Venez contribuer à la communauté en laissant votre point de vue sur ce signalement laissé par un internaute ! With DigitalRiver.js, you can create a PayPal element that will wrap the PayPal Checkout.js library and automatically handle payment authorization. To request a refund, you must look up your order and then use the request a refund option to submit your request. It comes from Marshall Islands . I see that the recent charge taken from your account for the purchase of AVG Ultimate is declined. Dati relativi all'autorizzazione e alla contabilizzazione. When online and made some more research about "Digital River GMBH" and found out that is a scam and they just take money from you with a ID number and everything. If you have paid by credit card , debit card or PayPal once you have accepted the terms of the return, your refund should appear within 5-7 working days. Amex multi-valuta (tramite Digital River) Consentire l'accesso e l'uso di PayPal con French PLCs, Amex International, Maestro, Cielo, Redecard, Bancomer. No he comprado nada de su compañía y no necesito seguridad de Internet que es lo que se refiere. It's a middleman for many software license transactions including Avast. Thanks to them, our business is flourishing and promises major global growth in the years to come. With Digital River, you get this Onshore Advantage™ right away. Digital River are a payment service provider for many different companies. Paypal ne veut pas me rembourser, car il dise que une autorisation de prélèvement automatique avait été mise en place au préalable lors de votre inscription sur le site marchand Digital River Ireland, Ltd. le … Back to Main Help Page. Steigern Sie Ihren Umsatz, mindern Sie Ihr Risiko. The element follows the same creation and event structure as other DigitalRiver.js elements. You can expect the following: Long delays +- 6 days to answer emailed questions. Digital River non si assume responsabilità per i costi … Digital River is an online transaction company. Digital river said it is not their problem after 2 weeks. Digital River Ireland: Contenuto della truffa: JUIL. More questions? Irwin Cusac PayPal Leverages Digital River World Payments to Enter Brazil. Digital River's extensive global knowledge has helped us expand our reach to areas of the world that we would have never been able to enter into this quickly without their expertise and systems. I cancelled almost at once due to technical problems which weren't solvable without paying $179 extra (according to the tech support guy who had control of my computer for a while). 31 2017 Digital River Ireland, Ltd. Paiement préapprouvé Chargement des détails de la transaction pour Digital River Ireland, Ltd. Paiement préapprouvé - négatif 49,99 EUR Fermer Payé avec Boursorama S.A. x-0538 Votre source d'approvisionnement secondaire est CBN x-4840 Digital River is the authorised reseller of Kaspersky products online. Il contenuto di questo articolo non si riferisce agli abbonamenti acquistati tramite Google Play Store o App Store. From a support, technical, accounts perspective, they are dangerously stupid. Learn more here! Digital River Ireland,Ltd: Contenuto della truffa: 13 jan 2020 08:19:29 CET Nº de transaction : 5VX78871Y3381813P Bonjour Liliane Fromentin, Vous avez envoyé un paiement de €39,99 EUR à Digital River Ireland, Ltd. ( Necesito que la cantidad sea revertida de nuevo en mi cuenta, por favor, Digital River is a private company that provides global e-commerce, payments and marketing services.In 2013, Digital River processed more than $30 billion in online transactions. paypal 26 jan 2020 17:15:25 CET Nº de transaction : 4XB55362BY725791G Bonjour delangre eric, Vous avez envoyé un paiement d'un montant de €69,99 EUR à Digital River Ireland, Ltd. ( Il est possible que la transaction n'apparaisse qu'au bout de quelques minutes sur votre compte. I paid last week via Paypal/Digital River. I was charged 64.94 because I forgot to cancel my subscription. GuMo, vor wenigen Wochen erhielt ich von PayPal Europe eine Mail-Nachricht, dass das Unternehmen Digital River Ireland Ltd einen €-Betrag in Höhe von 39,95 abgebucht hat. Digital River — cargo a paypal no autorizado. Sofort GmbH (Germania) Consentire i servizi di liquidazione per elaborare i pagamenti e il controllo delle frodi. Shopping online shouldn't cost you peace of mind. Digital River Ireland Ltd. provides internet commerce and marketing consulting services. Avast Pro Antivirus kündigen Digital River per Paypal « on: December 02, 2018, 08:05:48 PM » Hallo, Ich habe Avast Pro Antivirus letztes Jahr gekauft, die Abbuchung von Digital River erfolgte bei Paypal. More questions? The Digital River store by Digital River offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Buy from millions of online stores without sharing your financial information. Ripoff Report on: Digital River GmbH - Digital river gmbh rippedoff by through paypal contacted germany internet Pointed me to a generic Lenovo