The saw is equipped with a depth stop (required for the saw's plunge action design) that you set to your desired depth of cut. Note: Clicking the hypertext links (bold-faced blue text) and blue-framed images will launch additional content. Tauchsäge TS 55 REBQ­Plus 570282 2 … This part has been 7PCS Cutting Wheel Discs Mandrel HSS Rotary Circular Saw Blades Tool Cutoff Wood. Consequently, you will realize a real cost savings in material (sandpaper) and the time it takes to change it. This Festool Circular saw does work the power cable for the saw will need to be replaced before use (see pictures). If you have any pricing inquiries, questions, … At best, dust is a nuisance in the shop and job site that must be discarded. I received four packages. Finally, using a dust extractor will extend the lifetime of the tool itself. When used with the ATF 55E circular saw and our covered cutting table, the CT22E extracts virtually all of the dust. Festool 490835 Atf 55 E/basis/mod Plunge Cut Circular Saw 220v Spare Parts Festool 491583 Atf 55 E Gb Plunge Cut Circular Saw 110v Spare Parts Festool 493318 Ap 88 E Circular Saw Spare Parts Festool 499431 Tsc 55 … A decent panel saw with less versatility, precision, and splinter control will run several times the price of the ATF 55E. Festool … All of the Festool systainers interlock, making an attractive and organized cabinet for your Festools and accessories. This Festool Circular saw does work but the power cable for the saw will need to be replaced before use (see pictures). 496301 Festool Kreissägeblatt HW 160x2,2x20 TF52 FESTOOL 768129 Standard Sägeblatt 160 x 2,2 x 20 Scheintasche W18 Für TS 55, TSC 55 15.8200 490651 + Add to Cart. Base (Sole Plate-Shoe) Its dust collection is far superior to our DeWALT 364 and other circular saws I have owned or used. Most of the controls are bright green, which contrasts nicely to the saw's black plastic housing. As previously noted, it is virtually impossible to attach a dust collection hose to our DeWALT 364. After using the tools for several hours I kept saying to myself that Festool seemed to think of everything! If you're at a customer's site or home, you do the job, straighten up, and leave! Anyone using the Festool can only hear the Fein. Some dust escapes towards the front at the end of the cut (as the blade exits the workpiece), but that's it. If you're working in someone's home, it is especially important to collect your dust and debris. C $112.01. I have used the saw to rip and crosscut hardwood veneer plywood and melamine with virtually no tearout or chipping on the supported edges of the cut. Riving Knife - Splitter The systainer case included with the ATF 55E is part of a "case" system. For instance: The blade / blade carriage does not lock in the extended position. One thing is essential to the successful design and manufacture … However, our 96" guide rail is awkward and heavy. This is a great feature for cabinet makers and finish carpenters working at job sites. The saw, guides, accessories, dust collector are all integrated, fitting together like a well-planned system. Two non-slip strips are applied to the bottom of the guide that prevent the guide from slipping. ), The no-snag deflector is a simple piece of black plastic that does a good job of preventing the extractor hose and saw's AC cord from snagging the end of the guide. It's lighter and better balanced than either saw. Consequently, the hose attempted to make a turn, up and over the deflector leading to some stiction. Festool ATF 55 E Circular Saw! Excellent condition. Play Guide Rail Video Part 1 (1.3 MB), Play Guide Rail Video Part 2 (500 KB) I would like to see their rip-guide included with the saw. It is unlikely you will see a Festool tool lying on a shelf at the local home center or tool store and they don't appear to do a lot of advertising. Festool ATF 55 E Circular Saw. You must remove the riving knife/splitter to perform pocket/plunge cuts. The two aluminum guide rails were also packaged well. All Rights Reserved. Wertstraße 20, 73240 Wendlingen, GERMANY Telephone +49 (0) 7024 804 0 E-mail info@festool… The standard blade is much better than the blades supplied with either saw for panel and finish carpentry tasks. This was helpful, especially in the case of the plastic no-snag deflector-I had no idea what it was used for until I read the systainer card! This guide allows you to set the guide for performing crosscuts at virtually any angle. In is nice to know that a CEO can articulate the value of his products and is concerned enough about the woodworking community to provide this kind of feedback! Hopefully, in a week or so we can post pics and possibly more videos