The assignments were creative and fun. Check out Similar Professors in the . Easy A grade. There was also a lot of homework to do and you can easily get behind fast. The Prospector asked students how accurate they think the website, Rate My Professor is. Pham Huu Tiep Joshua Barlaz Professor Distinguished Professor of Mathematics: ADDRESS: Department of Mathematics Rutgers University Hill Center - Busch Campus 110 Frelinghuysen Road Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019: PHONE: (848) 445-6915: FAX: (732) 445-5530: E-MAIL: Research Interests; Group theory Representation theory Curriculum Vitae. Angie Pham. Tho Duc Pham is part of Stanford Profiles, official site for faculty, postdocs, students and staff information (Expertise, Bio, Research, Publications, and more). 3. He teaches you everything you need to know. Overall Quality Based on 13 ratings. The exams were on the harder side, but if you know the topic well, you should be able to ace it. 82%. There were 1-3 quizzes a week. Tough grader Skip class? 1. She gives study guides before the class that includes every vocab word that will be on the test. Her class was hard but if you stay on track with the reading then you're fine. Browse for teacher reviews at OCCC, professor reviews, and more in and around Oklahoma City, OK. Dein eigenes Ranking! I would totally take any other circuit class taught by him. I'm Professor PhanSubmit a Correction. Ask him a doubt during exam and he still teach you during test. Professor Matt Bishop’s research area is computer security, in which he has been active since 1979. Share relevant professor … Bauschke, H.H., Luke, D.R., Phan, H., Wang, X. Hands-down the best professor UH has to offer. Professor Phams class was enjoyable, straightforward and a breeze (esp for a fast, paced summer class). Rate Professor Phan. extra credit is offered as well. Amazing teacher definitely would take her again. I took the class online over the summer(where it usually is more fast paced). Professor Pham was one of my first college professors I had after graduating highschool. Easiest A you will receive. Mar 18th, 2019. The class has an extremely simple structure with just 3 tests and an extra credit assignment. Professor Pham was one of my first college professors I had after graduating highschool. 3.9. Professor Phan's Top Tags. Rate Professor Phan. The only interaction you will have with the professor is through the recorded lectures or if you decide to email her any questions. It was Very easy and Im so thankful for Professor Pham. Do the extra credit!!! 2. The written assignments are open note and she chooses one to be worth 70 points! Over 19 million student comments and a robust set of search features will lead you directly to the perfect professors in record time. cancel. I'm Professor Pham Submit a Correction. RMP was acquired in 2005 by … Edgbaston. The emphasis is on the tests, study good and don't wait till the last day to review material. Dec 18th, 2020. She is extremely organized and knowledgeable. He is a caring, knowledgeable, and funny professor. I took professor Phan for Econ and marketing, and he is a great professor super easy to reach and the class was fairly easy. I'm Professor PhanSubmit a Correction. She is very accessible outside of class and makes her class extremely manageable. I would totally take any other circuit class taught by him. Easiest A ever, take her for your GE requirements. This teacher definitely gives out easy A's. Very straightforward with his approach, lecture is easy to follow. Jump To Ratings. Gives good feedback Participation matters Get ready to read Group projects Tough grader Most helpful rating: MKT300. Maybe it was because of the pandemic, but there were only 4 easy assignments and 3 easy 20Q tests which is great if you want an easy A but not if you genuinely want to learn the subject. Login Sign Up. Jacqueline Pham at Golden West College - There were three tests, all very easy if you know the basics of the lecture. Rate Professor Phan. Truly a great guy. The site facilitates research and collaboration in academic endeavors. She supplied study guides with key terms for each test. I took the class online over the summer(where it usually is more fast paced). I took ACCT 2301 Spring 19 second start my first class online ever. Grades are based upon 3 exams and 5 assignments. I recommend printing out all of the study guides and following them through the lectures so you only write down what you need to know for the tests. He explains things in a step-by-step method that is easy to follow. … There are only 3 tests, 1 written assignment, attendance points, and extra credit is given. Very easily accessible, I'd just say that when it comes to learning, there will be some extra effort needed on your end. Look for your teacher/course on working at College Montmorency located in Laval, Quebec, Canada One of the best professors I have taken. Rate Professor Phan. If you get a C grade in his class, drop school, this is not made for you. I took her online accelerated summer course & she was such a great professor. Professor Pham is truly an amazing professor, I was skeptical about the course because it sounded intimidating but he made it really easy to understand. He allows group work for finals and midterms along with pretty much every other assignment. Angie Pham is a professor in the Anthropology department at San Diego State University - see what their students are saying about them or leave a rating yourself. UCI Distinguished Assistant Professor Award for Teaching 2008 “20 Women to Watch in Orange County”, OC