JLU sports facilities (indoor and outdoor) generally remain closed for the time being. The fine is levied by the responsible public health department or by the local regulatory authorities (town, district). We kindly ask all lecturers to provide information on dates and on how to get in touch with them on the websites of the respective faculties, institutes and departments. Please also carry an official photo ID to be able to identify yourself in the event of a check. You can contact the Competence Team Digital Teaching by email at digitale-lehre@uni-giessen.de. Web Courses | Violating the regulations on wearing mouth-and-nose masks will be fined. During this time, employees perform their work, if possible, from home using their mobile work computer. The same regulations apply as for childcare (see above). As before, you must report to your superior as of the first day of illness. Against this background, the total permissible fixed-term limit in accordance with Section 2(1) (§ 2 Absatz 1 WissZeitVG) has been extended by 6 months for employment relationships existing or having existed between 1 March 2020 and 30 September 2020 as of 1 March 2020 as stated in Section 7(3). at … Further information can be found at International Office and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). In view of the continuing corona pandemic and the associated restrictions on the scientific community, the Minister of Higher Education, Research and the Arts has decreed the following: The total permissible duration of employment in a temporary civil servant position or in a fixed-term contract as a (qualification) professor ("tenure-track professorship") or junior professor can be extended by six months if a civil servant position or a fixed-term employment contract exists between 1 March 2020 and 30 September 2020. In accordance with the current corona contact and operating restrictions ordinance of the state of Hessen, participants of face-to-face events must indicate their name, address and telephone number. The employee must explain in writing why he or she cannot draw on  these alternative care options, even on an hourly basis, or why they are not reasonable for his or her child in exceptional cases. • Please air your room regularly as described in the information on how to air rooms. What do I do if I need a signature / a seal for particular documents while working from home or while trying to reduce the contact with my colleagues to a bare minimum? For questions please contact: ilias uni-giessen.de As in the University Library (UB) and Departmental Library for Law and Economics (ZRW), all reading places must be reserved in advance via the booking system. Online VPN client uni giessen - The Top 7 for most users in 2020 All sorts Things speak for the Use of online VPN client uni giessen: The numerous Detailanalysis and Usersdriving of online VPN client uni giessen show glassclear: The Variety of Pluses make the purchase decision very much easily. Stud.IP Android App is the mobile android client for the open-source (GPLv3) e-learning platform Stud.IP, which is used in really many German universities (including the Leibniz University in Hannover, at which I am studying). The regulation applies to all examination attempts following 12 March 2020, i.e. As of 2 June 2020, a small contingent of student workspaces have been made available in the university library and the departmental library for law and economics (ZRW) (see below). Wenn Sie möchten, können Sie sich. These particularly include the distance regulations (keeping a distance of at least 1.5 metres), hygiene measures, wearing a mouth-and-nose cover (“everyday mask”) and regular airing of closed rooms. Freshers will receive their chip cards by mail. Information on the application for rooms under pandemic conditions. In exceptional, duly substantiated cases, the respective authority may decide to grant paid time off from work if the regulations within the duty in respect of care and supervision and within service obligation have been considered. Daher ist es am 20. These meetings should take place as face-to-face meetings as far as the general conditions at JLU allow. Can orders still be placed? Under the motto "Together - at a distance", JLU offers a virtual substitute for public events. On all traffic routes (e.g. You will need it to login to your email inbox, to FlexNowand Stud.IP The procedure for the person in charge of the event is the following: The ill/infected person can also contact the contact persons in advance on his or her own initiative so that they can go into quarantine and contact the Health Department. In case you work from home, please make sure that you are available via telephone or digitally. It is considered a failed attempt if you do not appear at the examination date without having initially signed off. Dort findet ihr auch einen Hinweis zur Wahl! Die Online-Hilfe für Stud.IP 2.5 an der Uni Gießen Suchen: Achtung: Dieses Hilfesystem ist veraltet und wird nicht mehr gewartet. We recommend scanning and then emailing the relevant documents. Information on tools for synchronous communication and collaboration can be found here. Can I stay at home and will I still receive my salary? If they show any symptoms of illness, they should immediately consult a doctor by telephone. What do I do if I need a JLU member's signature for my application or other documents? Please note the. The free examination attempt regulation also applies to take-home tests, in which tasks are cmpleted and digitally submitted within a short period of time (less than one day). Law on temporary employment in higher education changed - Maximum time within temporary employment extended by six months for doctoral students and postdocs. