The same applies to employees who do not wish to return to work for valid reasons related to the current corona crisis, such as family members belonging to the risk group and living in the same household. The proof requires written confirmation from the respective employer […], which also confirms that the custodian is absolutely necessary for the organisation. Please also note the information for those entering Saxony (German only, state: August 7, 2020) provided by the State Ministry of Social Affairs and Cohesion. Members of Chemnitz University of Technology can contact the Psychosocial Counseling Center of the Chair of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy in case of acute psychological stress or problems by calling +49 371 531-28404. No further or prior examination by the Human Resources Department is required in these cases. : X R 32/11). Corona : German - English translations and synonyms (BEOLINGUS Online dictionary, TU Chemnitz) However, only a limited work capacity can be guaranteed. may be held. examinations should, as far as possible, be offered as online exams. It also lives on your assistance. During the New Year's stand-by period from 2 to 10 January 2021, only core team members will have access. TU Chemnitz lädt vom 12. bis 21. The online meeting can also be recorded and made available to participants afterwards. [for] staff, insofar as they participate in approved events (courses, exams) of universities […]”, show no symptoms of the Covid-19 disease, and, have not been in contact with a person infected with SARS-CoV-2 or 14 days have elapsed since contact with a person infected with SARS-CoV-2 and they do not show symptoms of Covid-19. Twelfth Open Letter from the President regarding the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), President's Letter 59/2020: Current regulations for conducting exams and business trips regarding the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), Eleventh Open Letter from the President regarding the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), Tenth Open Letter from the President regarding the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), Ninth Open Letter from the President regarding the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), Eighth Open Letter from the President regarding the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), Seventh Open Letter from the President regarding the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), Sixth Open Letter from the President regarding the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), Fifth Open Letter from the President regarding the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), Fourth Open Letter from the President regarding the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), Third Open Letter from the President regarding the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), President's Letter 17/2020: Current preventive measures with regard to the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), President's Letter 16/2020: Information from the Free State of Saxony on the subject of corona virus, Second Open Letter from the President regarding the the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), First Open Letter from the President regarding the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), President’s Letter 12/2020: Information and notes to be observed regarding the corona virus. Die App bündelt zahlreiche Informationen und Dienstleistungen rund um das Studium an der Technischen Universität Chemnitz. Here you can use the tools DFNConnect and DFNConf provided by DFN. Oral exams may only be conducted on site if they cannot be conducted online and the hygiene and safety regulations can be observed. Neben Studierenden und Mitarbeitern der Universität kehren auch zahlreiche Gäste für ein Mittagspäuschen oder einem Plausch mit Freunden beim Schmausen ein. Depending on the nature of the room, the use of an acrylic glass barrier should also be considered. In this case, please contact the contact person in the responsible DAAD department directly, as the decision on how to deal with expenses already incurred can be made solely by the DAAD. Basierend auf Ihrem Feedback erfährt die TU Chemnitz App Anpassungen und Erweiterungen. 5,048 were here. The (university) public is only to be involved digitally, e.g. This means for students: You can refuse recognition of an exam even after you have received the grade. Das # Kulturticket für # TUChemnitz-Studis geht in die 2.Runde! Furthermore, the University Management has given the Chairmen of the Examination Committees the opportunity to allow oral examinations and defences or colloquia of theses via video conference. section 2.3.1 of the Human Resources Department. This means: Operations at Chemnitz University of Technology will be shut down to an absolutely necessary minimum until 22 December 2020. If the possibility of mobile work does not exist, unpaid leave in accordance with § 29 Para. is to be restricted to a minimum. The voting manager enters a title and a text for the vote. Since 1 June 2020 and 13 July 2020, respectively the following principles of selective and restricted presence operation and its second stage have been in force: For employees of Chemnitz University of Technology, the introduction of the selective and limited presence operation and its second stage means that…. If required and on request, employees receive a confirmation of the duration