support page which is as good as useless in Ireland - no online chat or email support. About 5 days ago i was charged $64.19 from a company i have never dealt with: DigitalRiver US Inc. After going through the complaints on the community pages i can see that many people seem to have had the same issues with this company. Lenovo laptop from Digital River. They can't provide valid tax receipts, their support staff are utterly inept and their accounts demonstrate consistent tax fraud (charging VAT of the destination purchaser when it should be zero rated for a business etc). DIGITAL-RIVER has been in the DB for a while, it is the number 26905. Digital River offers the following payment methods for PayPal: ... PayPal is a payment service that facilitates payments between parties through online funds transfers. If you have a charge on your recent billing statement with a description such as, "DRI*" "DRI" or "Digital River" and do not recognize this charge, please look up your order using your email address and last 4 digits of your credit card. We help brands take control of their destiny by powering ecommerce around the globe. Leider bin ich mir nicht mehr ganz sicher, ob ich nicht im Free Antivirus ein Abbo bestätigt habe. Paypal Home. Arnaque suspectée : Digital River Ireland,Ltd | Arnaque via PayPal. Digital River attached my Paypal account on 8/29/2019 continuosly for 7 attachments until 11.19/2019 totaling $442.96 with no benefits to me. In der Positionsbeschreibung steht "DRI AVAST Software". We sell antivirus subscriptions, software subscriptions, consumer electronics, and other products through our online stores on behalf of our clients. Digital River coprirà questa responsabilità solo se il virus non risulta da errori da parte vostra a seguito di acquisti effettuati tramite un componente della rete Digital River avvalendosi del server sicuro Digital River. John Bigay, Chief Marketing Officer, iZotope. No accountability or mechanism for upgrading disputes or complaints (I was told that decisions were reviewed by, I quote "the relevant department". Yes, Digital River is the payment gateway for AVG. Committed to every facet of your ecommerce business. We ignite your brand, drive … The recent transaction was declined from your end and the charge will get credited back to you. Digital River is an authorized reseller for many companies. Verwendungszeck war eine "automatische Bestellung" einer Software von BitDefender (Virenprogramm). How do I request a refund? Marchand There are 6412 searches per month from people that come from terms like digital river … Received a Lenovo laptop from Digital River. Tengo una cantidad no autorizada de $ 33.07 de Paypal en mi tarjeta Mastercard. Habe dann natürlich etwas im paypal Account nachgesucht, was das zu sagen hat. Überlassen Sie uns die komplizierten Aspekte des Online-Verkaufs, damit Ihr Team sich auf Ihre Kunden konzentrieren kann. There are a number of complexities to keep in mind when considering global ecommerce solutions that go beyond selecting a platform. Digital River GmbH è parte del gruppo Digital River, leader nel settore dei servizi di rivendita e-commerce e rivenditore autorizzato per i prodotti e servizi offerti nel sito MyCommerce Share-it. vor ein paar Tagen wurde über mein PayPal-Account ein Betrag über 39,99€ an Digital River Ireland überwiesen. Came back home and made more research and found ou that what I didn't buy nor my wife, not a ebay fee nor a Paypal fee. I could contact Digital RIver if they offered support for customers, but checking their webpage, their customers are companies like Adobe, not simple people like me I checked the contact page, where there is no form to contact them but instead a search form, i used my email and the last 4 digits of the credit card (i paid using paypal) and nothing found, It broke after 3 weeks. PayPal allows customers to establish an account on its website, which is connected to a user's credit card or checking account. Ich habe 2015 (wie ich dachte) einmalig Avast gekauft (für 19.99) und heute habe ich zufällig eine paypal transaktion über 59,99 von Digital River bemerkt. [citation needed] Digital River is headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota Back to Main Help Page. Dank Digital River blüht unser Geschäft und verspricht weiteres weltweites Wachstum in den nächsten Jahren. We’ve built flexible APIs made for global expansion. If … To learn more about our company, please visit us at this was easily solved when I went into my Avast account settings within a week and requested a refund. A platform that knows how to scale. Looks like to they like to rip off 86 year old people. Digital River's customer service and aftercare are appalling. Order orchestration, payment processing, taxes, fraud protection, compliance – you name it, we’ve got it covered. Digital River have succeeded only if your measure is providing unequivocally the worst service you will ever encounter. We’re one partner, all-in.