Only if as many people as possible use the app can it unfold its effect.KIT’s risk assessment-based protection concept rests on the fact that the minimum distance is always and as far as possible maintained for preventing infections. If the regular weekly working time is not distributed over five working days, the proportion increases or decreases accordingly. § 6 (3) of the study and examination regulations allows for the type of examination to be changed in agreement between the examinee and the examiner. Such certificate must clearly state the personal restrictions and consequences of your wearing a face mask. Mit einem normalen Präsenzbetrieb ist auch danach nicht zu rechnen. One of our established basic standards in corona times is the observance of infection protection (keeping distance, reducing contact, meeting only in small groups, washing hands, sneezing and coughing etiquette). The deadlines for taking the last examinations within the Diplom degree programs that are being phased out are stated in the transitional Bachelor's and Master's regulations. Please also keep sufficient distance on the walking paths, in front of food dispensers, cash desks and return of dishes. Exceptions will only be made for individual examinations and doctoral examinations. For this reason, both examination dates and locations were rescheduled. Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Technische VWL. KIT-FAKULTÄT FÜR BAUINGENIEUR-, GEO- UND UMWELTWISSENSCHAFTEN KIT ... Corona-Pandemie: Die Beschreibungen in diesem Modulhandbuch sind nicht auf die aktuellen Regelungen bzgl. Mandatory prerequisites for compensation claims pursuant to § 56 (1a) IfSG are as follows. When leaving the room, these cloths must be disposed of in the waste bins available. I plan a business trip. I am studying in a degree program that is being phased out. Einzelne Terminkonflikte, insbesondere zwischen CVT und MVT, lassen sich leider nicht vermeiden. Die Bearbeitungszeit für Abschlussarbeiten, die vor Aussetzung des Studienbetriebs begonnen wurden, wurde um 69 Tage verlängert (also so lange, wie der Studienbetrieb ausgesetzt war, 17. Please be considerate of colleagues who may be even more affected than you. Within the scope of its possibilities, KIT endeavors to use online teaching solutions that comply with the data protection regulations. 14, cl. -anfänger vom WS 18/19 und Studienanfängerinnen bzw -anfänger vom WS 19/20 um jeweils ein Semester verlängert. This regulation clearly focuses on the protection of all KIT employees, relatives, guests, and partners as well as students. The infected person will remain in domestic isolation until released (as a rule by word of mouth) by staff of the public health office. For the initially suspended examinations of the 2019/2020 winter semester, KIT developed a hygiene and safety concept to ensure protection of all students and supervisors. Please note that civil servants who have to organize or provide for nursing of a close relative  within the meaning of section 7 (3) of the Pflegezeitgesetz must be granted special leave with continued payment of their salaries for up to nine working days for each relative in need of care. Please click here to find out more: May Courses Take Place on the Campus again? Alternatively, you can come to the KIT Library South in person during our service hours (Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.). For scientific users, the DFNconf service provided by DFN offers video, audio, and web conferences (while capacities last). The rule from the resolution states that employers should consider drastically reducing attendance at work sites either through company furloughs or generous home office solutions for the period from Dec. 16, 2020, to Jan. 10, 2021. Der Standort des Studiums ist Karlsruhe., The KIT Health Network provides ergonomic tips and assistance for healthy working (not only) at home: In cases where there is a possible individually increased risk of a serious course of COVID-19, the Medical Services (MED) are also available for occupational health consultation/preventive care. At the Casino - the canteen on Campus North - the dining room can be used under certain conditions by those employees whose presence on the campus is urgently required to fulfill the core tasks of KIT. Children are entitled to emergency care if both legal guardians or the single parent are considered indispensable by their employer. For details, please refer to:, Payment information for persons returning from risk areas. In case that your risk encounter check was not activated long enough,  no risk of infection could be calculated at the time of warning, and your display will show "unknown risk". Attendance may also be documented by a QR code at the venue or in addition to KONKIT registration. Doch die kurzfristige Entscheidung vom Sonntag, dass die Schüler schon ab Montag zu Hause bleiben sollen, sei doch eher ein Schnellschuss. Thus, the KIT has followed the recommendation of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs. Fax: +49 721 608-44290 Technikzukünfte. The Corona virus has arrived in Germany. Eine Verlegung von Klausuren ist leider nicht mehr möglich! The situation will be monitored within the framework of the current regulation and, if necessary, we will react according to the situation. Als die Corona-Pandemie Mitte März endgültig in Deutschland angekommen war, befanden sich viele Universitäten gerade mitten in der Prüfungsphase für das Wintersemester 2019/20. Persons with permanent workplaces (e.g. You will be instructed to go home or to stay at home if possible and to reduce encounters, as well as to observe behavioral instructions when symptoms occur. Since November 8th, a digital declaration of entry (digitale Einreiseanmeldung, in German only) is also required if you have been in a risk area up to 10 days before entering. :, Not only for companies, the "First Aid Kit for Successful Distributed Working" of KIT‘s Institute for Information Systems and Marketing provides numerous practical tips and recommendations concerning, for example, communication rules, home office mission statement, the proper attitude or the right team spirit: In general, thorough hand washing as recommended by the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) is an important element of personal hygiene and can protect you also against a variety of other infections, such as gastrointestinal diseases. The current decision by the federal and state governments means that study operations at KIT will be converted to online teaching at least up to and including January 10, 2021. Auch andere Lernräume auf dem Campus können eingeschränkt genutzt werden. Whom can students turn to for psychotherapeutic help? In contrast to diploma students, students still enrolled in the "old SPOs" automatically fall under the new study and examination regulations when the examination deadlines expire, so that the regulations of the new SPOs apply with regard to examinations to be taken, deadlines, etc. Which Arrangements Have Been Made for On-campus Academic Education? The quarantine can be terminated prematurely after five days, provided that a negative test result has been obtained. Droplets emitted when speaking, coughing, or sneezing, can evaporate very quickly, especially in dry and warm ambient air. KONKIT (KOntaktNachverfolgung am KIT, contact tracking at KIT) is designed to reliably collect contact data of participants of courses in compliance with data protection legislation by placing the KIT card onto the scanner. The attending physician or the diagnostic laboratory reports the result to the responsible public health office. The points listed here should only be observed if the employee was present at the KIT during the last 48 hours before the appearance of symptoms or the smear for the corona test. Verschiebung von Prüfungen und zum Start des Studienbetriebs im Sommersemester bündelt. I am in a risk group. This also applies to joint lunch breaks, for example in the team room or the communal kitchen. Zu den Förderkriterien zählen neben besonderen Erfolgen an Schule und/oder Universität auch das … I am at home office and take part in flexitime. What should I consider? The  status display will switch from "unknown" to "low" or "increased" as soon as corona risk detection can be performed (at the latest 24 hours after installation of the app). How do I get my times credited? Maßnahmen des Corona-Krisenstabs am KIT; Rubrik "Fragen zu Studium und Lehre", die u.a. Die pandemiebedingt überarbeiteten Prüfungstermine stehen jetzt fest (Stand: 14.12. Exceptions will only be made where presence is absolutely necessary to fulfill our core tasks. der Corona- Pandemie ... des Studiums in der Regelstudienzeit dar. The certification authority of SCC has adapted its procedures to minimizing the risk of infection. Wie der „KitKatClub“ in der Köpenicker Straße auf Facebook mitteilt, sind ab Freitag 10 Uhr Corona-Schnelltests möglich. Zu Verhaltensregeln bei Präsenz-Veranstaltungen beachten Sie bitte die FAQs des KIT unter "Prüfungen und Lehrveranstaltungen"., The KIT Health Network provides ergonomic tips and assistance for healthy working (not only) at home: Planning of all exams is completed now. Please ensure regular and thorough ventilation. persons tested positive by PCR test, who did not have symptoms at any time. MSc