of the kitchen remodel (24 feet of cabinets) we're performing, using the Festool tools. (This is uncommon among the aftermarket cutting guides. ; Page 2: Warranty Proprietary Notice All drawings and information herein are the property of Festool… It only takes a few minutes with the ATF 55E and its accessories to agree. The base or sole plate is flat and wide. Festool … (See remarks from Festool USA CEO Christian Oltzscher below.). Festool and I would rather see a craftsman using a competitor's dust extractor than no dust extractor at all. They provide an accessory outlet for a power tool so that the extractor automatically runs when the power tool is started. ). I don't mind doing that for angles other than 0/90°, but would like some sort of index pin or stop for 0/90°. (This integration is uncommon among the aftermarket cutting guides.). However, many of us use these saws to cut panels and do finish carpentry and this is where the ATF 55E and its guide rails really shine. The guide rail angle fixture is extremely useful for crosscut operations, but inherit to its design, you must adjust it for square each time you place it on the guide rail. Please note that the future price may vary. $195.43. Festool Panther-Sägeblatt PW12, Kreissägeblatt mit 12 Zähnen, Zahnform PW, Spanwinkel 20°, passend für TS 55 / TSC 55 / ATF 55 / AP 55, Art.-Nr. However, out of the box, the ATF 55E and its supplied 55" guide rail (and available 106" guide rail) work perfectly in our shop. I know some do, but I bet the majority do not. Plunge Action Systainer Case The plunge action offers several key advantages over conventional saws as I describe in Part 2 of this review. The ATF 55E/CT22E combination would be the ticket when working in a customer's home (or your home), especially a carpeted room, as it leaves very little dust/debris to clean up. I know all of this, but over the years I have not been a great practioneer in dust collection. Many Festool power tools have already been in use for 30 years – or longer. I would not recommend it as a framer's saw or a general purpose, throw-it-in-the-back-of-the-truck type saw. ATF 55 E. 2 GENERAL SAFETY RULES WARNING! C $5.43. Head Screw M5X40-Taptite - Festool®, 228546 | Disc Din 9021-6,4-100 Hv - Festool®, 200052 | O-Ring 5X1,5-Nbr-70Shore - Festool®, 486744 | Electric Wire At 65 Eb Vollst. … Sale price R 19 00 R 19.00 Regular price R 37 00 R 37.00 Save R 18 TEMP SOLD OUT. Festool … In conjunction with the Festool guide rail, it will cut a straight, accurate, clean line. Then, when you make your cut, you simply engage the plunge action and push down on the saw until the blade carriage hits the stop. The speed control allows you to adjust the speed (6 speeds) of the saw for the material you're cutting. The long service life of our professional tools is no coincidence. This is the 3rd time the saw has developed a problem whereby it … This does not indicate that the engraved lines are inaccurate, but due to the length of the guide and the small radius of the angle guide, an imperceptible error in aligning the angle lines results in a perceptible error near the end of the guide. In response to John's remarks, Christian Oltzscher of FESTOOL USA writes... Was this article helpful? The saw may appear like a typical circular saw to the casual observer, but once you handle it and begin to use it you'll find it is quite a different animal. The Festool ATF 55E circular saw out performs my DeWALT 364 and PC 743 in several ways. Festool Panther-Sägeblatt PW12, Kreissägeblatt mit 12 Zähnen, Zahnform PW, Spanwinkel 20°, passend für TS 55 / TSC 55 / ATF 55 / AP 55, Art.-Nr. When finish sanding with fine grit sandpaper, with some materials, the dust emitted from sanding is actually coarser than the sandpaper itself. And a lot less dust ends up on the floor, saving us time. Plus, the two systainer cases I received (one for the saw and another for the guide rail accessories) came with pictorial inserts showing the intended use of the tools. Since the debris and dust is captured in the dust extractor, your cleanup time is cut drastically. What I Like About the Festool ATF 55E Circular Saw, What I Don't Like About the Festool ATF 55E Circular Saw, Comments From Current/Future Festool Owners. Its hose was shipped inside the extractor. 