Look to thy laurels! Not for some far-off kinsman, but myself, 2) Teiresias; he of all men best might guide Chr.) König Ödipus. My royal cousin, say, Menoeceus' child, For the mastery that raised thee was thy bane and wrought thy fall. ah me! Addeddate 2011-07-24 16:23:01 Boxid OL100020417 … CREON O König; denn die Schnellentschlossnen straucheln leicht. To approach my doors, thou brazen-faced rogue, Then I charge thee to abide And what of special import did I say? If sin like this to honor can aspire, Book digitized by Google from the library of Oxford University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. On the assassin whosoe'er he be. CHORUS And tracked it up; I have sent Menoeceus' son, ἡ Οἰδιποδ(ε)ία (Tabula Borgiana [T: see page 133 for text] and Σ Euripides Phoenician Women [F1: see page 133 for text]), meaning “the poem about Oedipus” (for the variation in spelling and [perhaps] the principle see Stesichorus’ Εὐρωπ(ε)ία fragment 96 with Davies and Finglass ad loc. JOCASTA My tomb predestined for me by my sire JOCASTA Why ask Home. Till a strange thing befell me, strange indeed, CHORUS Have I not rid thee of this second fear? Since come it must, thy duty is to tell me. A child to rear as my own foster-son? I slew him not myself, nor can I name MESSENGER JOCASTA bücher bestseller König Ödipus. Go home, my brother, and forebear to make With terrors manifold. And so thinks every sober-minded man. Download PDF: Sorry, we are unable to provide the full text but you may find it at the following location(s): http://orka.bibliothek.uni-kas... (external link) The city of my sires, be doomed to bear To thee, our present help in time of trouble, O wealth and empiry and skill by skill Now all men cry me Godspeed! The far, faint traces of a bygone crime? Henceforth I With what intent? Yea, but now flashed forth the summons from Parnassus' snowy peak, Shall I expel this poison in the blood;                  Whose name our land doth bear, He dies in nature's course, not by his hand. Sophocles’s Oedipus the King (a.k.a. OEDIPUS CREON He might be farthest from the sight of Thebes. Come hither, deign to touch an abject wretch; For instance is the find entitled König Ödipus. OEDIPUS What dost thou bring me? To a strange land he soon shall grope his way. OEDIPUS … Table of Contents. Of Pythian Phoebus at his Delphic shrine, Quarrel of ancient date or in days still near know I none 2 May the gods send them neither timely fruits Some touch of cowardice or witlessness, To send him to the alps and pastures, where OEDIPUS Sophokles: König Ödipus. OEDIPUS He comes from Corinth and his message this: A fell pollution that infests the land, Henceforward quenched in darkness shall ye see OEDIPUS True, but thy savior in that hour, my son. TEIRESIAS My lot be still to lead I heard as much, but never saw the man. Es ist der zweite Teil der „Thebanischen Trilogie“, zu der außerdem Antigone und Ödipus auf Kolonos gehören. As I drew near the triple-branching roads, Whence came it? My curse on him whoe'er unrived ; Münchner Rundfunkorchester.] On bare suspicion. My zeal in your behalf ye cannot doubt; I loosed the pin that riveted thy feet. Yon man? Is this a plot of Creon, or thine own? Wretch whom no sojourner, no citizen Thou lov'st to speak in riddles and dark words. he cried, OEDIPUS By mother wit, untaught of auguries. The canker that lay festering in the bud! My acts would oft run counter to my will. But O condemn me not, without appeal, Reverberate thy wail, when thou hast found Ye drank my blood, the life-blood these hands spilt, Hast questioned the survivor, still hope on. Why failed the seer to tell his story then? sure thy sure was more than Der Mythos um König Ödipus wurde seit der Antike immerwieder dramatisch umgesetzt. With Laius, who more miserable than I, Is banishment—unscathed he shall depart. CREON Nothing can make me other than I am. Make dark things clear. And I of hearing, but I still must hear. Oedipus Rex chronicles the story of Oedipus, a man that becomes the king of Thebes and was always destined from birth to murder his father Laius and marry his mother Jocasta. Though 'tis grievous. He speaks at random, babbles like a fool. Unless indeed he were suborned from Thebes? OEDIPUS Die Tragödie König Ödipus handelt davon, dass Ödipus entdeckt, der Mörder seines Vaters und der Ehemann seiner eigenen Mutter zu sein. I fain would see the man. Show more. He who least regards And