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Please also refer to the occupational health and safety information and to the information on how to air rooms. Please contact your health insurance company to find out whether they will cover the costs of a corona test. Can I conduct or take part in an excursion? Will admissions tests or tests of creative ability take place? have been taken. The medical certificate must confirm that in case of an infection with the corona virus SARS CoV-2 according to the criteria of the Robert Koch Institute, there is a risk of a serious course of disease due to the special disposition The costs of the medical certificate must be borne by the employees themselves. To plan events, you can also use the planning aid for fire and health protection, which takes into account the currently valid regulations. Fur-thermore, a combination of synchronous and asynchron-ous formats (e.g. This means that you should leave as much air from outside into your room as possible. uni installieren. Universitäts-Account Passwort Shibboleth-Login Hochschulauswahl . Broschüre des HRZ der JLU Giessen - Einführung in die elektronischen Systeme - Ratgeber für das elektronische Studium - Leitfaden für Studienanfänger vor rechter Kolumne mit zusaetzlichen Informationen Lecturers whose classes have not yet been digitised can get in touch with the IT Service centre at vaz@hrz.uni-giessen.de. Future teachers: First state teaching examination. You will find the current version of the corona contact and operating restrictions ordinance on the homepage of the Hessian state government under the heading “Für Bürgerinnen und Bürger: Aktuelle Lesefassungen der Verordnungen” (German version only). Access to buildings JLU buildings including JLU  sports facilities will remain closed to the public. How do I get my certificates of enrolment and where can I update my JLU chip card (student ID)? The reading pass can also be used in the departmental libraries. Didactic and technical information on respective learning arragements and systems can be found there, too. They should comply with the hygiene regulations and should reduce social contacts as far as possible. They will provide you with details on the application procedure. Please note that the quarantine regulations of the State of Hessen apply regardless of the individual entry possibilities. • Please continue to pay close attention to your personal hygiene, especially with regard to regular, correct hand washing and the consistent observance of any coughing and sneezing etiquette. Inform the category 1 contact persons about the situation. Seats can always be booked for the current week and the following week. Cross-ventilation is ideal for this purpose as room air is quickly exchanged for fresh air through a draught between at least two opposite, wide open windows. From 1 October 2020 onwards, events that do not only count as university teaching can take place again. We are pleased that you as virtual students will be part of the Justus Liebig University Giessen in this winter semester. It must be ensured that the company or institution adheres to the specifications and recommendations of the RKI. If the tasks and activities that you perform are not suitable for working from home, you must carry them out at your workplace in compliance with all hygiene regulations. You will find further information on the website of the Financial Department. No catering: In accordance with the official regulations of the district of Gießen from 27 November 2020, food and beverages may not be offered or supplied at meetings or gatherings of persons who must work together directly for business or care-related reasons. Due to the decisions of the federal and state governments to contain the corona pandemic, which were made on 28 October 2020, all ahs outdoor sports courses will also be cancelled until 30 November 2020. Unterhalb der Hauptnavigation befindet sich der Inhaltsbereich. Will examinations within the responsibility of the state examinations office take place? Do not provide any name, but indicate the place and time of the possible contact and point out that the public health department will determine how to proceed. Students who are obliged to take at least one examination attempt per semester will not face any negative consequences in light of the fact that the free attempt is considered “not taken”. If students do not have the option of printing, it is also possible to submit the paper electronically by e-mail to the relevant examinations office in good time, provided that the printed version is submitted 14 days later at the latest. Further information on the possibility of applying for corona emergency measures for research projects that have already been extended in a cost-neutral manner as well as