1 Modul CMS-MOD-TS-55-R inkl. The standard blade 6-1/4", 48-tooth blade supplied with the saw provides extremely clean rip and crosscuts in sheet goods. Item number 496301 Functions. Extremely quite operation (we've been having vac wars, Fein vs. Festool, and the Fein wins, which probably means it loses. We would love to hear from you! Play Guide Rail Video Part 1 (300 KB) The plunge action is very smooth and the saw's sole plate provides a stable base from which to plunge. Our Fein units each have a large conical cloth filter that allows the big stuff to collect in the tank. To start cutting, you engage the blade carriage release with your thumb, depress the on/off trigger, and push the blade carriage down against the depth stop. Part number 490651 Switch Atf 55 E. 490651 is a genuine Festool part. Obviously, you can use any circular saw to make pocket or plunge cuts, but you won't find a saw that offers the control and safety of the ATF 55E to make this type of cut. Our crosscut guide rail is also quite large and awkward. $22.99 shipping. They work fine. Tenryu PSA-16056D2 Aluminium (Fits Festool TS 55 Festool #496307) $80.00 $60.00. Not so with the ATF 55E. 02:00 minutes Usage. The Festool catalog advertises the phrase LIKE NOTHING ELSE on its cover. Well, the saw, guide rail, and systainer runs about $375.00. It is a real pleasure to use the ATF 55E, the guide rails, and the CT22E. The blade / blade carriage does not lock in the extended position. Excellent Blade I have made and use a number of guides with our circular saws. I was into the habit of placing the dust extractor along the right edge of the guide. As long as your waste is to the right of the guide, and you place the guide on the cut mark, your workpiece will be splinter free and will cut as accurately as you marked it. You must adjust the angle guide for square. Because of the plunge design of the saw, it is necessary to apply downward pressure against the depth stop during a cut-this pressure in conjunction with the non-slip strips, keeps the guide from slipping. The Festool CT 22E dust extractor is designed to serve as a systainer base, a feature we like in our shop. ), The splinter guard serves its two purposes well providing excellent protection against splintering and providing a zero reference for the guide. Free shipping . If you have any pricing inquiries, questions, comments … Consequently, a lot less dust ends up in our lungs, saving our health. Since we use our DeWALT 364 in place of a panel saw, we outfitted it with a Forrest WWII blade. It is best suited for woodworking activities that require a precise and easy to handle saw. The Festool dust extractor serves as a base for systainer cases, allowing you to wheel them around the shop or to/at a job site. Festool ATF 55 E Circular Saw. I'd like to sell mine and move up, but can anyone tell me how much to ask for my ATF 55? Our DeWALT 364 provides no means for dust collection. However, since they are not "integrated" with the saws, I do have to be careful in operation to keep the saw up against the fence of the guide. Please contact the seller. Peter Teubel >I have a lightly used Festool ATF55E circular saw for sale. The blade is completely enclosed until you begin a cutting operation. I like the integration of the ATF 55E, the guide rails, guide rail accessories, the systainers, the dust extractor, and so forth. 490651 490651 Switch Atf 55 E is an original Festool part. 02:00 minutes Usage. In fact, it's performance is really RARE (Repeatable, Accurate, Reliable, Ergonomic) (okay, I'm getting sappy). Herausragendes Merkmal ist das ultraflache und durch den nach innen versetzten Ansaugstutzen durchgängig plane Gehäuse. In conjunction with the Festool MFT (MultiFunction Table), the ATF 55E becomes a formidable crosscut device. For your own safety, we recommend that you use only those saw blades. In case you're not familiar with Festool … Of course complaining about this is like complaining that you have to deposit a $100,000 lottery check you just won. With the covered panel-cutting table and the splinter guard of the guide rail, I get no splintering on the bottom side and the splinter guard side of the topside of the work piece. The motor is protected for both overheating and overloading. This Festool Circular saw does work but the power cable for the saw will need to be replaced before use (see pictures). The dust extractor was double-boxed and bubble-wrapped for maximum protection. - Festool®, 200717 | Hexagon Nut Din 934-M5-08 - Festool®, 445503 | Plastic Knob Atf 55 E - Festool®, 201134 | Pressure Sprin Gra-1/4-B - Festool®, 203740 | Oval Head Screw Din 7985-M5X40-4.8-Pr30 - Festool®, 401246 | Circlip Din 472-32X1,2 - Festool®, 440457 | O-Ring 33,05X1,78-Nbr-70Shore - Festool®, Festool Gear housing 487566 (OBSOLETE, NO LONGER AVAILABLE), 228591 | Oval Head Screw Din 7985-M4X40-4.8 - Festool®, 440441 | Spindle Stop Kn Ap 55 E - Festool®, 444142 | Supporting Ring Ap 65 E - Festool®, 444234 | O-Ring 12,8X3,2 Perbunan - Festool®, 228692 | Dowel Pin Din 7346-5X12-St - Festool®, 439889 | Lock Bracket