and performance of their mobile work from TU Chemnitz for the preparation of their tax return for the year 2020. What do I have to do if I arrive from a risk area? , the following separate measures have been adopted for the period of the turn of the year 2020/2021: , the already communicated regulations for, Already on 23 December 2020, there will no longer be any on-site work at Chemnitz University of Technology. Employees and students who have been in contact with the suspected cases, quarantine or infection cases have been informed and were asked not to come to the university for the time being as a preventive measure. Steps to be Observed for Virtual Meetings. corona Anlässlich der durch das Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) eingetretenen Situation hat die TU Chemnitz einen Krisenstab eingerichtet, um alle notwendigen Maßnahmen zu definieren und zu initiieren. the chairman of the examination board has approved the use of video conferences to conduct defenses for the corresponding degree program (. External committee members who do not have an account can apply for an account before the first meeting using the form. The following FAQ provides answers to the most important questions regarding a fast – not perfect – virtualization of teaching in response to the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Outside office hours you can also contact the Central Examination Office with your request by e-mail. it is pointed out that due to the current situation (. a possible requirement of openness to the public should also be observed in the case of video conferences (since according to § 56 SächsHSFG the Senate and the Extended Senate meet publicly at the university level and the Faculty Councils meet publicly at the faculty level). Currently, there are also restrictions on the allocation and use of rooms for internal requests. You can read about these and other regulations in the Hygiene Concept (PDF) of TU Chemnitz. If there are no objections, the voting manager finally determines the result. If the trip is absolutely necessary, make an appointment in good time with the Foreigners' Registration Office by telephone under 0371 488-3371 and apply for an extension of your residence permit if necessary. I belong to the group of people at Chemnitz University of Technology who need regular access to university buildings due to absolutely necessary activities on site. Further information can be found on the TU4U website. Events (except for centrally prioritized and approved courses) such as conferences, workshops etc. The basis for this is the strict adherence to the, Furthermore, additional hygiene concepts apply for, For courses, exams and events on site the, For on-site examinations and courses, the, To supplement the shift and occupancy plans, the. 1 sentence 2 SächsHSFG, the public could be excluded – for which purpose a balancing of interests is necessary: “between the weighty interest in leaving the formation of opinion transparent and open” and “the weighty interests which argue for exclusion”, whereby reasons of health protection can be taken into account. modalities of arrival and departure (e.g. What will happen to practical courses, which usually take place during the lecture-free period, e.g. In order to effectively contain the virus, there are therefore recommendations to extend the period of time within which new infections occur. If you are travelling from a risk area, please note the question "What do I have to do if I am travelling from a risk area? The gym of the Center for Sports and Health Promotion (ZfSG) at Chemnitz University of Technology were closed in March 2020. Business trips cannot be approved for the period of the New Year's stand-by operation – not even upon separate application to the University Management or the Crisis Management Team. In addition, the meeting should be carefully recorded in minutes. All parcels are accepted at Straße der Nationen and from there they are forwarded by DATA Kurier to Reichenhainer Straße 70 (Post Office). If you are currently in your home country and have not yet picked up your certificate, it may be necessary for you to apply for a new visa. e-learning websites of Chemnitz University of Technology. 1 IfSG, anyone who is carrying a disease, is presumed to be carrying a disease, or may be subject to infection in the sense of § 31 sentence 2 IfSG and therefore is prohibited from working and suffers a loss of income, will receive monetary compensation. If the form of teaching or examination differs from the module description, students will be granted nonrecognition of an exam taken in the winter semester 2020/2021 if the application for nonrecognition (without stating reasons) is submitted to the ZPA by September 30, 2021 (whichever comes first) at the latest. For the exact daytime availability, please refer to the website of the city of Chemnitz. anyone who want to be tested can do so in the following times: It is also possible to have a test done by your GP. Please contact the regional health agency responsible for your place of residence immediately, e.g. the presence of employees of the TU Chemnitz at the university is only possible for urgent work and work that can only be carried out in presence. Regulation for the period of New Year's stand-by operation: In the period from 2 to 10 January 2021, neither on-site courses nor other on-site events such as committee meetings, etc. With reference to the President's Letter 59/2020, please