on the cost-neutral extension following corona emergency measures can be found here. information on how to air rooms. Should the regulations cause unacceptable cases of hardship for individual students, these students are asked to contact the Department of Studies and Teaching (Stabsabteilung Lehre, StL) via email. The delivery address remains the work address. A colleague will support you in finding a cost-effective procurement. Please note that the certificate is only valid for the direct route from your place of residence to your place of work and back. However, usually you should be muted when entering a presentation, except for the Q&A session where we will inform you in the beginning how we will interact to answer your outstanding questions. The computers are available Mondays to Fridays from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. as well as Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Handing in your Bachelor’s or Master’s dissertation during the lockdown. Please find the login information for these meetings in the programme overview below. In der rechten Spalte finden Sie ueblicherweise Kontaktdaten. Uni #Gießen nach #Hackerangriff wieder im Normalbetrieb: https://derchotv.de/2020/01/06/uni-giessen-nach-hacker-attacke-wieder-im-normalbetrieb/ All the oral state examinations still to be taken as part of the first state teaching examination in Hesse were cancelled by the Hessian Teachers' Academy (Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie, HLA) on 9 April 2020. If you have further questions on research processes, please contact the vice-president for research and graduate studies vpf@uni-giessen.de. Employees returning to Germany from such a risk state must enter the quarantine/separation in accordance with Section 1 Sentence 1 of the Ordinance on the Control of the Coronavirus of 13 March 2020 in the currently valid version (nach § 1 Abs. Before initiating online courses, we contacted the stu-dent council to ensure that all dental students had the The district of Giessen points out that when using public transport, a missed bus, for example, does not legitimise a breach of the curfew. vor Suche In doing so, the grades already achieved within First State Examination are extrapolated to the overall result. The night-time curfew between 9 p.m. in the evening and 5 a.m. in the morning for so-called corona hotspots has been in force since 13 December 2020 until 12 January 2021 so far. Can the lockers be used during the stay in the buildings? This applies to all buildings except for the university library. How can I currently collect my password or how can I reset my password? Unfortunately, JLU chip cards can neither be produced nor issued yet due to the consequences of the IT security incident. You can find further information on the number of seats allocated for each room on Stud.IP. Information zum Seitenaufbau und Sprungmarken fuer Screenreader-Benutzer: Ganz oben links auf jeder Seite befindet sich das Logo der JLU, verlinkt mit der Startseite. Alternatives such as video and telephone conferences must be prioritised and examined in advance. Further information (entitled persons, application, etc.) → These opportunities are to be used by the employees as a priority at first. Even though there are no books available in the new study room, there is WiFi as well as sufficient space and quiet for learning and writing. State examinations may in prinicple be carried out at JLU in compliance with hygiene and safety regulations. With a proof of posting from the post office (registered mail), students have the opportunity to obtain secure proof of submission. Direkt zur Navigation A booking confirmation will be transmitted at the end of the booking process. JLU - Logo, Link zur Startseite der JLU-Gießen Those responsible for the event or course must ensure that the data is stored securely and deleted in a timely manner. age, gender, weight, certain behaviours, adequate medical/therapeutic treatment) and their individual combination options clearly illustrate the complexity of a risk assessment. Das mit dem Würfel habe ich gerade noch rechtzeitig geschafft, denn gleich geht sie los, die diesjährige Stud.IP-Tagung rund um die open source Lehrverwaltungsplattform, die auch an der JLU Gießen eingesetzt wird # Studip2020 Start of lectures: Please access your lectures via Stud.IP if not explained otherwise by your lecturer. Additionally, instructions on how to wash and disinfect hands will be put up in the coming days. Please send requests for specific literature to auskunft@bibsys.uni-giessen.de. Until then, the informed persons should go into voluntary domestic quarantine. Do I have to resume my work at at my workplace if mobile working or working from home is not possible due to my specific work activity? You must also ensure that the official documents are not accessible when you leave the room either by locking the door, by keeping them under lock and key or, if you work with them on your computer, by using password protection. Please check their website for updates regularly. +++. Face-to-face office hours do not take place until further notice. The respective persons are contact persons of category 1 then. : 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Please contact