Perhaps the most transformative incident in Wright's early life was during fourth grade, when his class accused Wright of stealing the lunch money of a classmate, Miles Edgeworth. The crucial piece of evidence turned out to be a fragment of moon rock, which had blood residue from a wound the phantom suffered while escaping the scene of Metis's murder. Wright was also known for the clever lines he delivered while making his stand, though one was stolen off of Mia Fey.[3]. speech bubble, which would attack opponents. When his lawyer, Mia Fey, accused Hawthorne of poisoning Diego Armando and giving her bottle of poison to Wright disguised as a necklace, Wright refused to believe her and ate the necklace, though, fortunately for him, it had been emptied. According to Starr, it is popular with kids around exam time due to its turnabout theme. Even in death, she was generally available to help, thanks to the spirit channeling abilities of Maya and Pearl. Zak then challenged Wright to a poker game. More importantly, Wright was able to deduce that the priest had committed suicide to protect his wife, Beh'leeb Inmee, from the Defense Culpability Act and prevent the police from discovering the base. Wright claims to be poor at math, and when he encounters any form of advanced technology he can only really regurgitate the information fed to him by others. Her older sister Mia took it up… Wright learned that Maya had been safe all along as she was channeling Dhurke's spirit so he could meet with Justice back in the States. Phoenix Wrightis a veteran defense attorney who heads the Wright Anything Agency. Wright compiled his recordings into a computer program called the MASON System, which he showed to the jury deliberating on Vera's trial. However, Wright soon found himself entangled in Morgan Fey's usurpation plot involving Pearl when Grey was murdered and Maya put on trial for the crime. Drew Misham, in particular, was intrigued by this, claiming that despite Wright being the center of the problem, he was the only one who had not made a commotion. Wright was later invited by Themis Legal Academy to give a potential seminar at the upcoming school festival, which he agreed to, bringing Justice and Cykes along with him. Edgeworth told Wright that he had left the country to learn what it really meant to be a lawyer and that now it was Wright's turn to do the same. Among said evidence was a videotape of Corrida's murder, which Engarde had planned to use to blackmail de Killer. In his earlier years as a lawyer, even after he had built up a respectable reputation for himself, Wright often depended on his former boss and mentor, Mia Fey, for advice. Phoenix Wright's Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 official art. As Justice conducted his investigation, Wright began the final stages of his own long investigation. Instead, he was mentioned in various vague, indirect ways ("him", "the man in the blue suit", "a certain defense attorney", and so on). After being defended by his mentor Mia Fey, he worked hard to earn his badge. A month after Byrde's trial, Maya showed Wright a magazine article about a spirit medium training temple. This tends to manifest when dealing with the eccentric characters (including his friends), objects, and situations he comes across. Wright then watched as Justice took on Klavier in court and won his case. In his first case, he successfully defended his childhood friend, Larry Butz, who was accused of murdering an ex-girlfriend, by revealing the true culprit to be the prosecution's star witness. Ben Judd* (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy & Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney) Sam Riegel* (Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, & Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice) Trevor White* (Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) Orly, the sole witness, had not killed Shadi Smith; someone else had. His assistant, the 19-year old Maya Fey, had been out for some time now, having volunteered to go and buy groceries. Despite having no memory of his former life, Wright once again found himself defending Cantabella in court, albeit this time for murder and being a witch after she was accused of using a fire spell to burn to death two thugs who had attempted to mug her. Phoenix Wright is a starter playable character in Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch. Beginning his career under Mia Fey in 2016, he was disbarred in 2019 after unknowingly presenting forged evidence. Wright also met the head nun, Bikini, and Butz's new "teacher", Elise Deauxnim. Miguel Ángel García* (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy & Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney) Roger Pera* (Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) Ultimately, the teacher ended the trial, declaring Wright not guilty, and replaced the money herself. Chinese (normally Chinese pronunciation of Japanese kanji) A month after Iris's trial, Wright, Maya, and Pearl went on a trip to Gatewater Land, where they all went on a ride on a rowboat together. Phoenix Wright is most differently an attorney. He also found out that the