The procedure for claiming for travel preparations and cancellation fees is basically the same as for business trips that have been completed: This also applies for the travel expenses of guests, scholarship holders and students, whose trips are funded by the University of Stuttgart. The rules pertaining to optional trial examinations only apply to course assessments and exams that are completed within the standard study period. In such cases, the same rules listed above will also apply at the University as when traveling in an area which is known to be high risk [de] before arrival. Lectures restart on April 20, 2020, as far as possible in digital form. All supervisors should continue urging their employees to work from home. due to the corona pandemic. Compensation for employees who must take special leave, Student Services in the House of Students (Haus der Studierenden), Admissions Office for Germans and Foreigners with German Education, Admissions Office for Foreign Nationals and EU Citizens, Commissioner for students with disabilities, Student Services at the IZ (Internationales Zentrum), University library and faculty and institute libraries, article "Closure of the University Library" on the UB website, website of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, Infrastructure facilities with a required presence on site, Entering the university buildings and facilities. Some videos are in German, but through watching the video you can follow along even with minor German knowledge. Work from home must be coordinated with the supervisors and must be approved by them. If symptoms that indicate an infection with the corona virus, as defined by the current criteria of the Robert Koch Institute, occur within 14 days after arrival then you must immediately report this to the relevant authorities (Ministry of Health - § 4 paragraph 7 CoronaVO EQT) and the Department of Personnel and Legal Affairs by sending an email to Specific recommendations can be found in the table “Recommendations if you have, or suspect you have, corona”. This deadline begins at the end of the day when the person in question is informed that the business trip will not be taking place. The guidelines are intended to make it possible to study at our university, whilst also adhering to epidemiological safety regulations. The Ministry of Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg (MWK) announced on Friday, October 30, 2020, that online teaching will be standard until the end of November. Nun sind es bereits 13 Millionen bestätigte Fälle. You can do this via e-mail with the foreign registration office (Ausländerbehörde) of your place of residence. With immediate effect, the following extension of the currently valid working time applies: An unlimited number of flexibilisation days can be used if the corresponding positive time credit exists. Student Housing. Thus,the corona pandemic did not have a negative, but rather a more positive impact on the importance that companies place on energy efficiency. The winter semester courses begin on November 2, 2020. There is no entitlement to compensation under § 56 (1a) IfSG. How do I access to specialized applications such as SVA and SAP, Department of Personnel and Legal Affairs, New regulation: Fulfilment of budgetary responsibilities, Signing employment contracts – additional procedures. The contact details for these people must also be gathered and listed in the protocol. The email must include: the name of the affected person, date the illness was determined and the residence of the ill person. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has published extended regulations for parents who require emergency childcare. In its meeting of November 3, 2020, the Rectorate decided that the events listed below in accordance with § 1a (8) CoronaVO BW in conjunction with § 1a Abs. degree programs with limited entry which are part of the DoSV is expected to start on July 3, 2020 and end on August 20, 2020. I'm currently in Germany and I applied for an extension of my residence permit before the lockdown but have not received it yet. We therefore urge you to visit our corona website of the Universität Stuttgart at regular intervals. Esslingen University is committed to keeping its students and staff abreast of the Corona situation. However, only the members of the examination board and the examinee are to be admitted. by telephone, video conference). I arrived in Germany with a visa for studies. 1 AzUVO may only be granted for the necessary period of absence from work if special circumstances exist in the individual case (e.g. Zahlreiche Formulare finden Sie direkt in C@MPUS. Transitional spaces are primarily rooms and areas where teaching sessions or examinations take place, as well as events held as part of the admissions or entrance processes and may be used for studying, as well as all doors and other entrance areas, passages, corridors, stairwells and sanitary facilities. Medical information on the corona virus. They are valid here and now, but may change at any time as a result of new decisions imposed on us by the authorities: We all have to live with the uncertainty of the moment. There are updated FAQs for employees on special paid leave for parents who need to care for their children (Kinderbetreuungsbedarf), leave rules, protective masks, occupational health and safety standards, and closure of buildings. For further information, please check the information on the website of the Admissions Office. Employment contracts can – in urgent cases – be sent via email. Compensation in accordance with § 56 para. If employees still have to look after their children themselves because no other childcare facilities are available, employees may use overtime and remaining holidays, if available. If it is not possible to maintain the minimum distance, a face mask must be worn at all times or further protective measures, such as the installation of plexiglass screens to protect against droplet infection, must be put in place. I have a valid residence permit in Germany and I´m only temporarily abroad. For more information, please see the article "Closure of the University Library" on the UB website. Certified copies (or original documents) must be submitted at a later date as soon as the consultation hours at the Haus der Studierenden are open again. the important home office information for, Accessing business e-mail and setting up e-mail clients, Accessing business e-mail and setting up Outlook, Access to specialized applications such as SVA and SAP, Notes on device allocation/borrowing devices and ZVD support. A face mask must now be worn when you are seated in your place at teaching events. If unenrollment is carried out up to one month after November 2, 2020 then you will be able to receive a refund for the fees listed above. In this case it is important to check whether rebooking the business trip is a sensible alternative. Membership of a risk group as well as the increase in risk due to work performance must be proven to the responsible department on request by a medical certificate. What should I do? If restrictions resulting from the corona pandemic, such as the closure of libraries, negatively affect or hinder students in completing their term papers or projects, these restrictions must be compensated by appropriate deadline extensions. For more details please visit the webpage of Student Services Stuttgart. The Language Center offers 80 percent of its courses online during the summer semester. Hygienekonzept der Universität Stuttgart, Stand: 27. All employees and students can read and gather questions, ideas, answers and help in problem solving on the subject of digital teaching. These include, for example, information on. Liebe Studierende, täglich erreichen uns neue Meldungen zur derzeitigen Situation in der Thematik »Corona-Virus«. Sports courses can only be held online in November. Special leave in accordance with Section 29 (1) no. The access ban applies to people who. According to a statement from the EU Commission “Interpretative Guidelines on EU passenger rights regulations in the context of the developing situation with Covid-19”(pdf) vouchers must not be accepted. Studieren in Zeiten von Corona. Before this compensation can be claimed, the claimant must use all flexitime and any remaining holiday from 2019 or earlier. Wir … What special rules apply to employees in this case? Students on the fixed place list in C@MPUS will be informed by the responsible teacher by e-mail about the further procedure. Only the examiner, observer, keeper of the minutes and the examination candidate may be present for the exam. For exceptional cases in which it is not possible to conduct an oral examination on campus for reasons of health protection in accordance with the provisions of the Corona Regulation or in which students cannot take part for reasons beyond their control (e.g., travel restrictions or quarantine measures), the Corona Statutes of the University of Stuttgart allow oral examinations to be conducted via video conference. When and where is it mandatory to wear a face mask? Such set groups of people mean that it is possible to maintain a distance of less than 1.5 meters, in a laboratory for example. If you need help you can check the guideline. If this is the case, the usual rules apply and you will need a doctor's note from the pediatrician. The updated version 3 is available on the hygiene concept webpage. In terms of teaching, which is due to begin on November 2, 2020, the risk of infection here must also be reduced to a minimum. Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Subject to a tightening of the regulations and any new updates to the state guidelines, the following rules relating to the suspension of onsite university operations, and any permitted exceptions to these rules, apply at the University of Stuttgart until 31.03.2021. Written exams, if they have already been scheduled for November, Student research projects and final theses that require the use of special laboratory or work rooms at the University of Stuttgart. The deadline for delivering proof of the completion of a pre-course internship can be extended by one semester by the abovementioned officials if the student is able to show that s/he already has an internship placement and will have completed this placement by the end of the winter semester, or they can show that their attempts to find an internship placement were unsuccessful. "What are the rules for emergency childcare? I have been in contact with someone who has now tested positive for the corona virus. Up to and including May 31, 2020, there will be no classroom courses in University sports. For more information regarding our orientation program, the schedule for the first days and the registration for the events, please visit our website. Bachelor courses summer term 2020; Master courses summer term 2020 ; University-wide information on the Corona-Situation; We tried to answer the most important questions in the current situation. You can find more information on the university sports website. In accordance with exam regulations, students must be offered the chance to view their graded exam papers within one year after completing their exams. The institute libraries will remain closed. How can I settle travel expenses in my home office? If employees must continue to care for their children themselves at home, because there is no alternative childcare available, then they are permitted to use up their flexitime and holidays, as long as there is no work-related reasons why this is not feasible. 