submit the following documents or information for the purpose of reviewing your application for such a business trip: Please note that the Rectorate can only decide on your application for a business trip if all the above-mentioned documents are submitted in full, taking into account a possible deterioration of the rolling weekly incidence at the travel destination. Students with hearing and visual impairments are particularly dependent on digital accessibility. The only exceptions to this are activities that are absolutely necessary and comply with the regulations during closures. If this is not possible in an individual case, the following options are also available (in each case, the prerequisite is that no other care option is available): In the case of the closure of schools, daycare centers, or other care facilities or their partial closure due to the spread of the coronavirus: Provided that this does not conflict with official or operational interests, civil servants pursuant to § 14 para. In consultation with the respective supervisor, the monthly number of hours agreed in the employment contract is to be performed in mobile work. You can hold your lecture virtually from your desk, either live or recorded. The issuance of a separate certificate by Chemnitz University of Technology is currently not planned. However, he should be offered the possibility of voluntarily wearing a mouth-nose cover. Several votes can be taken for each session. Since 25 March 2020, parcel/mail acceptance and distribution has been handled as follows: Individual arrangements for the collection of mail by the different branches are possible within the opening hours. Der Großteil der Bevölkerung ist vielleicht auch kritisch eingestellt, aber im Großen und Ganzen immer noch positiv zu den Corona-Maßnahmen. You can start and stop recording via “Control”. Betriebsruhe über Weihnachten vom 21.12.2020 bis 10.01.2021. In the event of no sign-out or a (considerable) exceeding of the length of stay, the security service provider is required to arrange for a corresponding property check by the patrol service. 3 Sentence 2 TV-L or flexitime credits or vacation can be claimed. Until 31.05.2020, you can use public transportation until 31.05.2020 with your imprint of the winter semester 2019/20 (WS19/20 V STIK or WS19/20 STURA) and a current certificate of enrollment from the summer semester 2020! Requests for parallel calls can be made in the VoIP area of the IdM portal. Examples of possible alternative forms of examination to the written exam are, but are not limited to the following: According to the Examination Regulation (cf. Here you can find a list of the most important links and contact information: We would like to thank everyone who is working on offering teaching online and everyone who is working on improving the infrastructure and support for this. If business trips are to be taken outside of this regulation, it is possible that the Rectorate may approve exceptions in particularly justified cases. Approval by the crisis management team is not required. before starting a journey, even if it is only planned for the near future. Will this regulation be maintained in view of the situation? Tenth Open Letter from the President regarding the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) from 1 October 2020 states: "Violations of the hygiene concept are not tolerable regarding the protection of our employees, students, and guests and must be punished with the means available. Prof. Dr. Gerd Strohmeier, President of TU Chemnitz (Chairman), Prof. Dr. Uwe Götze, Vice President for Transfer and Academic Qualification, Prof. Dr. Maximilian Eibl, Vice President for Academic and International Affairs, Prof. Dr. Jörn Ihlemann, Vice President for Research and Junior Researchers, Frank Hohaus/Dr. This restriction has since been lifted for travellers within the EU. If you wish to postpone or cancel an exam, this is also possible. Where can I find further information about coronavirus? The development of the current situation is very dynamic. In order to master the summer semester 2020 in a well-organized and motivated way, the team has put together a lot of valuable information on its website on the topics of online learning from home, dealing with procrastination, and support with writing projects. ", the RKI has also published an orientation guide for the public with advice on the correct behaviour when COVID-19-typical disease symptoms occur. However, the underlying testing may not have been carried out before 5 days after entry into Germany. Until 31.05.2020, you can use public transportation until 31.05.2020 with your imprint of the winter semester 2019/20 (WS19/20 V STIK or WS19/20 STURA) and a current certificate of enrollment from the summer semester 2020! Depending on the file size this may take a while. Studies involving participants and surveys can currently be carried out on-site if this is necessary, if hygiene and protection regulations can be fully observed, and if additional, special hygiene concepts are developed and cleared with the company medical service (for this purpose, please send an e-mail to Diana Schreiterer, e-mail kontakt-corona@..., phone +49 371 531-35267). If your delayed arrival is a consequence of circumstances caused by the coronavirus, the Student Service Point will handle your delayed enrolment after 30 April 2020 favorably. We therefore ask you to always check the homepage of Chemnitz University of Technology and this FAQ page of the Office for Security at Work and Environment Protection (BfAU). The primary goal of Chemnitz University of Technology is to protect the health of all employees, members, students and guests of the university. ), with the exception of the person giving the lecture and in addition to maintaining the minimum distance of 1.5 metres, a mouth-nose cover is mandatory. There are no separate times on site for patients with symptoms or patients without symptoms, i.e. This would mean that all participants could see each other and ensure and assure that no unauthorised participants are present. 