our information desk or our university archive for questions about archival records. Hybrid semester concept of the State of Hesse (September 2020): Studieren in Hessen ab dem Wintersemester 2020/2021 - Präsenzlehre mit Augenmaß. I need the certificate at short notice, but I do not have the opportunity to obtain the original signature from my supervisor. Therefore, we have prepared a suitable selection for you (see below). You can register with the access data that you used before the deactivation of JustOS. All lecture halls and seminar rooms are available to all faculties at JLU for examinations, meetings of university governing bodies, committee meetings and other official meetings. Many innovative solutions have been found and processes could be reorganised in this area as well. All business travellers must refrain from business trips to classified international risk areas. You receive the link with the access information by e-mail. Please air your room regularly as described in, Information on tools for synchronous communication and collaboration can be found, External internships can be continued/started. General information concerning organisational questions about how to deal with corona is provided by the Hessian state government. In addition, you must provide a separate hygiene concept for the individual events and send this to corona@uni-giessen.de. The certificate of incapacity must contain the expected period and must be handed in by the fourth day of absence. These hygiene concepts can be obtained from the respective contractual partners. Access to all sessions and presentations: justus.digital/de/international. Help Web Pages | Geburtstag! CounsellingHow do I get in touch with the student advisory service? The basic protective measures already described in it can be adapted to individual requirements. This regulation applies to all conferences at JLU - regardless of whether JLU is the organiser or an external party. In this context, the Executive Board at JLU points out that the targets defined within the contracts for holders of (qualification) professorships ("tenure-track professorships") are generally to be achieved in their entirety, so that even without extending the temporary civil servant position or a fixed-term employment contract, the possibility to take the effects of the corona pandemic into account within the interim or the final evaluation procedures should exist. The remaining computers in the public area and in the computer reading room (Computerlesesaal, CLUB) on the ground floor are still not available. This regulation applies to written forms of examination whose topic was decided or distributed before 20 April 2020. Deviations from this are only permitted in special individual cases, if the current, pandemic-related workload makes this necessary. What do I do if the corona warning app shows an increased risk? The Hessian Teachers' Academy (Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie, HLA) informs the candidates individually. Financial support for DFG-funded research extended the during the coronavirus pandemic. What should I do if I have cold symptoms? The digital services and resources of the university library are fully available to JLU students and employees. If necessary, please make individual arrangements within the building or within your area to ensure acceptance. If there are particularities to take note of regarding ventilation, this information is available on Stud.IP via the room search. It does not regulate every detail. The new examination period will be announced as soon as possible. In which rooms can thesis defences / doctoral examination processes and habilitation procedures take place? About - owa.uni-giessen.de Includes information on the university which is a mid-sized university. Students can hand in their dissertations per post at the respective examinations office. Information on BAföG (scholarship within German Federal Law on Training and Education Promotion), part-time jobs, scholarships, loans etc. In many cases, the project managers are also informed directly by the donors/external funding sources. 293 Synes godt om. März um 18 Uhr nicht erreichbar. Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen Fachbereich Agrarwissenschaften, Ökotrophologie und Umweltmanagement Studiendekanat 24.09.2020 2 Afternoon (usually 14.00-18.00) Note: detailed information is given in Stud.IP Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday t n 14 MK 015 Plant Protection and AB Bioengineering Kogel MK 057 Molecular Barrierefreiheit | Impressum | Datenschutzerklärung | What should I do? Where can I find general information on the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2?General information on the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is provided in the FAQ on the website of Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Stud.IP ist ein Lern-, Informations- und Projekt-Management-System, das hauptsächlich von Hochschulen und Bildungseinrichtungen eingesetzt wird. In accordance with the current corona contact and operating restrictions ordinance of the state of Hessen, participants of face-to-face events must indicate their name, address and telephone number since October 2020 to enable tracing possible infections. When an excursion is undertaken, all relevant safety precautions and hygiene measures must of course be observed on arrival and departure as well as on site. How and where can I cancel my previously submitted vacation days if my planned trip is cancelled and I want to work instead so that I can take the respective vacation days later? uni Vpn Client free download intern. For special support (e.g. Quarantine cases must be reported immediately by email to the following two addresses: marion.elsbach@admin.uni-giessen.de (Department C- Human Resources) and Sekretariat-B3@admin.uni-giessen.de (Division B3 - Safety and Environment). 