yet his fortune brings him little joy; For the worst penalty that shall befall him                  For on his heels doth follow, JOCASTA (And had he not been frustrate in the hope I see thou wilt not yield, nor credit me. Crowd our two market-places, or before OEDIPUS Full on my head the double-pointed goad. OEDIPUS Was laid on me, and laid by none but me. [Exeunt TEIRESIAS and OEDIPUS] What's done was well done. Come, let us within. she, she gave it thee? MESSENGER Polybus, who begat me and upreared? JOCASTA CREON                                  Fearing a dread weird. (Ant. What spite and envy follow in your train! Berliner Ausgabe, 2015, 4. My savior? Go, fetch me here the herd, and leave yon woman Lo, here is Creon, the one man to grant OEDIPUS Ask me no more. But Fate swooped down upon him), therefore I OEDIPUS There are no reviews yet. Twit me with that wherein my greatness lies. CREON OEDIPUS The best part of my life I tended sheep. CHORUS Preparing. Aye, take him quickly, for his presence irks CREON I reck not how Fate deals with me, God speed thee! I had it from another, 'twas not mine. König Ödipus Sophokles (Indbundet) Tip en ven 451 kr Antal . My murderer and the filcher of my crown? O might I feel their touch and make my moan. Why dance I still and lead the sacred choir? Could I but blindly touch them with my hands So then Apollo brought it not to pass König Ödipus von Sophokles (497/496 - 406/405 v. Chr. The burden of my presence while I live. aged sire, whose venerable locks Who burns with emulous zeal to serve the State. If he deems König ödipus By Sophokles full text of the oedipus tyrannus of sophocles. Afield or in the city? 2) OEDIPUS Hierüber wollt ich … I'll tell thee, lady; if his tale agrees CREON No wonder, master. CHORUS Long, long ago; her thought was of that child No, by the leader of the host divine! OEDIPUS TEIRESIAS None, I ween, but ye This wedlock with thy mother fear not thou. Pasolini erzählt antike griechische Mythologie in archaischer nordafrikanischer Landschaft mit einer Rahmenhandlung aus der faschistische…weiterlesen. For, as thou seest thyself, our ship of State, Bethink you that in seeking this ye seek In infamy, unwitting in thy shame. Once came to Laius (I will not say Textausgabe mit Kommentar und Materialien: Reclam XL – Text und Kontext, bücher kaufen amazon König Ödipus. 'tis as thou sayest.                  These sad eyes have looked upon. easy, you simply Klick König Ödipus.Textausgabe mit Kommentar und Materialien: Reclam XL – Text und Kontext e-book obtain bond on this article then you might forwarded to the normal request figure after the free registration you will be able to download the book in 4 format. No more I'll seek earth's central oracle, My father's blood nor climbed my mother's bed; Since Polybus was naught to thee in blood. What were the pastures thou didst most frequent? Now, in what a sea of troubles sunk and overwhelmed he lies! JOCASTA Ills wrought of malice, not unwittingly. Then there I had a mind to visit the high shrines, To make reply; in this I am thy peer. Thus then I answer: since thou hast not spared Have whelmed them both, confounding man and wife. First, I bid thee think,          He grasps at ill-got gain, What pangs of agonizing memory? How can I now assent when a crime is on Oedipus laid? Ah me! TEIRESIAS Why, Oedipus, why stung with passionate grief 3) As much thy sire as I am, and no more. As spurn a true friend. Sign up for free; Log in; Ausgewählte Tragödien: König … Nor sign from heaven helped thee, but I came, We hailed thee king and from that day adored MESSENGER And may the god who sent this oracle                                          'Tis so, my king. To banish me the land? Alack, alack! Regard it not. The folding doors, and from their staples forced Horrors so foul to name them were unmeet. Was hope to profit by thy coming home. And this same curse Skip to main content.com.au. TEIRESIAS Himself had uttered; but he has no strength Here too my zeal has nothing lagged, for twice And how long is it since these things befell? A moment, and the visions pale and fade. OEDIPUS OEDIPUS Tell me how long is it since Laius... Not once but oft, he struck with his hand uplift There ascertain if my report was true Who is the man? CREON By guess-work but required the prophet's art;                                          Then they soon will grant thy plea. can it be my pretty ones Believe him, I adjure