2 SächsUrlMuEltVO or exemption in accordance with § 45 SGB V or § 29 para. Consequently, all employees are instructed, as before, to make use of mobile work as far as possible and to be present at Chemnitz University of Technology (within the framework of the existing quota regulation) exclusively for urgent work that can only be carried out on site. 2 BAföG, the submission date for certificates of achievement may also be postponed accordingly. In principle, Chemnitz University of Technology advises against spending a semester abroad in one of the towns and regions classified as risk areas. No, unrestricted use is not possible until further notice. Online Platform for Academic Teaching and Learning, Education Portal Saxony: E-Learning Starting Guide, Guide for teaching and learning scenarios, Blog entry of the URZ about the workshop “Tests und Umfragen mit ONYX”, Bildungsportal Sachsen: Self-study module eExam on OPAL, Introduction and examples of the TU Dresden. due to lung diseases like asthma bronchiale). may be held. Digital media (videoconferencing) should also be used in the conduct of job interviews in order to protect the health of all those involved. Is a (regular) appearance of employees on site in the buildings of Chemnitz University of Technology permitted during selective and limited presence operation? However, the signed original timesheets must be kept and submitted in good time. TU Chemnitz - Straße der Nationen 62, 09111 Chemnitz, Germany - Rated 4.7 based on 85 Reviews "Hi Team TU Chemnitz. From 24 December 2020 to 1 January 2021, Chemnitz University of Technology will remain closed as agreed with the Staff Council (cf. If you have any further questions, please contact the responsible experts of section 3.2.2 via telephone. anyone who want to be tested can do so in the given times. in the case of meetings by videoconference, a situation “similar to a face-to-face meeting” should be created where possible. (PDF info sheet from, How can I prevent infections? Corona-Lage in Chemnitz: TU-Mitarbeiter sollen Gesundheitsämter unterstützen 19.12.2020 . People with disabilities are exempt from the obligation to wear a mouth-nose mask if they are not able to do so. What is the procedure for cancelling trips and events as part of project funding by the DAAD? Die Mensa der Technischen Universität Chemnitz in der Reichenhainer Straße ist ein beliebter Treffpunkt der ganzen Stadt. How can I currently contact the Foreigners Registration Office in Chemnitz? The business traveller is obliged to strictly observe the hygiene and protection regulations and to inform himself/herself about the specific regulations applicable on site regulated by the respective federal state and to comply with them accordingly. TU Chemnitz 25.01.2021 25 Jan Transdisziplinärer Dialog Mensch-Technik und KI Der Umgang mit den gesellschaftlichen Herausforderungen im Bereich … TU Chemnitz 16.03.2021 16 Mär 3. The main factor in the spread of the coronavirus is time. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has issued a decree that BAföG recipients should not suffer any disadvantages from the COVID-19 pandemic. In appropriate cases, this includes notification to the City of Chemnitz to initiate fine proceedings in accordance with § 8 paragraph 2 of the Sächsische Corona-Schutz-Verordnung (Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance), disciplinary measures in accordance with § 17 paragraph 2 of the house rules of Chemnitz University of Technology (admonition, expulsion from the buildings and open spaces, house ban) and, with regard to employees, disciplinary measures (admonitions, formal warnings and – in particularly serious individual cases – extraordinary dismissals). In addition, a two-week quarantine may be necessary when returning from a then possibly declared risk area. Corona-Lage in Chemnitz: 263 Covid-Patienten im Krankenhaus, 45 auf der Intensivstation 15.12.2020 Corona in Sachsen: 111 weitere Todesfälle binnen 24 Stunden Employees who cannot or cannot fully (continue to) make use of mobile work may only return to their workplace – after consultation with their line manager – if they are absolutely required for the New Year's stand-by operation. Damit Eltern besonderer Kinder sich nicht alleine fühlen 02.12.2020 . Together you can discuss alternative examination forms and times. For primary schools, after-school care centres and secondary schools, however, the restricted regular operation continued until the summer holidays. The applicant must submit a declaration that he/she has actually performed/completed the relevant examination. Ausnahmen gelten - wie bereits im vergangenen Semester - für Labortätigkeiten, Praktika, (sport-)praktische und künstlerische Ausbildungsabschnitte und Prüfungen. anyone who want to be tested can do so in the following times: Opening hours between Christmas and New