Atf 55 E - Festool®, 438943 | Blade Cover Win Ap 55 E - Festool®, 443331 | Plug-In Bracket Ap 65 E - Festool®, 400014 | Countersink Pt-4,0-10-Pzv - Festool®, 228663 | Oval Head Screw Pt-3,5X16-Kt15 - Festool®, 446282 | Motor Housing Atf 55 Eb 2 Blatt - Festool®, 438198 | Viewing Window Ap 88 E - Festool®, 440991 | Adjusting Wheel Ap 55 E - Festool®, 440228 | Bearing Cover Atf 55 E - Festool®, Festool Control electronics 120V 488372 Obsolete, 228659 | Ball Bearing 6201 Dducm D8 As2Sm - Festool®, 440554 | Zentrierbolzen Atf 55 E - Festool®, 440209 | Spring Din2098-1,80X14,50X123,0 - Festool®, 228580 | Oval Head Screw Pt-4,0X25-Kt15 - Festool®, 228798 | Ball Bearing 6000 Z1D1 Din 625 - Festool®, 228559 | Ball Bearing 608 2Z C3 Din 625 - Festool®, 451080 | Air Conduct Atf 55 E Usa - Festool®, 228708 | Oval Head Screw Pt-4,0X60-Kt15 - Festool®, 488710 | Wire Atf 55 E Usa Assortment - Festool®, 228727 | Countersink Din 965-M4X10-4.8-Torx - Festool®, 486202 | Rotary Knob D34 M6X27,5 Blau - Festool®, 203780 | Ch. 4 445358: Festool Cable 230V 445358: $0.00. And I'm not just saying this because I want to sell dust extractors. Part 1 includes my usual, like and no like lists. The channel also accepts the accessory angle guide. On the negative side, they are prone to tip over (though better balanced than most shop-vacs) and provide no onboard storage for the cord or hose-- consequently, depending on who last used it, the cord and hose are generally under foot. 491952 Festool 489790 Schnellspanner FS-Rapid Festool … Dust collection 7 Kreissägeblätter finden Sie unter >>> Scannen und Produktvideo ansehen! Festool Plastic Knob ATF 55 E FES445503. However, in regards to the guide rail accessories, it would be great if there were some method of indexing or locking the angle guide to 0° and perhaps 45°, or perhaps a fixed guide. However, out of the box, the ATF 55E and its supplied 55" guide rail (and available 106" guide rail) work perfectly in our shop. Festool provides a speed chart and blades (at a reasonable cost) to cover a range of materials including solid surface (Corian), plastics, aluminum, construction lumber, veneer plywoods/melamine. The smaller guide rail was shipped in a box and protected on the inside by 1/4" luan panels. Depth Adjustment and Stop The Festool CT22E provides all of the features of our Fein units including: However, the Festool CT22E provides the following additional features: The only negative I have experienced with the Festool CT22E in comparison with the Fein (and other shop vacs), is it appears that you must use a filter bag to protect (extend the life of) the filters. Thanks again to Festool for the opportunity to use these tools in our shop. On Sale. I got around this, by using a spring clamp to hold it in place, but it seems like Festool can provide some sort of locking mechanism. for TS 55, TSC 55, ATF 55, AP 55 Order number: 491952 Panther saw blade 160x2,2x20 PW12 for TS 55, TSC 55, ATF 55, AP 55 Order number: 496301 Show all ... By sending the email address I agree that Festool (Festool UK Ltd, TTS Tooltechnic Systems Ireland Ltd, Festool … Sorry, but something went wrong. (This is uncommon among the aftermarket cutting guides. I highly recommend the saw for cabinet making, finish carpentry, or other fine woodworking. 439972 439972 Pin 10,2X45 Atf 55 E is an original Festool part. You mount it to the "start" end of your guide rail to prevent the vacuum hose and AC cord from snagging on the guide rail as you move the saw down the cutting path. (This is uncommon among the aftermarket cutting guides.). Let's take a closer look at the Festool systainer system...... Until recently, I did not get too excited about dust extractors and dust collection in general. The stop moves along a path, graduated in millimeters. Perhaps the saw's most unique feature is its plunge action. I do get some splintering to the right of the blade on the topside, but this is virtually unavoidable with a circular saw. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Ending Today at 1:42PM PST 2h 21m. I find double-checking the blade for square or setting the blade depth to an exact setting using a rule was awkward, since the blade does not lock in the extended position. This is a boon for anyone cutting counter tops or other surfaces where it might be inconvenient or impossible to "clamp" the guide/straight edge. I would like to see their rip-guide included with the saw. Page 1 TS 55 EQ Circular Saw Instruction Manual Important: Read and understand all instructions before using this tool. When combined with a dust extractor, it is more effective at collecting the dust than the PC743, probably because more of the blade is