victim, Elise Deauxnim, was actually Maya and Mia's mother, Misty Fey, who had disappeared after the DL-6 Incident. Phoenix Wright is a veteran defense attorney who heads the Wright Anything Agency. Although Cykes's immediate reaction was to alert someone, Wright stopped her and stated that she should take the opportunity to examine the body in order to gather evidence. At the temple, Wright met Larry Butz again, as well as the Hawthorne doppelganger, who was a nun named Iris. With Larry Butz and Miles Edgeworth at Sorin Sprocket and Ellen Wyatt's wedding. that day due to a terrible cold. YouTube After furiously fighting in the courtroom for her client, Cykes eventually revealed that Means was the true culprit, saving Woods. Hair color 0. Since Wright was the only student not in gym class when the theft had occurred, everyone assumed Wright was the culprit, even the teacher, but Edgeworth came to his defense. The main clothing color themes of Phoenix Wright, Phoenix Wright is the only character to appear in all. You may be interested in: Start Game. Wright asked Justice to find the individual who had hit him, as well as figure out who had stolen Guy Eldoon's noodle cart and Trucy's "magic panties". It was here that Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu, members of the special organization Shinra, revealed a threat posed by rival organization Ouma that would have dire consequences for the world. Despite having to face Prosecutor Blackquill in court for the first time, Wright also ran into an old ally in the form of Pearl Fey during the investigation. His Level 1 Hyper Combos include "Steel Samurai Maya Smelting! His naivety manifested itself mostly in his relationship with Dahlia Hawthorne. Thus, the fragment which contained the phantom's blood was from Metis's lab, and he was responsible for the murders of both Metis and Terran. Godot then demanded that Wright face him alone, without the help from Mia that had saved Wright in his previous trials. As well as featuring a child on the witness stand, the case also saw Wright escape a deadly encounter with the local mafia due to the timely arrival of Detective Dick Gumshoe. During the investigations into an international smuggling ring and several older cases, Wright's friends and associates would occasionally refer to him, but never by name. He then asked Wright to be his lawyer, as he was suspected of having killed his master, Magnifi Gramarye. By the time he was forced back inside, he had swallowed the necklace. Once Wright has gathered three viable clues, he can go into his third mode, "Turnabout Mode" by using Questioning. Aged 33 Sometime later, he and his apprentices watched from the space center as Starbuck was launched into space in the HAT-3 rocket. Although Wright attempted to contact his childhood friend, he never received a reply. After much deliberation, Wright concluded that the true killer had committed the crime during the wedding ceremony as part of an attempted revenge plot on Sorin. "Phoenix Wright ~ Objection!2001" PW AJ (in Turnabout Trump & Turnabout Succession)2002" JFA2004" T&T2012" PLvsPW (Labyrinthia chapters)2013" DD2016" SoJEnglish Turnabout Mix" PLvsPW (English Turnabout)"Ringtone - Phoenix Wright (The Steel Samurai)" "Reminiscing ~ The Class Trial" PW "Reminiscing ~ Forgotten Legend" AJ, "Ringtone - Phoenix Wright (The Steel Samurai)" "Reminiscing ~ The Class Trial" PW "Reminiscing ~ Forgotten Legend" AJ. Although Wright was able to prove Maya's innocence, Cantabella then admitted to being the "Great Witch Bezella" in an attempt to stop any more people being executed as witches; if Bezella was killed, then there would be no more need for witch trials as she was the source of all witches. After Ur'gaid's case, Wright heard that Trucy had been accused of murder back home in America, and called Justice in a panic. In-game, the attack would create the "Objection!" He managed to prevail and get her acquitted, despite being in an amnesiac state for the majority of the trial after being struck on the head by the true culprit. Klavier was soon touted as a genius, a \"true thoroughbred of the prosecutor's office\", which helped to propel him to his first trial at the age of 17, in which he would face off against the renowned defense at… A few days later, Maya was kidnapped by Inga, thereby forcing Wright to obey the commands of politician Paul Atishon or else risk Maya's safety once again. However, Justice figured out that Maya was needed to channel the Khura'inese religious figure known as the Holy Mother, whose face was revealed in the orb. At some point during his original career, Phoenix Wright was approached by the Legal League of Attorneys and asked to take part in a business exchange trip to London. After the events in Turnabout Beginnings, Phoenix, after being proven innocent of accused murder, makes good on his decision to switch to law and studies under Mia Fey for three years before finally making his debut as a rookie defense attorney. After being admitted to the Hickfield Clinic with a sprained ankle, he called a very reluctant Apollo Justice, who was now out of a job with the closure of Gavin Law Offices, to help him out. Wright's dilemma pushes