Year: Please also consult the patient guidelines for citzen of Chemnitz regarding testing for the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 (German only). How should DFG-funded projects continue in the current situation and the resulting disruptions in regular research activity? by telephone or video conference), if compelling official reasons are presented - however, from November 2, 2020, only within Germany and for trips to areas that do not have an. on site (Version 1.3, December 16, 2020), Additional special information on lending and inter-library loan at the University Library (Version 1.3, December 15, 2020), Additional special instructions for written exams held in attendance for examinees (Version 1.3, September 17, 2020), Icons for Corona Communication (Download). However, they are asked to ensure that the current minimum level of operation is guaranteed and that Chemnitz University of Technology is fully operational after selectice and limited presence operation. This also applies when, for example, exams are postponed until after the standard duration of study. Employees of Chemnitz University of Technology who are not part of the core team are instructed to make use of mobile work as far as possible (without making a separate application - after consultation with the respective line manager), unless they have taken leave or are reducing accrued overtime. Consequently, business trips will only be possible as an exception requiring special justification and should be reduced to an absolute minimum. In addition, forms with the contact details of those present must be kept by the sections in order to be able to trace contact chains if necessary. The corona virus hotline +49 371 488-5302 is also staffed over Christmas and New Year. Furthermore, persons with health restrictions may refrain from wearing a mouth-nose mask if they are not able to do so (e.g. You can find more information on the contact page of the ZPA. Shift schedules should ensure that fixed teams are formed wherever possible, i.e. All members of the examination commission then send the original signatures to the Central Examination Office (ZPA) by (in-house) mail. Since personal documents may have to be checked when processing the application and access data may have to be sent by post, the application should be submitted 14 days in advance. TU Chemnitz 25.01.2021 25 Jan Transdisziplinärer Dialog Mensch-Technik und KI Der Umgang mit den gesellschaftlichen Herausforderungen im Bereich … TU Chemnitz 16.03.2021 16 Mär 3. the candidate sits alone in a closed room and. How should the work time sheet be filled in for mobile work? This must be done by the end of the following summer semester 2021 at the latest or before registering for the repeat examination - whichever comes first. One of the measures - in coordination with the State Rectors' Conference and the responsible ministry - is to postpone the start of classroom teaching until May 4 at the earliest. * due to possible need for a differentiated assessment over time, please delete as appropriate. In the following we would like to inform you about the current measures at Chemnitz University of Technology with regard to the coronavirus. This will allow all participants to familiarize themselves with the tool and you will avoid unnecessary delays. currently take place on site? You can find information about study opportunities at TU Chemnitz, The winter semester begins on 1 October 2020 and will be opened on 5 October 2020 with the, Staff Office for Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection (BfAU), Information and availability for the period of the turn of the year 2020/2021, The corona virus hotline +49 371 488-5302 is also staffed over Christmas and New Year. No, unrestricted use is not possible for the time being. Your documents, even if they arrive late, will then be processed further. Here you will find a list of numerous questions and answers as well as contact persons on the topic. In case the committee members have not yet used the voting tool, we recommend a test run before the first committee meeting. Euer Studentenausweis ist seit dem letzten Wintersemester nicht nur für die Universitätsbibliothek TU Chemnitz, die Mensa und den Nahverkehr gut, sondern gewährt euch freien Eintritt zu einem Großteil der Chemnitzer Kulturszene.️ ️ . You will find a list of examples of examination forms under the next question in this FAQ. When Chemnitz University of Technology enters into selective and limited presence operation on June 1, 2020, access to the buildings is only permitted to expressly authorised persons (employees according to the quota principle, students of approved classroom courses and exams). He also points out that elections "can only be held within the framework of such virtual meetings if the secrecy of the vote can be guaranteed by digital techniques". Information about the coronavirus in easy German language as well as in sign language can be found on the website of the Representative of the Government of Saxony for the Interests of People with Disabilities: Chemnitz University of Technology is currently in the second stage of selective and limited presence operation. 40 percent of regular employees (but at least 2 employees) must be observed at all times. The tax office recognises a home office in two cases: Spatial requirements: Further information is published on the University Library's website.

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