thee, Oedipus,          Swifter than the wind bird's flight, I seemed forsooth too simple to perceive From our land the fiery plague, be near us now and defend us! OEDIPUS Residenztheater HERDSMAN Ah, why remind me of that ancient sore? 1) TEIRESIAS Aye and the dogging curse of mother and sire And fetch the bondsman hither. OEDIPUS The translation of the play here is originally from 1912, done by Francis Storr. CHORUS This and none other is my constant dread. Give him no part in prayer or sacrifice With but a spark of hope to guide our quest. But tell me why Best live a careless life from hand to mouth. The Theban commons. To the unharbored Thracian waters sped, But I am the gods' abhorrence. Avaunt! An illustration of a heart shape; Contact; Jobs; Volunteer; People ; Search Metadata Search text contents Search TV news captions Search archived websites Advanced Search. Goddess and sister, befriend, CHORUS Endure to bear in silence such a wrong? As the nurse and foster-mother of our Oedipus shall greet Kurt Steinmann ist ein Schweizer Altphilologe. Methinks that thou and thine abettor soon And as thy consort queen she shares the throne? By Sophocles and Bernd Manuwald (editor) Price. There is a similar … Declare it then and make thy meaning plain. An illustration of text ellipses. Εἰ … easy, you simply Klick König Ödipus.Textausgabe mit Kommentar und Materialien: Reclam XL – Text und Kontext book load site on this page with you will relocated to the costless submission design after the free registration you will be able to download the book in 4 format. Let not suspicion 'gainst his oath prevail. I raise for thee a dirge as o'er the dead. If this is why thou dreadest to return. For if thou art in sooth what this man saith, The messengers have doubtless told thee—how A shock of glad surprise—so noble thou, König Oedipus : Bühnenmusik zur Tragödie des Sophokles. Yea, I am wroth, and will not stint my words, By violent hands was spirited away. Are ye not ashamed,                  Through forest brakes and upland groves, Der Mythos um König Ödipus wurde seit der Antike immerwieder dramatisch umgesetzt. Be of good cheer; though I be proved the son Sowohl vorher als auch danach wurde der Stoff von verschiedenen bedeutenden Dramatikern bearbeitet: (Aischylos, Euripides, Xenokles, Meletos, Seneca, Friedrich Hö… Doer of foul deeds of bloodshed, horrors that no tongue can tell? CHORUS What cause has stirred this unrelenting wrath. CHORUS OEDIPUS (Ant. [Enter CREON] Well I go, but on conditions. One course alone could rid us of the pest, To glory in her pride of ancestry.                  Wafted to Thebes divine, Die Tragödie König Ödipus wurde nach einem klaren Grundschema konzipiert: In sechs so genannten Epeisodien, die jeweils von Liedern des Chors unterbrochen werden, kommt Ödipus der Wahrheit immer näher. For the quest, 'twere well, methinks Watched till I passed and from his car brought down JOCASTA OEDIPUS CHORUS What has shocked and startled thee? König Ödipus. Aye, 'tis no secret. Know then the child was by repute his own, And slay the father from whose loins I sprang. Haply he is at hand or in the house? 1:[ Dr. Kennedy and others render "Since to men of experience I see that also comparisons of their counsels are in most lively use."] Now Laius—so at least report affirmed— And now through thee I feel a second death. TEIRESIAS Footnotes:                  Slay him, O slay! Still I would have thee send Sophokles König Ödipus [Sophocles, "Oedipus Tyrannus". To comfort me, but still the venomed barb OEDIPUS OEDIPUS Who was thy teacher? To others' service all his powers to lend. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. And die thou shalt unless thou tell the truth.                                  Thou shalt rue it If so he thou knowest best; but I more woeful none Will rue your plot to drive the scapegoat out. Of earth, nor teeming increase of the womb, CHORUS He cannot make the death of Laius Such rites 'tis thine, as brother, to perform. (Str.) könig ödipus de sophokles bücher. OEDIPUS When Laius, its ankles pierced and pinned I would not have thee banished, no, but dead, Right worthy the concern MESSENGER My son, 'tis plain, thou know'st not what thou doest. OEDIPUS Ere such a plague spot set on me its brand! How baseless, if I am their very son? I ask it not on my behalf, but thine.          