covered. We offer a complete line of Festool … The quality of the cuts I've made with the Festool blade are as good if not better than those of the Forrest, and I performed a significant number of side-by-side tests. The depth stop adjustment scale is in millimeters and I don't use the metric system. Festool offers a large reusable bag, but it is quite expensive. With the right blade it will cut construction lumber, metals, or whatever, but I think I would purchase a second, less-expensive saw for such duties. The splitter prevents the kerf from closing on and binding the blade on long rip cuts. We use shop-made guide rails with our DeWALT and PC saws. Of course you can purchase aftermarket edge guides and clamps, but those I have used/seen are flawed in one-way or another. Main applications ... Festool GmbH. The dust collection capability of the ATF 55E, when mated to the Festool … They are very accurate and easy to use. The blade is easily removed using the provided hex wrench, stored onboard. They must be clamped to the work surface and the operator must apply lateral pressure to keep the base of the saw up against the guide rail fence, otherwise the saw will wander off of the cut line. Quick view. 496301 Festool 489790 Schnellspanner FS-Rapid Festool - Führungsschiene … 445358 Cable 230V 445358 Repair your tool now with our Festool Cable 230V 445358. It is available as a $13.00 option. Play Guide Rail Video Part 3 (2.3 MB). The quality and accuracy of cut I get with the ATF 55E and its guide rails, in conjunction with our panel cutting table, does away with any further though we've had about purchasing a panel saw. Page 13 La ATF 55 E ha sido expuesta a pruebas con las hojas de La ATF 55 E a été testée avec les lames de scie présentées sierra Festool expuestas en el catálogo de la casa Festool… A few years ago we invested in two Fein dust extractors. If you use dust extraction with our sanders, routers, and circular saws, there is (almost) nothing to clean up afterwards. Festool 489798 Atf 55 Eb Plunge Cut Circular Saw Spare Parts - Part Shop Direct Partshop Message COVID-19 UPDATE: W e are still running at full capacity and fully operational, however there may be … Special thanks to Christian Oltzscher (President and CEO of Festool USA) and Bob Marino (Festool Sales Rep) of Festool USA for providing the Festool ATF 55E circular saw for our use and review. I just got the newer Festool saw, so I don't need this one. Do you have any questions, E-Mail Us! Consequently, I thought you might be interested in how the tools are packaged for shipment. Using an efficient dust extractor with a sander significantly extends the life of sandpaper. There are many good and perhaps obvious reasons to use an efficient dust extractor system. E-Mail Us! Bob Marino of Festool asked if I would try the Festool ATF 55E circular saw in our shop and pass on a review. Item number 496308 Functions. To use it, you simply press the stop release and move the stop to the desired depth setting. Since I cut into but not through the hardboard, the Festool dust extractor collects about 90% or more of the sawdust produced on each cut. Over the years is has done duty for the odd jobs and projects around the house. Privacy Policy | Site Map | Terms and Conditions. I did find that for best results you should set the dust extractor directly behind the guide rail. Read and understand all instructions. The Festool ATF 55E comes with a rubber dust extraction fitting that directs the dust directly behind the saw. And it is head and shoulders above our primary saws in regards to details such as depth adjustment (accuracy and ease), blade changing, noise levels, and so forth. Add to Cart Compare . 1 bid. Includes systainer and 55" guide rail. All of the controls are easy to find and use. If you use our Rotex dual mode sander in the aggressive mode with coarse grit sandpaper without dust extraction, the sandpaper will clog up very quickly [similar to a drum sander without dust extraction]. I have read a few reviews of their tools and they always get high marks with one caveat: price. Festool Kreissägeblatt 160 x 2.2 x 20 W48, Feinzahn-Sägeblatt mit W Zahnform, Spanwinkel 5°, passend für für TS 55/TSC 55/ATF 55/AP, Art.