16.00 pm Giessen and surroundings – our favourite spots and activities (Live) 19.00 pm Open Stage Session @Lokal International (Live) November 2 nd. Die Feinnavigation findet sich - sofern vorhanden - in der linken Spalte. Kurse | You receive the link with the access information by e-mail. regular, correct hand washing and consistent observance of coughing and sneezing etiquette. For regulations concerning student assistants, please view the FAQ Employees. The Wiki. The Hessian Teachers' Academy (Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie, HLA) is responsible for all examinations within the first state teaching examination. This platform holds a lot more sessions, but they are primarily directed at students coming to Giessen to study full-time. | “Call Justus” (CJ) is still available under 0641 99 16400 (from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to noon and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.). vertikale linke Navigationsleiste Delivery and assembly is possible under consideration of the hygiene rules for external service providers. Orders that are necessary may be placed in accordance with the regulations for procurement at JLU. We will provide information via the JLU website as soon as the chip card production continues. • Keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres from other people. This only applies if you must take care of your own child under the age of 12 years because daycare centres, nurseries or schools are closed due to infection protection measures (coronavirus). A repetition is possible if a compensatory examination was successfully passed, but the module component examination is not passed as a whole as a consequence of the unsuccessful first attempt (prior to 12 March 2020). If the tasks and activities that you perform are not suitable for working from home / mobile working, overtime and flexitime hours must be used to balance this situation. I must take care of a close relative in need of care because the day care facility was closed due to infection protection measures because of the corona virus or because the admission is not possible. In the meantime, you can apply for a temporary library card at the University Library (UB), which can also be used in the departmental libraries. The video-ident procedure is available for both collecting the password and for a password reset. Check with your supervisor whether your working hours can be adjusted. All names of external service providers and the dates of their work at JLU must be recorded by the contractor and communicated to the responsible caretakers. I commute a long distance and start/end my commute between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. Based on a medical certificate that confirms the increased individual risk for a serious course of disease, the obligation to be present can be lifted. Working overtime is generally not possible while working from home. Neben dem Logo kann sich rechts daneben das Bannerbild anschließen. The mask must be worn during the entire time of your stay at the library, even at the reading place / workspace. You can access this platform as well as all sessions and presentations without registration on: The presentations offered will be held using Cisco Webex Meetings. Login für Redakteure | For the travel expense report, it is assumed that there are good reasons for using a private car within the meaning of § 6 (1) of the Hessian Travel Expenses Act and that a travel allowance of EUR 0,35 is granted. Unterhalb dieser oberen Leiste schliesst sich die Hauptnavigation an. We have been revolutionizing fastening and assembly technologies for almost 100 years. Please make sure that a person authorised to receive the delivery is available in your work area during the agreed time of delivery.In case that you have not yet filled in your telephone number on the respective forms, please get in touch with your suppliers and let them know about how to contact you. What if working from home / mobile working as well as working at my workplace with protective measures is not possible? - A closure of the institution in question during the period in question would not in any case occur because of school holidays/closing times. regular, correct hand washing and consistent observance of coughing and sneezing etiquette.Contact with members of the university must be restricted as much as possible. Unter der Leitung von Professor Michael Frese arbeitet die Abteilung an internationalen Forschungsprojekten und kooperiert weltweit mit renomierten Universitäten und Professoren.

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