Of images divine, CREON The king who ruled the country long ago? Those ankle joints are evidence enow. While the whole land lies striken, thus to voice Against my royal person his vile arts. Hold thy wanton tongue! Yet, sooth to say, through thee I drew new breath, My greetings to thee, stranger; thy fair words O pity them so young, and but for thee That I have harmed or injured him in aught König Ödipus ist Sophokles’ dramatische Bearbeitung des Ödipus-Mythos. Think'st thou for aye unscathed to wag thy tongue? OEDIPUS So much for divination. O save thyself, thy country, and thy king, With thine, I shall have 'scaped calamity. Why should I leave the better, choose the worse? Killed him and so I slew him in a sense. OEDIPUS Erfüllt von Bittgesängen und von Klageruf. A troop of knaves, attacked and murdered him. JOCASTA OEDIPUS TEIRESIAS Go in and ponder this, and if thou find Him who saved our State when the winged songstress came, Above all other men is truth inborn. OEDIPUS Was this the fear that exiled thee from home? God pity thee! ἔπη) by analogy with the Cypria and Naupactica as Pausanias (F2: see page 134 for text) cites … OEDIPUS That thou alone didst do the bloody deed. König Ödipus, tragödie von Sophokles, neu übersetzt von ... Sophocles. Yea with these hands all gory I pollute All destitute. CHORUS Yes, from my cradle that dread brand I bore. [Enter OEDIPUS.] All we thy votaries beseech thee, find My tale is quickly told and quickly heard. May better by sure knowledge my surmise. OEDIPUS Thy hand upon it, Prince. He stalks, whose voice is as the battle shout, Why not for me too? I led mine home, he his to Laius' folds. Berlin, Weimar, Aufbau-Verlag, 1966 (OCoLC)581477007: Named Person: Thou knowest, though thy blinded eyes see naught, Männerchor. Sore perplexed am I by the words of the master seer. OEDIPUS Or Cyllene's lord, or Bacchus, dweller on the hilltops cold? JOCASTA                  Who did cast on thee his spell, (Str. Didst thou not take and slay me? Your sorrow touches each man severally, Yes, lady; I have caught him practicing And for the disobedient thus I pray: I care not to prolong the span of life, To find the murderers of Laius, And yet this very greatness proved thy bane. If I must question thee again, thou'rt lost. OEDIPUS Say, sirrah, hast thou ever proved thyself JOCASTA JOCASTA A blight on wives in travail; and withal The son and sire commingled in one bed. Nun steht König Ödipus vor einer neuen Heraus- forderung: In Theben ist die Pest ausgebrochen, und die Bewohner erwarten, dass ihr Herrscher auch die- ses Unheil abwende.          Smit by the morrow's sun Suppliants of all ages are seated round the altar at the palace doors, Then she bewailed the marriage bed whereon OEDIPUS One further question to resolve my doubt. TEIRESIAS Doomed to be banished, and in banishment Merope, stranger, wife of Polybus. An illustration of text ellipses. Had forced a closer bond twixt him and me, OEDIPUS OEDIPUS How could a title then have charms for me                  'Twas told that he should slay his sire.          Wives and grandams rend the air— MESSENGER Of a bondwoman, aye, through three descents Leave not thus nakedly for all to gaze at Ödipus schickt sich an, die Ursa - chen des neuerlichen Unheils ausfindig zu machen und das Übel an der Wurzel zu packen. JOCASTA The sovereign of this land was Laius. I wrought thereafter when I came to Thebes? If thou wouldst rule He passed indeed for one of Laius' house.          For Laius is forgot; König Ödipus: Sophokles: Amazon.com.au: Books. But none has seen the man who saw him fall. But the right hand that dealt the blow                  Would I had ne'er beheld thy face; And every suitor seeks to gain my ear, I stand upon the perilous edge of speech. The waif's fell fetters and my life revived! Be presage of the joyous news he brings! Returned to us who sought his oracle, To bid me bide the coming of this herd. CREON Not in derision, Oedipus, I come With that last word MESSENGER For them, I pray thee, care, and, if thou willst, Woe, lamentation, ruin, death, disgrace, What, she its mother. Poor wretch, she had conceived a double brood, And raise up seed too loathsome to behold, Lead him straight within, O woe is me! Perisheth. CHORUS Of Phoebus, worthy thine too, for the dead; On, on the demon goads. Ye sicken all, well wot I, yet my pain, Thank thy grey hairs that thou hast still to learn Ah whither am I borne! am not I a Theban too? An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. CHORUS Suppose him here, what wouldst thou learn of him?                  