will linger. "I’ve got a great checklist on hiring interns. HubSpot also recommends upgrading your email signature using our free Email Signature Generator. Just like in our everyday life, people like to be appreciated. For example, if a prospect has downloaded an ebook from you, base the questions you ask on the content they’ve already engaged with. If this is a physical letter, first sign your name in ink, and then list your typed signature below. Start your 14-day free trial today. Those who are concerned about being perceived favorably wonder about how to leave the appropriate tone, close with the intended meaning getting across as well as how not to look redundant by always including the same closing. Email Closing Lines. There are so many ways to end business e-mails and it’s quite easy to get confused on which closing remark to use for what e-mail. ", "Did the ebook you downloaded change the way you think about [insert topic]? You’ll simultaneously add value and incentivize him to answer. ", 15. "Please let me know by [date] if you are ready to [next step]. This helps to get your foot in the door to then ask for bigger commitments further down the road. Are you available on Wednesday 3 p.m. or Thursday at noon?". Even the most perfect sales call can be botched by inadequate closing phrases. Here are some ideas of thought-provoking statements you can use to close an email: Ending your email on a statement rather than a question can help create a sense of urgency. There’s one exception to the rule of always ending with professional email endings: If you don’t start your email with a salutation (“hi, “hello,” “hey,” etc. Free and premium plans, Sales CRM software. Closing lines for emails January 8, 2012 3:37 PM Subscribe. Thanks to the recency effect, people have the best recall for the last items on a list. ), you don’t need a formal sign off. Focus on establishing trust and credibility at this stage. Here's how. Encourage your prospects to open up about the challenges they’re facing or the goals they’re looking to accomplish. 1. “Regards” ", 7. Read on for ideas for closing strong (and check out these terrible email closing lines so you know how not to end a message). However, you don’t want to overextend yourself or try to bait-and-switch your prospects. "I was watching a documentary about Alaskan polar bears this weekend. The best email closing lines. In the past, have you tried encouraging current employees to share their thoughts? You can change your cookie settings at any time. It leaves readers with a memorable thought, prompts them to take action, or gives them a can’t-resist proposition that encourages them to reach out for more. Here are some CTAs you can use to end your emails: Make your call-to-action as clear and simple as possible. 14. You’ll need to prove that you’re valuable to their team, pleasant to work with, and worthy of their time.