Angewandte Geowissenschaften am KIT. 09.10.2020 Verlängerung der Regelstudienzeit Please note the following information for participation in examinations: Please read the declaration enclosed (Annex 3, Declaration on the Absence of a Suspected Corona Virus Infection), sign it on the date of the examination or shortly before it to confirm your current state of health for the examination. These DAAD and HRK forms can be used by the KIT institutes. Please maintain a distance of 1.5 meters to conversation partners. Diskussion 'Regelstudienzeit Bachelor Wing KIT' Warum dieses Thema beendet wurde Die Schließung eines Themas geschieht automatisch, wenn das Thema alt ist und es länger keine neuen Beiträge gab. Hygiene measures in the case of a confirmed Covid-19 infection at the KIT: AServ-INFRA must be informed so that surfaces touched by the infected person (e.g. For this reason, access is no longer needed by persons from outside of the respective institutes and the public and is restricted to staff members. 1 of the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch - BGB). They’re in charge of issuing licens… Das Deutschlandstipendium fördert Studierende, deren bisheriger Werdegang herausragende Studienleistungen erwarten lässt. Generally, persons entering or returning from abroad from a risk area where they have stayed within the last ten days before entering are now obliged to immediately after entry quarantine themselves for ten days. einzelner Auswahl- und Zugangssatzungen für die Dauer der Corona-Pandemie"  the prior Master's transfer account is also increased to an unlimited extent during winter term 20/21. The certificates will be lodged on the application system. How can I update my personal data in the Studierendenportal? To what extent can the services of the KIT library and the study and work places be used? Bitte informieren Sie sich zum aktuellen Stand unter den, letzte Änderung: 1593 Neuinfektionen und 39 Todesfälle in Berlin+ 56 Böllerverbotszonen festgelegt + Berlin steht Schlange – großer Andrang bei Lebensmittelgeschäften + Der Corona-Blog. When and how can I make up for my cancelled state examination? Das KIT unterstützt bei der Bewältigung der Coronakrise mit Forschungs- und Sachbeiträgen und wissenschaftlich-technischen Dienstleistungen. Die in der Härtequote zur Verfügung stehenden Studienplätze werden an Bewerber/innen vergeben, für die die Ablehnung des Zulassungsantrags eine "außergewöhnliche Härte" darstellen würde. Das Studium wird als Vollzeitstudium angeboten. However, the respective institution may require additional or different forms, so please contact them. At KIT, this maximum possible number of persons is restricted by the limited availability of space. Fällt die Prüfung aus und überschreitet deshalb die Regelstudienzeit, wird das BAföG in den allermeisten Fällen weiterbezahlt. If necessary, additional authorizations can be requested promptly via DE FM (gm3-ses-cs∂ What should I consider?" According to the Corona Ordinance of the Ministry of Science, Research, and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg (MWK), face masks must be worn on all walkways and in all aisles within buildings and at events at KIT. Das Deutschlandstipendium fördert Studierende, deren bisheriger Werdegang herausragende Studienleistungen erwarten lässt. If soap or tissues are lacking, please use another lavatory and notify the need promptly. In order to protect the health of all persons involved, please make sure that the recommendations by Robert Koch Institute and the health authorities as well as the Corona Regulations of the state of Baden-Württemberg are observed: Employees of external companies must not suffer from fever, cough, cold, or sore throat when working in KIT facilities. If these infectious secretions reach the hands of a person in the vicinity, who then touches its face (i.e. Kritik von Grünen und SPD in Sachsen: "Ausgangssperre absolut unverhältnismäßig" 25.11.2020 . The lecturers and students are free to decide whether they want to use a cloud-based service or not, knowing which data protection concerns exist, on the one hand, and how uncertain the availability is of using cloud-based service, on the other hand. KIT-FAKULTÄT FÜR BAUINGENIEUR-, GEO- UND UMWELTWISSENSCHAFTEN KIT – Die Forschungsuniversität in der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft Modulhandbuch Bauingenieurwesen (Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. The technical support staff of KIT can be reached by calling +49 721 608 5555  (internally, calling 5555 will be sufficient) or by mailing to stoermeldung-cn∂fm kit edu  (Campus North) and stoermeldung-cs∂fm kit edu (Campus South, West, East).