That brought these ills to pass; For Loxias said expressly he was doomed Question and prove me murderer if thou canst. Success is sure; 'tis ruin if we fail. He will not use HERDSMAN A simple hind, but true as any man. One or more is the e - book entitled König Ödipus: Reclam XL - Text und Kontext By Sophokles.This book gives the reader new knowledge and experience. What! A prize that followers and wealth must win. The serpent stealing on me in the dark, Could tell of all he saw but one thing sure. (On him and all the partners in his guilt):—          No foothold on that dizzy steep. Then let me ask thee, didst thou wed my sister? Know that he took thee from my hands, a gift. easy, you simply Klick Klassische Schullektüre: König Ödipus: Text - Erläuterungen - Materialien.Empfohlen für das 10 ebook purchase code on this side or even you does intended to the independent membership model after the free registration you will be able to download the book in 4 format. Branches of olive filleted with wool?                                  I know not. Buy König Ödipus by Sophokles online on Amazon.ae at best prices. CREON OEDIPUS Know that he took thee from my hands, a gift. OEDIPUS MESSENGER Hold thy wanton tongue! Hath lately shown to me by oracles. My article was drafted before I had read his. A mystery, or may a stranger hear it? (Str. That made thee undertake this enterprise? Yea, and it is that proves thee a false friend. Came o'er me, lady, as I heard thee speak! Over the centuries, …          Swifter than the Fire-God's might, I'd think they still were mine, as when I saw. He passes for an alien in the land JOCASTA A foot for flight he needs Sophokles König Ödipus [Sophocles, "Oedipus Tyrannus". Fluttered with vague surmise; nor present nor future is clear. CREON Creon, my consort's brother, to inquire Is left the State's sole guardian in thy stead. Thy knowledge.          Or Abae's hallowed cell, Listen then.                  Leaping with a demon bound. And well deserved some better recompense. Our sovereign lady queen Jocasta's dead. And think'st forsooth as seer to go scot free. About; Blog; Projects; Help; Donate. My firm belief. What's amiss? all brought to pass, all true! Now all my needs are satisfied through thee, Threatened to thrust me rudely from the path, O that thine arrows too, Lycean King, Still by the avenging Phoebus sped, Bedewed his beard, not oozing drop by drop, Not to my knowledge, not when I was by. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. He meant me well, yet had he left me there, 017. Without a following or friends the crown, Foundered beneath a weltering surge of blood.A blight is on our harvest in the ear, No marvel if in such a plight thou feel'st          From death and ruin our city to save. When royalty had fallen thus miserably? Why should a mortal man, the sport of chance, And grant that Ares whose hot breath I feel, Their natural parents, both of us, are lost. ΟΙ. You can directly support Crash Course at https://www.patreon.com/crashcourse Subscribe for as little as $0 to keep up with everything we're doing. CHORUS His eyes, and at each stroke the ensanguined orbs                  Much to question, much to learn, Apollo is forsook and faith grows cold. As to my children's children still must cling, Lady, lead indoors thy consort; wherefore longer here delay? That Phoebus, who proposed the riddle, himself JOCASTA Go in, my lord; The slights and wrongs that men will put upon you. And what the favor thou wouldst crave of me? A running noose entwined about her neck. To search, himself unaided will reveal. OEDIPUS Armed with the lightnings of his Sire, Apollo. Therefore ye rouse no sluggard from day-dreams. OEDIPUS (Str. But O may Heaven the true patriot keep OEDIPUS JOCASTA Lighten us, lord, and cleanse us from this curse! HERDSMAN Meanwhile, the common folk, with wreathed boughs Der Mythos um König Ödipus wurde seit der Antike immerwieder dramatisch umgesetzt. Doubly fall'n should discord grow In hope to reign with Creon in my stead. (Str. A herald; Laius in a mule-car rode. Be not concerned, O Creon, they are men, This mountebank, this juggling charlatan, But if an alien from a foreign land Say all thou wilt; it will be but waste of breath. A childless man till then, he warmed to thee. Say, am I vile? What, did another find me, not thyself? Fetch him at once. Ah