him to the breaking point. His internal monologue also reveals that he has retained his private sardonic nature. Nintendo DS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Phoenix Wright Light* (by Godot; equivalent of Trite) Dark blue* (sometimes variously portrayed as blue, teal, brown, black, or gray) From the phone call, he learned that the Wright Anything Agency office was in danger of financial ruin thanks to the schemes of Take-2 TV producer, Roger Retinz. *It was submitted by Eric Kelsch, 32 years old. She wrote him a poem and gave him a bottle necklace, telling him that it was a symbol of their love. Add to Favorite. During Turnabout Memories, his first chronological appearance, he has three spikes of hair on each side; during the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, he has four; and from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies onward, he has five. Wright confronted the owner of Tender Lender in court and managed to trick him into implicating himself for Elg's murder, as well as revealing that he was the impostor who had impersonated Wright in Byrde's previous trial in order to secure a guilty verdict. Part 3 of 4, of a playthrough of "Phoenix Wright: Asinine Attorney", a DLC case for "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice". However, he still deeply cared about those close to him, and he maintained contact with old friends such as Ema Skye, Maya Fey, and Miles Edgeworth. The next day, a class trial was held with Wright as the defendant. The surname itself is an occupational one originating in, His name in the unofficial Brazilian Portuguese fan localization. Larry calls Edgeworth to inform him of the danger Phoenix is in, and Miles immediately books a flight to go and see Wright. Wright failed to realize until it was too late that he had been selected to fight on Kazuya's team, much to his dismay. Wright has repeatedly shown himself to be a loyal friend and lawyer who will refuse to back down once his mind is made up. His apprentices took his advice and successfully defended Tenma and exposed his aide, Florent L'Belle, as the real killer. Italian Believing that two girls were enough, and partly due to Dahlia's suggestion, their father sent Iris t… Magnifi and his descendants had the power to read subtle body language, and Justice had a bracelet that allowed him to use this ability much more easily. Affiliates Meanwhile, Maya kept in contact with Wright, sending him letters and DVDs from various Global Studios shows. His hair seems to have grown more spikes as he has matured. The following day, Wright had Maya channel Inmee's spirit in order to get his testimony about the deaths of Zeh'lot and himself. For this attack (tied with Vergil's Dark Angel as one of the strongest Hyper Combos in the game), Wright accuses his opponent until they break down, dealing massive amounts of damage. With Justice at the helm of the defense team, Wright was able to convince him that the case was not as clear-cut as Kristoph was trying to make it out to be. Wright traveled back home with Maya, Cykes, Trucy (who had stowed away in Edgeworth's luggage), and Edgeworth, knowing that Justice would be fine in Khura'in. Wright's disbarment tarnished this reputation, with the media being quick to call him a "crooked attorney", but regardless, he and even his law firm have been referred to as "legendary" in certain circles, even in the criminal underworld. By the end of the trial, Wright had managed to indict aquarist Marlon Rimes for the murder of Jack Shipley. This time they were looking at the Grand Tower skyscraper, astonished by the wonders of concrete masonry. Wright's career took off with another unusual case when he was asked to defend Orla Shipley, an aquarium orca who was accused of killing the aquarium's owner. Wright questioned the bailiff who had chased Zak after he disappeared, confirming that Trucy had helped her father with his disappearing act. The person on the witness stand was actually an international spy known only as the "phantom", who had been posing as Fulbright for an unknown length of time. Later, as Wright was speaking to Professor Aristotle Means about the murder, it was revealed that Cykes intended to defend the prime suspect, Juniper Woods, as she was a childhood friend of hers. Fey eventually showed that Hawthorne had originally intended to kill Wright by poisoning his cold medicine, but after seeing Wright's encounter with Swallow, she had changed her plan and killed Swallow instead, intending to frame Wright. Two months later Woods was accused of planting a bomb that destroyed one of the courtrooms in the District Court. Phoenix Wright Wright took on this final challenge and implicated Godot as Misty's killer. The poker games were purely for the competition, however, as his main source of income was Trucy's magic shows. Phoenix Wright was inspired to become an attorney by his classmate, son of a renowned defense attorney. During his disbarment period, Wright's morals seemed to be far more flexible, almost to the point of him adopting an "end justifies the means" mentality at times, as was demonstrated by his use of forged evidence in the Shadi Smith murder trial.