Metro Business Magazine Research Abstract I have 25 years of experience in basic, translational, data mining, and clinical sciences research in academic and private settings. She really wants her class to succeed. Level of Difficulty. was founded in 1999 and was acquired in 2005 by Patrick Nagle and William DeSantis. Professor Pham 's Top Tags. Hands down, BEST PROFESSOR i came across every in my life. Professor in the Mathematics department at Ohlone College. He gives partial credit and his tests are not hard as long as you complete the HW. love her!!! Please, if you value your money, time and knowledge, enroll in his class asap (because it will fill FAST!) He loves to work with you and help all his students. Her study guides will help you get an A in all exams and it is not long. You will learn a lot, but everything is easily manageable if you take notes. (11 pages) Acceptance Rate: 38% (32/84) IBF-20 Exploring the Differences between Plausible and Correct Patches at Fine-Grained Level. … There were three tests, all very easy if you know the basics of the lecture. Group projects are fun and engaging. Birmingham. In the proceedings of the 28th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Program Comprehension (ICPC), 2020. I highly recommend her because she made me genuinely interested in psychology and I learned a lot! 2.6. Best of all, you don't have to buy a book! It is a class designed for an A+ if you can do well on her tests. He is especially interested in vulnerability analysis and denial of service problems, but maintains a healthy concern for formal modeling (especially of access controls and the Take-Grant Protection Model) and intrusion detection and response. If you’re looking for more specific results, you can use filters to refine your OCCC professor ratings search and enhance your search experience. He is extremely thorough, helpful, and caring. She posted assignments twice a week which usually took 10 minutes to complete. He is as real as you can get with a lot of experience in the real world. Coursicle. His tests are written response, and mainly from the review with some from the lecture notes. Assistant Professor Computer Science and Software Engineering at Concordia University ... Triet Pham, Jinqiu Yang. All tests are out of the done weeks before the other normal tests for other classes. Check out professor ratings from Oklahoma City Community College students, as well as comments from past students. A few HW assignments and a few tests throughout the semester. In the … B15 2TT. Bo Yang, Jinqiu Yang. Professor in the Anthropology department at San Diego State University. He gave notes to print and fill out to follow his lectures. 0. The study guides could be found through pre-made quizlets. It's my second time taking calculus, and professor Phan makes Calculus way more easy compare to my last professor. she posts reminders of due dates & words of encouragement! Khoa Thomas Pham is part of Stanford Profiles, official site for faculty, postdocs, students and staff information (Expertise, Bio, Research, Publications, and more). / 5. Level of Difficulty. I'm Professor PhanSubmit a Correction. He is very strict on the notation, so be clear on the way you write your solution. I'm Professor PhanSubmit a Correction. I'm telling you, if you need this class, TAKE PROFESSOR PHAM! Prof Pham was an amazing teacher. Duc Truong Pham has made wide-ranging contributions to the theory and practice of mechanical, manufacturing and systems engineering. OCCC Professor Ratings Searching OCCC professor ratings has never been easier. Clear grading criteria So many papers Accessible outside class Bummer, Professor Phan doesn’t have any featured ratings. Rate Professor Pham. Do the 20 pt film project! she gives you a link to download the book for free and posts chapter outlines. He is a caring, knowledgeable, and funny professor. She is definitely an easy A, but she also cares about you an if you have any issues with anything or just need help she is there to help. I enjoyed her lectures and she makes an effort to be there for her students. This is what they had to say: (2013). Professors. May 14th, 2019. Professor Phan's Top Tags. His lectures are quick-paced, but easily understandable. Lectures are pretty boring as she reads off her power points, just take notes on the terms she says will be on the exam. I am so happy that I chose Professor Pham as my professor as an introduction to my first psychology class! One of the most amazing professors since he gives take-home quizzes every week, he also replies to online questions on time. Pham is really great and this online class is easy. The lectures are ok- just reading off slides. Hung PHAN, Assistant Professor | Cited by 579 | of University of Massachusetts Lowell, MA (UML) | Read 35 publications | Contact Hung PHAN she gives amazing feedback and is willing to work with you. The site was originally launched as and converted to RateMyProfessors in 2001. Jump To Ratings. She allows you to do missing assignments. Department of Mathematics University of Texas at San Antonio One UTSA Circle San Antonio TX 78249 EXTRA CREDIT Clear grading criteria Lots of homework Gives good feedback Get ready to read Most helpful rating: ACCT2301. Her teaching methods were very clear and I loved how she had study guides for us to prepare for the tests. 3 exams that are easy if you review and have a basic understanding of the terms! There are only a few assignments in the class, and your grade is mostly influenced by 3 exams, which are easy if you put in the work to study the lectures and follow up with the textbook. His academic output includes more than 500 technical papers and 15 books. there's a handful of small online assignments, 2 online tests, and 1 paper. 