46.4 last paragraph BeamtVwV). We will otherwise be unable to respond to your query. 1 of the Corona Guidelines. The public PC pools of the IZUS/TIK and the Casino IT of Faculty 1 will remain closed from 13 March 2020 until further notice. We offer support and guidance on formalities for newly arrived international students: Every Friday from 10 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. Many things are still unclear at the moment. Case study 2:A child in your child’s nursery is infected with corona virus. We will provide you with further information and offers. Among other things, these explain what to do in case of a corona infection and how to use the washing machines. There is no institute operation. How can I submit my enrollment documents? The foreign registration office will inform you how to proceed. The first confirmed COVID-19 case has been reported at the University of Stuttgart. It is important that the e-mail contains an invoice number or transaction number, so that it can be identified. All excursions are cancelled in November. Authorized persons are the employees of the resident institutes and registered visitors. **Update on November 3, 11:30 a.m.: The decision will be announced shortly after further clarification.**. We would like to ask teachers to note the information on accessible online teaching and remember that even in the current situation and despite the high stress levels that you are all currently experiencing, it is important not to lose sight of students that are disabled and chronically ill, students with children or who care for relatives or international students. With this, the University is concretizing the decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs. We ask all students to register as usual in, Information on the actual procedure for online courses can be found on, Please take a look at our continuously updated FAQ lists for ". In this context, the University of Stuttgart’s Corona Statutes also state that it is possible to approve extension deadlines beyond the maximum extensions specified in the examination regulations, as long as this is deemed necessary to compensate for any disadvantage that has arisen as the result of the corona pandemic. The university management has put the decree of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science and Research of March 11 into concrete terms. Online services can be opened for scientific use. Applications for special leave and compensation must include the name/names of the child/children that require care, their birth date(s), a detailed description of the current childcare situation and the relevant days when compensation is required, with the necessary approval from your supervisor to the responsible person in the Tariff Department. Employees working from home must ensure that they can be contacted by phone or email. There will be no written and no oral tests until 19 April. Participants who have already signed up will be informed of what will happen next via email. Any decisions about whether an onsite teaching session is necessary or not can be made using the following diagram: Practical teaching sessions that involve the presence of more than 20 people in one room must still be approved by the rectorate. Please apply for an extension of your residence permit before it expires. The State Government will soon be updating the Corona Guidelines BW and the Corona Guidelines MWK. Who is involved (e.g. The new regulations for assuming budgetary responsibilities can also be applied to the signatures on the travel expense forms. Limited childcare, such as daycare limited to only short periods of time, for example, school visits of just two hours a day, are not an example of reasonable childcare. The previously open libraries, learning rooms and PC pools will remain open. Die Corona-Pandemie hat das Leben in der Region Stuttgart komplett verändert. Instructors will find handouts, risk assessments and tips on conducting classroom courses in the download section on the Hygiene Concept website. Due to the new fixed measures for the summer semester of April 21, we have restructured and updated the FAQs of teaching, examinations as well as enrollment, student status, fees and contributions. This also applies to meetings of the faculty councils, the senate committees and appointments committee, which may only be carried out via video conference; circular resolutions should be possible, or will be made possible. Due to the current situation, we will accept applications and documents as an email scan sent to this address or you can submit the application in paper form and the documents as photocopies by post to the student secretary. However, social distancing rules and contact rules must be complied with. You’ll find his contact in the moving-letter sent to you by Studierendenwerk Stuttgart or VSSW, Complete the formalities regarding health insurance, residence registration and enrollment at the university.

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