-Nr. The circular saws I use in the shop are not designed specifically for cabinetmaking and finish carpentry. The base was not square with the blade as supplied, but I quickly adjusted it by tweaking the two base adjustment screws. In response to my CT22E remarks, Christian Oltzscher of FESTOOL USA writes... By the way, Festool realizes that there is a significant health issue regarding dust. - Festool®, 488916 | Brush Holder Of 1000 E 1 Pair - Festool®, 219047 | Oval Head Screw Pt-3,5X8-T15 - Festool®, 439824 | Motor Housing C Ap 55 - Festool®, 439696 | Chip Deflector Aw-Ap 55 - Festool®, 439973 | Torsion Spring Atf 55 E - Festool®, 443971 | Guide Support At 65 E - Festool®, 442597 | Grub Screw Din 551-M6X12-14H - Festool®, 439236 | Key Ap 55 E Mit Zapfen - Festool®, 228592 | Cup Square Bolt Din 603-M6X12-4.6 - Festool®, 440713 | Rotary Knob D34 M6/8T Blue - Festool®, 438855 | Pivot Insert Ap 55 E Hinten - Festool®, 439789 | Threaded Plate Ap 55 E - Festool®, 438856 | Pivot Insert Ap 55 E Vorne - Festool®, 484685 | Guide Plate Atf 55 E Vollst. Regardless from whom you purchase your Festool tools, most if not all your Festool purchases will be delivered direct to your door from one of two Festool warehouses. 496301 FESTOOL Spannelemente MFT-SP (2 Stück) Festool … It arrived without a scratch. Since we use our DeWALT 364 circular saw with shop-made cutting guides and table as a "panel saw", I enthusiastically accepted the offer to work with the Festool circular saw, its guide rail and a Festool dust extractor. Festool ATF55-E (488369) Circular Saw Parts, 493223 | Armature Atf 55 E 120V Et-Bg - Festool®, 438779 | Cable With Plug Rs 1 Aus Pvc-Heavy-Duty - Festool® Obsolete, 445905 | Mains Cable Ap 55 E Ch-H05Rn-F - Festool®, 450375 | Cable With Plug Of 900 E Usa-Sjo - Festool®, 432436 | Cable Conduit Rtr 1409 - Festool®, 228736 | Countersink M4X10-Taptite-Kt15 - Festool®, 484550 | Retainer Atf 55 E Vollst. discontinued by the manufacturer with no direct replacement. Also, since the guides are made of wood, they are heavy and are prone to getting banged up. They're relatively quiet, easy to wheel around, the hose locks into the inlet, and generally do what a dust extractor should do, suck dust! I noted in my review of the DeWALT 364 that adjusting its depth of cut is a bit awkward. You can improve sanding results by using a dust extractor. Tenryu. Festool 495375 For TS 55 Plunge Saw, 160mm, 20mm Arbor, 48 Tooth, Solid Surface. $30.76 shipping. (Note that this is not uncommon among aftermarket cutting guides. I found the engraved angle lines are accurate, but in use, if I did not set the angle guide (once attached to the guide rail) to a reference board or square, the finished cut was not exactly at the desired angle. The AC cord and vacuum hose provide just enough length to travel a little more than eight feet, in other words, the full length of a sheet of plywood/melamine. In the past I have had to stop in the middle of long rip cuts to insert a shim in the kerf to keep it from closing. Since the dust extractor is on wheels, we can wheel it, the saw, and the guide rail accessories to any location in or outside the shop. Fits TS 55 Festool … Not very scientific, but...). About the only disappointment I've had with any Festool is that I hadn't waited for the TS 55 once I saw one with all the worthwhile improvements mentioned in this thread. 1 bid. Using a dust extractor saves time cleaning up after a job is finished. On its own, the base provides a very stable platform, but combined with the guide rail it is absolutely rock solid stable. Consequently, reaching across a panel with the saw is not a problem, especially with the provided guide rail to guide the cut. They work great. Failure to follow all instructions listed below, may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious personal injury. I have not seen a splitter fitted to a circular saw before. 2.3300 439972 + Add to Cart. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I bought the ATF 55 when they were on closeout. Wow, thanks Christian for your comments. - Festool®, Wilton Cold Front Cooling Fan Parts | WACF-3037. Zubehör Lieferumfang Bestell­Nr. Click to view a brief slide show of the Festool ATF55E. The adjustment screws also serve as "stops", ensuring that the blade will return to 0/90° after setting the blade for a bevel cut, without rechecking or recalibrating the blade to the base. If you figure in the premium top-notch blade (I paid $60.00 for my 7-1/4" Forrest WWII), the guide rail (a non-integrated guide runs about $60), its performance, pleasure of use and a three year warranty (an indication of the tool's reliability), the price does not seem out of line. As long as you do not apply lateral pressure, but do apply downward pressure during a cut, the guides stay in place, even on slick melamine. Part 2 provides a more indepth look at the saw and its unique features, including a few videos. Sure they're great for transporting tools to a job site, but in the shop they basically collect dust. Because the saw is so unique, I wrote this review in two parts.

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