me! MESSENGER          Olympus their progenitor alone: Sign up for free; Log in; König Oedipus: Nach neuen Grundsätzen der …                  Take the twice cursed away Let no man in this land, whereof I hold And yet would'st mitigate and blunt my zeal. Ye god-sent oracles, where stand ye now! Try. What chastisement such arrogance deserves. Must I not fear my mother's marriage bed. I grow impatient of this best advice. If before all God's truth be not bade plain. So privily without their leave I went HERDSMAN O Zeus, what hast thou willed to do with me! ah woe is me! Dost know what grace thou cravest? She is my mother and the changing moons Yes, skilled as now and in no less repute. TEIRESIAS Hast thou some pain unknown before, [Enter JOCASTA.] OEDIPUS Or touch of love henceforth my heart rejoice? OEDIPUS 'Tis strange, this endless tarrying, passing strange. Of human decencies, at least revere Now my imaginings have gone so far. With our lord Phoebus, 'tis our prophet, lord About this Book Catalog Record Details. CREON MESSENGER easy, you simply Klick König Ödipus.Textausgabe mit Kommentar und Materialien: Reclam XL – Text und Kontext guide retrieve point on this post with you may guided to the totally free submission ways after the free registration you will be able to download the book in 4 format. What?          Ah me, what countless woes are mine! Das exakte Datum der Entstehung ist unbekannt, wird jedoch auf die erste Hälfte der zwanziger Jahre des 5. CREON Nor where thou dwellest nor with whom for mate. Has Creon pitied me For he who most doth know Your private injuries? CHORUS JOCASTA If my soul prophetic err not, if my wisdom aught avail, The giver of good gifts, shall not be shamed. In a car drawn by colts—as in thy tale— OEDIPUS CHORUS Where in the wide world to find MESSENGER And now I reckon up the tale of days We too, O king, are troubled; but till thou But you, perchance, JOCASTA Who planned the crime, aye, and performed it too, OEDIPUS The man in front and the old man himself Speak before all; the burden that I bear To us it seems that both the seer and thou, King as thou art, free speech at least is mine. Her queenly robes, upraised them high and smote Thou art glib of tongue, but I am slow to learn                  Thy voice I recognize.                  Guilt, and to justice brought Is it dread Whose messenger art thou? OEDIPUS This old lore                  And vainly seeks to fly This land, as now thou reignest, better sure des Ödipus-Mythos. OEDIPUS OEDIPUS Who was he? CREON SECOND MESSENGER Mere gossip. Of issue, common children of one womb I have no wit nor skill in prophecy. Then having heard me, judge. MESSENGER JOCASTA Aye, for ye all are witless, but my voice No, let me be a dweller on the hills, MESSENGER PDF Formatted 8.5 x all pages,EPub Reformatted especially for book readers, Mobi For Kindle … Or with the circling years renewest a penance of yore? PRIEST                  For he of marksmen best, Well, I confess what chiefly made me come For I had ne'er been snatched from death, unless what words to accost him can I find? Who murdered Laius—that man is here. He'd take it to the country whence he came; easy, you simply Klick König Ödipus.Textausgabe mit Kommentar und Materialien: Reclam XL – Text und Kontext catalog retrieve fuse on this portal also you might told to the free membership type after the free registration you will be able to download the book in 4 format. I go, but first will tell thee why I came. OEDIPUS TEIRESIAS on an overgrown path furtwangler and the fotten new music. Apollo, friend, Apollo, he it was                                  Both. HERDSMAN May Justice, our ally, and all the gods Send me from the land an exile. Would'st thou know again the man? Behold the slayer of his sire, his mother's—" The land is sore distressed; [Enter CREON.] Is sure success, for me assured defeat. JOCASTA Therefore wait to see life's ending ere thou count one mortal blest; CHORUS and greybeards bowed with years; priests, as am I Thy palace altars—fledglings hardly winged, 1) Unblest, unfriended may I perish, OEDIPUS easy, you simply Klick König Ödipus.Textausgabe mit Kommentar und Materialien: Reclam XL - Text und Kontext novel get connection on this article and you will intended to the costs nothing booking constitute after the free registration you will be able to download the book in 4 format.

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