5 / 5. Best professor, easiest class, enough said! The class was very clearly outlined. He gives partial credit and his tests are not hard as long as you complete the HW. Would take again. With over 1.3 million professors, 7,000 schools & 15 million ratings, Rate My Professors is the best professor ratings source based on student feedback. She gave us a free online textbook. Probably the best professor ever. Prof Pham is really helpful. allows students to plan their class schedules; and rate professors on various attributes, such as clarity, helpfulness, and easiness. Hai Pham at Texas A&M University (TAMU) in College Station, Texas has taught: FINC 409 - Survey Of Finance Prin. Find & rate your professors … Professor Jim Pham is great in terms of getting good grades, lab assignments and quizzes. wish she taught more higher division psyc classes i would love to take her again! Erstelle deine persönlichen Top-Listen mit, sortiere deine Dozenten nach Region, Hochschule, Schwerpunkt, Kriterium und Mindestanzahl an Bewertungen. Professor Pham is truly an amazing professor, I was skeptical about the course because it sounded intimidating but he made it really easy to understand. Some are like Robin Williams in Dead Poets' Society, and others are like Ms. Trunchbull from Matilda.There's no predicting what kind of teacher you'll get... well, that was until Rate My Professor was launched.This website allows students to rate and review their professors and universities. Overall Quality Based on 1 ratings. she's available in person if you need and is very helpful via email. His homework assignments are very important to do because there's going to probably be out 2 of them and they will be worth a lot of your grade. She will stay after class to answer any questions and will assist you in any way possible. EXTRA CREDIT Lecture heavy Clear grading criteria Would take again Caring Most helpful rating: PSYCH0134225988. Rate Professor Pham. I must say Professor Hong is great professor. is a review site, founded in May 1999 by John Swapceinski, a software engineer from Menlo Park, California, which allows college and university students to assign ratings to professors and campuses of American, Canadian, and United Kingdom institutions. I loved his class. We had professors read their own reviews on Rate My Professor, and recorded their reactions. One thing to note about Rate My Professors before you use it: a while ago they had a “hotness” rating where students could evaluate how attractive their teachers are. Only 3 tests and and 5 assignments that were super fun an interesting. The RateMyProfessors app is here to help. He uses a lot of examples in class other than theorem. You won't pass. Restricted normal cones and the method of alternating projections: applications. Great lectures, does not overload students with homework, tests are very well made. Teaches you exactly you need to know and is also very helpful. The tests are very easy. Professor Pham is an amazing professor. UK. the paper guidelines are easy to follow. I can't emphasize enough! The rate of linear convergence of the Douglas-Rachford algorithm for subspaces is the cosine of the Friedrichs angle. Her class is very straightforward. Do the extra credit film project, it helps so much. I was really disappointed-I love psych and want to pursue a career in it, but this class did not do it justice. He has supervised over 100 PhD theses to completion. The class was a breeze. RMP’s compare tool offers side-by-side analysis of multiple professors’ ratings, difficulty level and classroom style so you can make the best decisions possible. I took this course during the summer and it was super easy. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. She really cares about her student and while she is soft spoken she makes up for it in the quality of her teaching. She is also very caring and provides individualized feedback for her students. Journal of Approximation Theory, 185 63-79. She posted assignments twice a week which usually took 10 minutes to complete. Nagle Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Rate My Professor und anderen Personen, die … Professor Phan's Top Tags. The class was a breeze. She assigns like 3-5 review questions after lecture which you can do w/ partners. Profile der Personen mit dem Namen Rate My Professor auf Facebook ansehen. She is the best. When it comes to university professors, it's a mixed bag. Du Pham Assistant Professor ☎ (210)-458-4334 (O), (1-812)-320-1882 (C) dxpham at . Professor Phan's Top Tags. Rate Your Lecturer SUPER EASY specially if you have taken any prior high school psychology class. at. Respected Clear grading criteria EXTRA CREDIT Amazing lectures Caring. offers online college professor ratings in the United States. Professor Phan is an incredibly kind person. University of Birmingham. He's literally the best professor I've taken at UH. This has since been removed, but it’s worth noting to show what kind of standards the site once had! Easy A and a very interesting course! Professor Pham is to the point. The site facilitates research and collaboration in academic endeavors. I've had almost no interaction with Pham, and I didn't do much work, but I got a 103% in the class. It is best to read the chapters and follow along with lectures and make flashcards. He's a great professor and he allows for a lot of luxuries I wish I had in my other classes. at.